Travelling with your toddler can be a pretty stressful experience if you’re not fully prepared for it. Here are a few tips to help prevent a sticky situation.

Kids having fun at a playground. Kids having fun at a playground.

Kid-friendly attractions to keep your child entertained.

Tip 1: Plan to fly while they sleep.

Children are much easier to deal with when they are sleepy. Plan your flight time to match their sleeping behaviour.

Ideally, it would be good to fly a shorter duration (up to 6 hours) if it’s the toddler’s first flight – so they (and yourself) can get used to the experience.

Where to find in Changi Airport:

·         Check possible flight times and schedules through this tool: Flight Planner

Tip 2: Keep your child busy.

Toddlers can be easily distracted. Here’s how you can keep your child busy and happy during the flight.

·         Bring along a small plush toy, colouring book, loombands, card games or more to keep them entertained. 

·         During take-off and landing, the plush toy can be the best companion to provide a sense of comfort.

·         Did you know that you can request for a child activity pack from most airlines? This is especially helpful for long-haul flights. 

Where to find in Changi Airport:

·         Soft Toys: MAX the plane plushie can be found online on iShopchangi, or at any Changi Recommends Booth

·         Toys: Mini Toons

·         Colouring book and card games: Times Book Store or Relay

Tip 3: A bottled beverage with a straw.

The air pressure difference during take off can be uncomfortable for your child’s ears.

What to Prepare: Bottled beverage with a straw

·         Straws allow the child to swallow easily.

·         Milk is recommended to keep your toddler relaxed and satisfied.

·         Ensure the beverage has no sugar added. Why? Two words: Sugar Rush.

·         *If the child is younger – a pacifier or milk bottle can work too.

Where to find in Changi Airport:

·         Bottled beverages are available at 7-11 convenience stores or F&B outlets across all 3 terminals. 

Tip 4: Prepare for turbulence.

Turbulence is common during flights. Whether heavy or light, they can cause anxiety.

What to Prepare: Baby carrier and essential oils

·         Bring your child close to your chest using a baby carrier so that they can feel your warmth and feel safe.

·         During which, apply some essential oils on your toddler’s temple to calm them down. 

Where to find in Changi Airport:

·         Essential oils:

o   Watson’s Personal Care Stores, in terminals 2 and 3.

o   MUJI to GO at terminal 2, public area

Tip 5: Pack some extra food.

Children can be very picky eaters and children’s meals on airlines may not appeal to them.

Pack some familiar food and snacks in your carry-on bag.

·         Always prepare extra carry-on food or milk formula.

·         Give them dry, easy to handle food to prevent a mess.

·         For younger children, contrary to popular opinion – expressed breastmilk can be brought along on the flight.

Bonus tip: Pace the feeding to ensure you don’t run out of supply!

Where to find in Changi Airport:

·         Raisins can be found at The Cocoa Trees, available in all terminals

You’re almost set. Just one last tip.

Check in early

Arriving early in the airport means less hassle and stress.

The airport is full of kid-friendly attractions such as the butterfly garden and playgrounds across all terminals which can keep them entertained (and deviously: exhaust them).

Besides, if you miss out anything from our above tips, there are plenty of shops at Changi Airport to meet your child’s needs.  

A kid colouring an artwork with crayon A kid colouring an artwork with crayon

Keep your child busy with a range of fun activities

Flying with your toddler can be stress-free if you are well-prepared and have planned for all situations.

Find out if your flight offers early check-in and discover some of the perks we have curated just for the early birds here.


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