It’s time to rediscover the world again. That oh-so-familiar feeling of wanderlust is stirring once again in many hearts. The only question is - where to next?

For some, this is the time to visit that far-flung destination they’ve always dreamed of, but there’s something to be said for visiting familiar horizons. Hong Kong, Bangkok, Sydney, London - it stands to reason that these cities have stayed popular because they have plenty to offer beyond their famous landmarks. Some of them have even re-emerged as different creatures, with a fair share of exciting new finds.

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Whether you’re up for some delicious gourmand finds, creepy atmospheric walks, or breath-taking scenic escapes, these eight cities have got something just for you. 

Hongkong: An explosion of culture

Hongkong street at night with neon lights Hongkong street at night with neon lights

Large neon signs are an iconic sight on Hong Kong’s streets at night, lighting up the cityscape.

Famous for their dim sum and ding ding trams, Hong Kong’s has been working on its appeal over the past few years, and has decided on a strong injection of culture - with two projects boasting stunning views of Victoria Harbour.

M+ Museum against the Hongkong skyline M+ Museum against the Hongkong skyline

Spot the M+ museum from far with the signature LED screen lights. Image credit: M+ website

Part of the collection in the M+ museum in Hongkong Part of the collection in the M+ museum in Hongkong

The collections in M+ are works from Hong Kong, mainland China and elsewhere in Asia, for visitors to experience the richness of Asian works. Image credit: M+ website

The M+ is a striking addition that can’t be missed even from a distance. A giant multi-storey LED screen flickers with colourful visuals - hinting at the evocative displays within Asia’s first global museum of contemporary visual culture. The modern pieces stand in contrast to the Hong Kong Palace Museum, just a stone’s throw away. With over 900 pieces on loan from the original museum in Beijing, many of the Chinese artefacts on display are national treasures, and some have never been seen by the public. After you’re done gawking at the nine galleries, don’t forget to sit under the impressive architecture and enjoy uninterrupted views of the Hong Kong skyline.

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Continue your artistic explorations with Juen Juen Gung. Within a sterile-looking building hides this strange cave domain - a work by Vaevae Chan charting her journey from depression to empowerment. Or opt for the Wang Tong Art Walk, where a community art initiative has chosen a set of abandoned buildings to display their pieces, leading to the most unexpected encounters.

Seoul: Go from Hallyu to hauntings

Seoul, South Korea streets with dining and shopping options flanked on both sides of the street Seoul, South Korea streets with dining and shopping options flanked on both sides of the street

Seoul is one of the most popular destinations in Asia, attracting visitors catching the Korean wave of culture, food and entertainment.

The meteoric rise of Hallyu (Korean wave) has made Seoul a shining destination, and pop culture and trends there have never moved faster. So how does a brand make their presence known? By pop-ups of course!

Seongsu-dong in South Korea with many photo spots trendy stores Seongsu-dong in South Korea with many photo spots trendy stores

Seongsu-dong is one of the most trendy neighbourhoods in South Korea, making it one of the most tagged locations in the country on Instagram in 2022.

To stay on top of the trends, one must take a trip to Seongsu-dong. From new launches by skincare companies to an upcoming TV series, one can always spot an inventive concept shop appearing in the edgy neighbourhood overnight. Even international brands like Kinfolk chose to debut their fragrance line, Kinfolk Notes, there, and Dior’s jewel box of a project eventually became their permanent flagship.

If you’re ready to see a lesser-seen side to Seoul, try exploring Yongma Land Abandoned Theme Park. The attraction was built in the 80s before being closed in 2011, and the compound is an apocalyptic dream. But this is Seoul after all, so even as creepy gets a splash of glamour - the site has been featured in K-pop videos. For a true dose of the supernatural, try the Dark Side of Seoul Ghost Walk. You’ll be led through a walking tour filled with horrific tales of revenge, bloodshed and hauntings - like something straight out of a movie.

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Dubai: Heart-stopping adventures

Skyline of Dubai with the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa Skyline of Dubai with the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa

With a wide range of activities and attractions, world-class dining and unbeatable accommodation options, Dubai has also grown in popularity among travellers.

When one thinks of Dubai, many will see it as a transit city, or a shopping destination purely for the rich. Who’d know that the city was also a giant theme park for those seeking thrills?

The waterparks for one, are next level. Aquaventure Waterpark lays claim as the world’s largest, and even has one slide that shoots you out from the top of a pyramid, and ends with an exhilarating whizz through a shark tank at the end. For certified divers, there’s Deep Dive Dubai. Another record-breaking achievement, the 60-metre deep pool is the world’s deepest, and is designed with themes to colour the descent.

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The world's longest urban zipline located in Dubai The world's longest urban zipline located in Dubai

Experience thrill like never before on the world’s longest urban zipline - XLine Dubai. Image credit: XLine Dubai Facebook Page

If that’s not enough for you, how about something in the air? XLine Dubai will have you ziplining between two buildings - from the 16-storey Amwaj Towers straight into the Dubai Marina Mall, as you hurtle above the waters. For more aerial antics, check out the kooky Gyrocopter flight. The lightweight plane offers stunning views along with powerful acrobatics that belie its size. But nothing will likely beat the zany Dinner in the Sky. Join a bunch of other like-minded diners as you are hoisted 50 metres above the ground seated at a special table, as you are served meals prepared by Le Meridien and The Westin Mina Seyahi Marina. This is a dinner with quite the view!

Racer fans can also live out their dreams with Dream Racing or Dubai Autodrome. The Arabs love their shiny cars and so it’s no surprise that the ones used at the attractions are just as professional as the real ones. The fastest way to Dubai is with direct flights by Emirates. Flying three times daily from Changi Airport. Enrol for the Citi Mastercard Spend & Get campaign when you book your flights by Emirates.

Shanghai: Eclectic pleasures for everyone

The skyline of Shanghai, China with modern buildings and skyskrapers The skyline of Shanghai, China with modern buildings and skyskrapers

The dynamic energy of Shanghai's iconic skyline, where modern marvels and timeless traditions architecture merge.

In July this year, China announced the resumption of 15-day visa-free travel for Singaporeans – a move that coincided with the acceptance of international credit cards to digital wallets such as AliPay and WeChat Pay. One can say there’s never been a bigger sign to visit.

Shanghai is a great place to start for its cosmopolitan vibes, with its eclectic mix of sights and activities to welcome all temperaments.

If you want to catch the country’s famed acrobatics, visit Shanghai Circus World. The mind-boggling acts showcase the amazing feats that can be achieved with the body through rigorous training, and is a visual spectacle to behold. For another sensory treat, head into the iconic Peace Hotel by the Bund, and visit their Jazz Bar. The musicians here wear their silver hair with pride - they are arguably the world’s longest-performing jazz band. Come by anytime to hear them play classics from a bygone era, or visit after nine at night to enjoy crooning from a local songstress.

Over in Xuhui district is the sprawling West Bund open park. Alongside the beautiful Huangpu river, try your hand at bouldering on one of their climbing walls - it’s free, though no equipment is provided.

Then do some insta-exploring at 1933 Old Millfun. The art deco building was once an abattoir, but thankfully, leaves none of its legacy behind besides the beautiful structure. Enjoy an afternoon weaving through the odd compound, and discover cute little shops and cafes for a photogenic outing. For something a little more traditional, make a day trip to Zhujiajiao. The watertown is as charming as they come, and offers man-powered boat rides down its scenic waterways of pretty houses.

A picturesque hotel in Shanghai - The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland A picturesque hotel in Shanghai - The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland’s awe-inspiring architecture and location makes it a unique accommodation in the heart of Shanghai.

Staying in Shanghai is as unique as they come. The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is the world’s first underground hotel - though really it’s just built into a quarry. It does, however, feature two floors submerged in the waters. As one of the last countries to open its borders, it’s good to verify if the accommodations you seek have resumed full operations. Make your hotel bookings via Agoda and checkout with a Citi Mastercard, because cardmembers can enjoy 22 per cent off their Agoda bookings.

Bangkok: Thematic trails and oddities

Busy street in Bangkok, Thailand with tourists, locals and colourful taxis Busy street in Bangkok, Thailand with tourists, locals and colourful taxis

Bangkok has been ranked the most visited city in the world in 2023, overtaking Paris.

Almost everyone you know would have likely been to Bangkok. This “backyard” destination checks all the boxes that Singaporeans love in a vacation - food, massages, shopping and all at affordable prices. Another bonus: The city’s non-stop transformation gives one a new experience every time.

Recently, pedestrian streets have found favour with locals, and the new Siam Square Walking Street has become a buzzing hotspot. Go during weekends to enjoy the wide boulevard and spontaneous young busker performances - so reminiscent of Hongdae in Seoul - or discover the many exciting shops and eateries in the area.

Ong Ang Canal Walking Street is another ideal strolling spot near Chinatown. Once the waterway was cleared up, trees and lights by the side livened up the stretch and shops began to return again. A little further out is Harajuku Thailand. However, the entire area looks like an entire section of Kyoto with its merchant houses, and there’s plenty of eats to enjoy as you wander about.

Thailand’s untameable spirit can also be found in their quirky buildings. There’s one that looks like an elephant at Chatuchak; another which resembles a robot next to Saint Louis BTS; and a whole dragon wrapping a temple named Wat Sam Phran. And if those oddities aren’t enough, check out Snake Farm to milk out venom, the Siriraj Medical Museum for its macabre display of organs, and the time capsule that is Papaya Studio - a vintage shop bursting with collections from way past.

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Sydney: The great outdoors down under

Skyline of Sydney, Australia with the iconic Sydney Opera House Skyline of Sydney, Australia with the iconic Sydney Opera House

Be treated with views of the iconic Sydney Opera House in the city centre of Sydney.

From its iconic opera house to bustling urban beaches, Sydney plays gateway to a plethora of natural sights in New South Wales - with some tucked into the city itself.

Enjoy the company of koalas, echidnas and platypus with a stay at Taronga Zoo. Roar and Snore is a glamping package that includes guided tours after hours, and the privilege of falling asleep to the sounds of wildlife. Travel a little ways out to Dubbo to the sister property, Taronga Western Plains Zoo. There, one can experience a full African safari-style experience right from the deck of their tents, watching giraffes, zebras and antelopes roam the native bushland.

Just a two-hour train ride from the city, the beautiful Blue Mountains are a choice hiking spot for those wanting to experience its majesty. But far from the city lights, it is also a perfect spot for some stargazing with an astrophysicist. Learn to tell the constellations apart, and for a full disconnect, opt for a bubble tent stay. If you prefer to drive there, consider tapping into the Hertz promotions for Citi Mastercard members, with 10 per cent off car rentals - not just in Australia, but participating locations in Asia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Europe too.

Guides and travellers shucking oysters and enjoying them at an oyster farm Guides and travellers shucking oysters and enjoying them at an oyster farm

Enjoy a boat ride to oyster leases along a guided tour, learn to open oysters and enjoy them on the boat, on a beach or by the waters! Image source: Sydney Oyster Farm Tours

Couple your appreciation of nature with a tasty finish. Be guided through the process of oyster farming at a family-owned business, and tuck into freshly-shucked platters standing in the same waters they are harvested from. Then better understand the value of truffles with a hunting expedition. Join hounds as they track down the elusive subterranean fungi at Borrodell, and enjoy a decadent truffle dinner after. Complete your epicurean journey with a visit to Distillery Botanica. The innovative founder creates his spirits from pure botanicals, and offers delicious free tastings of his concoctions.

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For the ultimate adventure, there’s The Seven Valleys. The region is a nature lover’s paradise, complete with bushwalks, mountain biking, and water sports. It’s also famous for its scenic train rides on a charming locomotive, which takes you to experiences like caves and even a glow worm tunnel.

London: Add to your social media memories

Skyline of London, United Kingdom with the prominent Tower Bridge Skyline of London, United Kingdom with the prominent Tower Bridge

Be captivated by the London skyline that features the Tower Bridge, Big Ben and many other iconic architectural feats.

Some picture London as a grey and gloomy city but that’s not stopping others from having abundant photogenic opportunities there. Whether you’re wanting an edgy vibe or just clock in at the newest sites, the English dame has plenty hiding in plain sight.

Leake Street Arches is a street culture haven with its striking mural walls - London’s longest legal graffiti wall. This means that no two visits are the same, as aspiring artists continue to layer the arches with their own expression. Equally vibrant is the House of Dreams by Stephen Wright. The mad array of items that gather to become mosaic to the house is actually a physical diary of the artist, with a story behind every doll head and vintage glass.

The city’s subway is the oldest in the world, so imagine a capture of you dining inside the tube. This is possible at Walthamstow Pumphouse Museum. And since we’re on the topic of transportation, head down south towards Isle of Dogs to locate the sculpture by Pierre Vivant. The Traffic Light Tree is every driver’s nightmare, but the quirkiest photo op for the rest of us.

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Showcasing the city’s contrast in offerings, the Lee Valley White Water Centre promises an unlikely picture of you rafting in Olympic-style rapids. The tamer ones can choose to paddle in the scenic lake nearby instead. Battersea Power Station represents the height of the city’s developments, and the new retail and leisure zone is chock full of things to do. We recommend the Chimney Lift for sweeping views of the River Thames for those social media-worthy moments.

The House of MinaLima in London that showcases many of the art of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films. The House of MinaLima in London that showcases many of the art of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films.

Located in Soho, the House of MinaLima showcases the art of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films designed by MinaLima. Image source: MinaLima

For all the Potterheads, there's House of MinaLima. Tucked in Soho and run by two artists who actually met and worked together in the movies, the shop and exhibition store is a dream visit for Harry Potter fans. Those more into high fantasy can head towards St. Dunstan-in-the-East gardens. The site is home to the ruins of a church that first suffered a fire, and then bombing from the Germans, but has since seen nature’s hand transforming it into an ethereal secret garden - one that in autumn, looks like a scene from Lord of the Rings.

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Amsterdam: Delicious in Dutch

Skyline of Amsterdam just along the river Skyline of Amsterdam just along the river

You will be captivated by the buildings in Amsterdam, where canals and culture converge

Amsterdam can be a mixed bag for some. On one hand, the canals and museums give it an idyllic pace, but the throngs of cyclists can be quite overwhelming. Thankfully, finding respite is usually just a short walk away.

The exterior of Rijksmuseum, the national museum of Netherlands in Amsterdam The exterior of Rijksmuseum, the national museum of Netherlands in Amsterdam

Dedicated to Dutch arts and history, the Rijksmuseum is the national museum of the Netherlands. Image source: Rijksmuseum Facebook Page

If there is time only for two museums, then make it the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. The former displays over 8,000 works of art from Dutch and European history, with incredible pieces from masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer, while the dedicated one for Van Gogh is an in-depth look into the famed artist’s life and works. If you have time to spare, the nearby Vondelpark is also a tranquil spot for a picnic or cuppa, and inspired fans can cross a few waterways to visit Oudemanhuispoort, where Van Gogh used to browse used books for inspiration.  

Gourmands will know that Amsterdam is also a rising star in the Michelin food scene. Go all the way with three-star top stalwarts like De Librije, which offers packages including accommodation and behind-the-scenes experiences. Or visit new entrants like De Kas for its farm-fresh food and giant greenhouse setting.

Even if your budget doesn’t allow for it, there are plenty of fabulous dining opportunities to be had. For the quintessential Dutch food experience, there’s no better destination than De Silveran Spiegel, which has been serving up a traditional menu in its historical setting for 300 years. Prefer something more contemporary? Then head out to Mediamatic ETEN. Diners can enjoy a canal-side private glasshouse dining, with written word performances by a local artist. There’s spectacular views to be found at REM Eiland. This is because the restaurant is within a sea rig situated 22 metres above the waters. The former pirate radio station is as unique a dining spot as they come - another entry to the city’s burgeoning food scene.

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