The world of music festivals is growing exponentially. Whether it’s the type of music the festival hosts, the experience it offers or crowd it attracts, no two music festivals are the same and you’re bound to find an event that tickles your fancy. Big names – Coachella, Tomorrowland and Ultra – aside, there are many more music festivals  around the world worth checking out too. We round up five music festivals you should be adding to your list – all of which you can get to from Changi Airport.

Clockenflap: for city cruisers, art lovers and high-energy chasers

Clockenflap 2018 in Hong Kong Clockenflap 2018 in Hong Kong

Dance into the night at Clockenflap. Photo credit: Clockenflap

For three days, Hong Kong opens its beautiful city to revellers of all kinds for brilliant performances by international music acts. More than just a music festival, the festival also has unique experiences like immersive art installations, movie tents, cabaret performances, live mural painting and even an art market. Aside from its wide range of activities, the great thing about this festival is its location. Clockenflap is set against the glittering Hong Kong skyline, providing a beautiful backdrop as you soak up the sounds of your favourite acts.

Pro tip: The party doesn’t stop when the festival ends at 10:30pm. Its location is close to Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok, areas brimming with a vibrant nightlife – perfect for an after-party or late-night munch.

When: November every year

Price: An adult three-day pass costs approx. SGD299

How to get there: Fly direct to Hong Kong from Changi Airport (approx. 4 hours). Search for airfare deals and book your tickets here.

EPIZODE: for beach lovers looking to be whisked away to a musical paradise

Epizode Festival in Phu Quoc, Vietnam Epizode Festival in Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Nature, music and art melds together at EPIZODE. Photo credit: EPIZODE

City slicking in Ho Chi Minh City? Get the best of both worlds – make a stop at one of Vietnam’s pristine beaches in Phu Quoc (only a short one hour flight away from Ho Chi Minh City!) and dance into the sunset for a change of scenery. Held in Phu Quoc every year, EPIZODEis an 11-day music marathon that combines the pumping Berlin techno scene and the bohemian spirit of Ibiza. Almost every spectrum of the electronic music scene is represented in its line-up each year. Unlike regular festival stages, each performance space at EPIZODE is a work of art, lending a unique experience for every set. Don’t forget to save a spot on the beach at sundown to witness the sky turn into a magnificient sea of yellow and orange.

Pro tip: 11 days might be a huge commitment for a music festival – so, consider picking a few days of the festival to attend or plan to head there over New Year’s instead. An island-hopping tour along the An Thoi archipelago is also another option to maximise your stay in Phu Quoc,

When: December every year

Price: An adult 11-day pass costs approx. SGD292

How to get there: Fly direct to Ho Chi Minh City from Changi Airport (approx. 3 hours) and take a connecting flight to Phu Quoc (approx. 1 hour). Search for airfare deals and book your tickets here.

Nice Jazz Festival: for laid-back lovers of all music genres

Nice Jazz Festival in Nice, France Nice Jazz Festival in Nice, France

Let loose at the Nice Jazz Festival with music of all kinds. Photo credit: Nice Jazz Festival

Summer in Nice, France, sure sounds nice as a pitstop on your holiday to Paris. Imagine that, but, with sweet sounds of jazz and a glass of wine in hand – amazing. With a colourful heritage of over 70 years, Nice Jazz Festival holds more than 30 concerts spanning over six nights. You don’t have to be a true-blue jazz fan to have a good time at this festival. Its Theatre de Verdure stage is devoted to jazz acts while the Massena stage offers an eclectic mix of rock, pop, soul, hip hop and funk performances. Overall, the festivals atmosphere is carefree and it is common to see people dancing barefoot on the festival grounds.

Pro tip: After each set, headliner acts will make a quick appearance at the side entrance behind the right side of the Massena stage to meet with fans, a perfect opportunity to score an autograph or a quick selfie!

When: July every year

Price: An adult six-day pass costs approx. SGD206

How to get there: Fly direct to Paris from Changi Airport (approx. 13 hours) and take a connecting flight (approx. 1.5 hours) or train (approx. 6.5 hours) to Nice. Search for airfare deals and book your tickets here.

Echoes of Earth Festival: for music-loving eco-warriors

Echos of Earth in Bengaluru, India Echos of Earth in Bengaluru, India

A celebration of music and the earth, Echos of Earth is the way to sustainable partying. Photo credit: Echos of Earth Festival

India’s only ecologically-driven music festival, Echoes of Earth, provides a multi-genre music experience that is held in the outskirts of Bengaluru. Festival goers are treated to a sonic mix of jazz, Indian rock, Indian folk, underground techno and more. Every year, Echoes of Earth is anchored by a theme, bringing to light issues affecting the Earth. Motifs of the theme can be seen all over the festival grounds with clever environmentally-friendly art installations. Its stages are also innovatively built from organic materials and are powered by solar panels. Some of them are even created by using the existing structures of trees. In the same vein, musicians too incorporate elements of sustainability into their sets to create an all-round experience.

Pro tip: Bring a reusable cup or bottle to the festival to show your commitment to making our world a better place.

When: December every year

Price: An adult two-day pass costs approx. SGD69       

How to get there: Fly direct to Bengaluru from Changi Airport (approx. 4 hours). Search for airfare deals and book your tickets here.

Woodford Folk Festival: for an eclectic mix of arts

Woodford Folk Festival in Woodford, Australia Woodford Folk Festival in Woodford, Australia

Catch the Woodfordian spirit (fun and carefree!) at Woodford Folk Festival. Photo credit: Woodford Folk Festival

Get ready for six days filled with entertainment, music, art and more, in a rural property in Woodford, Australia – just over an hour’s drive from Brisbane. The Woodford Folk Festival is a family-friendly fairy tale where one can discover different art forms including circus acts, poetry slams, theatre shows and even meditative dance. Despite its name, the Woodford Folk Festival, doesn’t believe in labels as it embraces all genres from folk to rock and pop. As part of its tradition, the festival falls silent for 3 minutes before ringing in the new year. Here, festival goers are encouraged to reflect on their journeys from the past, present and future and take this moment of silence to pay their respects to late family and friends.

Pro tip: Although it is summertime in Australia during December, weather at the festival can be unpredictable. We reccomend packing rain boots and a light jacket to brace the elements.

When: December every year

Price: An adult seven-day pass costs approx. SGD527  

How to get there: Fly to Brisbane from Changi Airport (approx. 7.5 hours) and take a car to Woodford (approx. 1.5 hours). Search for airfare deals and book your tickets here.


There is no denying that travel and music go hand in hand. Music festivals are not only great for discovering a country’s unique elements, they also lend a special experience as you unite with like-minded people from all over the world. The next time you’re planning a getaway, consider coinciding your trip with a festival to take your vacation up a notch.


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