2020 saw us leave the streets without a beat and learn how to work anew, but it hasn’t broken our resolve to explore, uncover and discover old or new experiences. Where will you go, when you come home to travel?

Explore some of the featured locations in our video!


Gardens by the Bay Gardens by the Bay

Gardens By the Bay is a national garden and premier horticultural attraction where you can learn all about the different types of horticulture from different parts of the world.

Meet a tiny red dot where jungles are made from steel and its culture is born from multiple corners of the world. From India to China and the Malayan archipelago, all the way to Burma and Vietnam, come discover Asia in as little as an afternoon.

From artsy cultural adventures to authentic heartland experiences, discover all things local here.

Chengdu, Sichuan

Jinli Ancient Street Jinli Ancient Street

Jinli Ancient Street was once known as “The First Street of Shu Kingdom”and is a famous snack street in Chengdu. Stroll down this picturesque street with the ancient lanterns lit up and enjoy the various kinds of street performances.

One of the world’s oldest surviving cultures replete with ancient great walls, candy coloured mountain ranges and a food culture that matches its latitudinal diversity. Discover its landscape and modern pearls of cities. China awaits.

Explore some of the most beautiful cities in China that we’re sure your parents would love as well.

Melbourne, Victoria

The 12 Apostles The 12 Apostles

As you travel along the Great Ocean Road, you’ll be met with Victoria’s most famous rock formation - 12 Apostles. Standing tall and proud, witness the splendour and mystery of it, although only 8 is left standing as mother nature has caused several of them to fall.

Exotic animals, alleys filled with art, some of the world’s best beaches and the world’s most laid back people. Head to rolling dry lands and the world’s most diverse coral reef, in beautiful Australia.

Australia is a smorgasbord of great food, daring adventure, unique wildlife and local culture. This diversity is beautifully captured in these two iconic cities.

Need an escape from the bustling city life (including work from home)? Virtually explore what Perth has to offer,

Santorini, Greece

Oia Village Oia Village

Oia Village - one of the most photographed place in Greece, if not the world. The beauty of it is unsurpassed especially during sunset, where buildings glow in hues of pink, orange and yelllow.

Whitewashed houses where evenings seem to go on forever, experience some of the planet’s most beautiful sunsets across the Grecian islands where beers are cheap and the dinners seem to last forever, just the way summers are meant to be. 

From the majestic archaeological triumphs of Athens and its surroundings, to the sandy beaches and sun-drenched bliss of the islands, there's hardly any heart in the world that wouldn't be melted by Greece. Pencil these romantic island-hopping highlights into your plans.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia Cappadocia

Drift through the skies of Cappadocia in one of the 100 hot air balloons and enjoy the panoramic view of the region.

An ancient city that sparkles like a jewel by the Bosphorus, Grecian ruins, fairy chimneys and a breakfast tradition that will make you think you’ve been doing breakfast wrong all your life. Meet Turkey, a land of wonders at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.


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