Hello sunshine, hello skies! Hello white clouds floating by! After over two years of local staycations, the dreamy Maldives islands are once again open to couples looking for a romantic getaway abroad. 

This small archipelago has long been a top couple’s retreat as well as one of the world’s most beautiful places, thanks to its crystal-clear turquoise waters, sandy white beaches and uninterrupted horizon. It’s basically paradise on earth, lifted straight out of your wildest dreams.

Whether you plan on travelling overseas to the Maldives for a special anniversary or simply to spend more quality time with bae, we’d recommend spending at least five days here — just enough to experience the island beauty before it becomes impossible to drag yourselves back home from paradise.

Day 1 — Check into your overwater villa

overwater villa w hotel maldives overwater villa w hotel maldives

Carve out your own private paradise in Maldives at this luxurious W Hotel overwater villa.

If being lulled to sleep by the sounds of waves crashing beneath your bed is your kinda thing, you’d definitely have to stay in an overwater villa. After all, Maldives is home to some of the best overwater villas in the world.

From the moment you wake up, the vast blue ocean beckons — and all you’d have to do is take a step outside before diving beneath the water’s surface. Even soaking in some vitamin D feels so much more luxurious when you’re out on your Maldivian villa terrace or sandy shores, compared to a regular pool deck.

Some villas also have glass floors, allowing couples to peer into the teeming marine life on the seafloor while having a romantic bath or meal together.

More popular overwater villas in the Maldives include Soneva Fushi, Waldorf Astoria Maldives and Gili Lankanfushi, all of which guarantee opulence and maximum comfort. Don’t forget to tick activities off your bucket list by taking advantage of your villa’s facilities too: Maldivian seafood dinners by candlelight, coconut and breadfruit by the beach, massages – you name it.

Day 2 (Day) — Go on a Whale Submarine ride

Ever wondered what the ocean looks like 45 metres beneath the surface but don’t have diving qualifications? Hop into the Whale Submarine and go on a ‘walk’ through the undersea garden filled with hundreds of tropical fish!

From sunken ships to unusual marine life behaviours (think: White Tip Reef Sharks dogpiled upon one another), underwater caves to black corals to even sea turtles, the Whale Submarine tour offers an undersea sight and experience of Maldives unlike any other. 

Apart from the tour, Whale Submarine also offers a unique dining experience in their largest submarine — the DeepSea Restaurant. The submarine parks itself on the seabed — some 35 metres underwater — and a few scuba diving staff head out into the water with some fish feed to attract some marine life over to the submarine. That way, while couples help themselves to a buffet spread, they also get to watch the curious stingrays and sharks swimming just outside the submarine’s windows. What a view!

Booking a ride couldn’t be simpler. While you could make a reservation online, all you really have to do is ask your accommodation to make a reservation for you.

Day 2 (Night) — Stroll along the sea of stars

Late summer nights in the Maldives are truly something special. When the sun sets, the shores of Vaadhoo Island come alive with glittering swathes of fluorescent blue — like that time when blue streaks of light washed upon Changi Beach Park, but much more breathtaking. 

This magical sight is due to the planktons found in Maldives’ waters. It’s also the reason why Vaadhoo Island’s shores are also known as the sea of stars. 

To elevate an already romantic date , you can even take a swim among the constellations and watch the water glow around you. Otherwise, you could always get the hotel to arrange a romantic dinner overlooking the water for a breathtaking view while you wine and dine.

Day 3 — Banana boats, parasailing and water sports galore

You can’t possibly visit the Maldives without taking part in a water sport of some sort. That’s like visiting Singapore without visiting Gardens by the Bay! Surrounded by nothing but water, the island has an endless list of water sports to offer.

Those who’d compare their athletic abilities to that of a newborn giraffe can hop on a banana boat. This must-try sport involves clinging onto a large banana-shaped float while a speedboat pulls it across the waves. Tumbling into the water is to be expected, but that’s just the average water sport for you.

We’d also highly recommend giving parasailing a try — maybe even more than the other water sports. Done in pairs, couples get to experience the beauty of the Maldives as they fly past Kani Island, Finolhu Villas and other islands basked in the sunset’s glows. 

One of the biggest perks of staying in a hotel or villa in the Maldives is that they’ve all got partnered or in-house water sports activities available, so there’s no need to worry about reservation woes when you can request for the hotel to handle it all for you.

Day 4 (Day) — Indulge in a couples’ massage

Probably the second most popular activity in the Maldives (just after water sports) is indulging in the exotic range of spa treatments and massages the island has to offer. It’s also the perfect way to soothe whatever aching muscles you might have after the previous day’s water-related workout.

Depending on your choice of resort, couples can choose from exotic experiences like a traditional sand massage — which involves getting smothered in smooth sand and virgin coconut oil — or have their massage in a cabana by the shore — with the sounds of the waves and the cool ocean breeze enhancing your relaxation. 

Alternatively, you could always check with the reception staff to see if they offer in-room massage services.

Day 4 (Night) — Settle in for a beachside movie

What’s a more romantic way to wrap up a getaway like this than to snuggle up with your partner on the powdery-soft sand while watching a movie? It doesn’t really matter what’s screening – laying in each other's arms under the stars, whispering sweet nothings to each other in itself, is plenty intimate enough. 

Some Maldives resorts, like Soneva Fushi, organise open-air viewings regularly, while others do it upon request with all the bells and whistles like champagne and canapes. Don’t stay out too late though — there’s (unfortunately) still check-out the next morning.

Bestowed with a spellbinding view that’ll leave you dreaming about it long after you’re back in the comforts of home, the Maldives promises infinite magical moments you and your partner will cherish for the rest of your lives.

Things to take note when travelling to Maldives

  • Both pre-arrival PCR tests and quarantines are not required for all travellers entering the Maldives. 

  • The Maldives uses TraceEkee as their national contact tracing app, visitors are reminded to use it during their journey.

  • Inter-island travel is only permitted between islands with no active cases. 

  • It is recommended to mask up in places where crowding takes place, if gathered within a confined indoor space, in public transport or if you exhibit symptoms of Covid-19. 

  • Due to the nature of the pandemic, do regularly check the Visit Maldives website and the Maldives Health Protection Agency Twitter for the latest information on Covid-19 restrictions affecting travellers.


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Best time to visit

The Maldives is warm and sunny all year round, though between November and April is when the rain is least likely to mess up any of your plans.


The official currency of Maldives is the Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR) but you can use US Dollar (USD) at most places.

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A direct flight from Singapore to the Maldives via airlines like Singapore Airlines and Emirates takes less than 5 hours. As for getting around the islands, there are plenty of boats and seaplanes.