Singapore's buzzing with an ever-increasing travel bug, and with that comes the need for stylish and functional travel bags that can help you keep pace with your jet-setting lifestyles. 

Whether you're escaping for a quick weekend getaway or gearing up for an extended overseas vacation, having the right travel bag can make all the difference. 

Discover some top-rated travel backpacks, crossbody bags, handbags, and more (for both men and women) from Sift & Pick, and you’ll be all set to make the next step in your global journey of discovery! From sleek, functional designs to stylish modern aesthetics, these bags promise to keep your essentials organised and accessible.

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Ready to find your perfect travel match?

1. depound’s Foldable Travel Backpack

Source: Sift & Pick

For the savvy traveller who thrives on versatility and style, depound’s Foldable Travel Backpack is your go-to companion. This backpack not only looks great but is also highly functional with its foldable feature, saving precious space when not in use. When folded, it is compact and will not take up much space for storage—it can even fit in your pocket!

Unfolded, it is ideal for travellers who need an extra bag for day trips or to bring home those extra souvenirs.

Why it's great for travel

The depound backpack is crafted from 100% nylon material, ensuring it's lightweight yet durable enough to handle the rigours of travel. Plus, its ability to pack down makes it a top choice for those travelling with limited luggage space or looking for an extra bag to fill with new finds. But that’s not all! The chic design also transitions smoothly from day to night, making it suitable for various types of trips.


Source: Sift & Pick

Sophistication meets utility in the MARHEN.J PLIE L Bag, a fusion of fashion and function tailored for the traveller.

Known for its durability and sleek design, this bag is perfect for those who want a stylish yet practical day bag to carry their essentials. And if it matters to you, MARHEN.J also uses sustainable ingredients in their bags to avoid using real leather, such as the recycled nylon in the PLIE—all without compromising on quality or style.

Why it's great for travel

The PLIE L Bag shines when it comes to space and convenience, boasting a capacious yet lightweight design that accommodates everything from your travel documents to daily essentials. With dimensions generous enough to fit A4 documents, an iPad, and even a laptop, it ensures all your essentials are packed neatly. In addition, the adjustable crossbody strap keeps your belongings snug, giving you added security and convenience for on-the-go travellers. A must-have for those who do not want to skimp on style or substance if you ask us.


  • Colour options: Black and City Grey

3. Joseph and Stacey’s Lucky Pleats Knit M

Source: Sift & Pick

The bag world has been in love with new, innovative silhouettes for a while now, and the Lucky Pleats Knit M by Joseph and Stacey is one perfect example. 

Revolutionising travel style, the Lucky Pleats Knit M introduces an innovative twist to the classic travel bag. 

How so, you ask?

Its signature pleated design not only stands out in aesthetic appeal but offers remarkable functionality, expanding or folding almost completely flat according to your needs. This feature makes it a breeze to stow away in a larger bag or suitcase, providing additional packing flexibility without having to deal with the bulk during your travels.

And having been crafted with the modern traveller in mind, rest assured that its innovative design also stands out in any travel wardrobe—perfect for dressing up while packing light or simply adding a touch of uniqueness to your travel outfit. Plus, its unique colours make it a great fashion accessory, too.

Why it's great for travel

The expandable pleats adjust to how much or little you carry, making it incredibly versatile for everything from city tours to business trips. Lightweight yet durable, it’s perfect for long days of exploring.


  • Colour options: Fiori Lilac Mist, Freesia, Mint Choco, Starry Apricot
  • Size options: S, M, XM, L

4. Rains’ Rolltop Rucksack W3

Source: Sift & Pick

For those looking for a waterproof option to take you through wet climates, the Rains’ Rolltop Rucksack W3 is the ideal choice. Designed with a polyurethane coating, this travel backpack stands strong against the elements, ensuring your belongings stay dry no matter the weather. The W3 in its name also stands for its W3 waterproof protection from light rain.

Not just for rain protection, it features a sleek, minimalistic design that meshes seamlessly with both urban and natural landscapes. Beyond that, its compact 13L capacity makes it a great day bag, yet it doesn't skimp on space or functionality.

Why it's great for travel

Tailored for spontaneous adventurers and urban explorers alike, the roll-top opening seals out water to offer maximum protection, making it perfect for unexpected weather changes like the dreaded unexpected downpours.

Other functional features include a secure carabiner closure, padded air-mesh back panel for ventilation, and a side-access laptop pocket that fits up to 16” devices so you can bring your devices along with you—no sweat!


  • Colour options: Earth, Green, Grey, Black, Navy

5. The Sophia Label’s XL Cosy Crossbody

Source: Sift & Pick

The Sophia Label’s XL Cosy Crossbody is a quintessential travel companion, designed for those who need a compact yet spacious bag while on the go. Flaunting an ever-popular puffy bag aesthetic, this bag doesn’t just look good without compromising on functionality—it’s built to accommodate all your travel must-haves of all the fashion-forward travellers out there without the heft.

Why it's great for travel

With multiple compartments (plenty of inner slots and zip pockets!) and a comfortable strap, this bag allows easy access to your items without the bulk. A robust zip closure keeps your valuables secure while exploring new destinations so you can be totally fearless when you fly.


  • Colour options: Midnight, Smokey, Pine, Mocha, Wine, Jet Black

6. Kirsh’s Pocket Vintage Stitch Point Duffle Bag

Source: Sift & Pick

Channel the charm of vintage travel with Kirsh’s Pocket Vintage Stitch Point Duffle Bag, which blends the best of old-school leather luggage aesthetics with modern practicality. 

Perfect for travellers who need a versatile bag that transitions effortlessly from travel to daily use while still fitting the essentials, like a phone, passport, and power bank, in easy-to-access compartments

And say hello to effortless organisation on your next venture with this duffle that not only comes with three exterior pockets, back zipper pockets, and an interior pocket for optimal travel organisation, but it can also fit up to 15” devices!

Why it's great for travel

The spacious interior and multiple pockets make organising easy, while the stylish design ensures you travel in style. And whether you’re navigating crowded airport terminals or exploring urban tourist spots, its durable fabric and quality stitching promise longevity, even with frequent use.


  • Colour options: Black, Dark Blue

7. Malabaru’s Ace Messenger Bag

Source: Sift & Pick

Malabaru’s Ace Messenger Bag is tailored for the intrepid urban explorer. This bag stands out with its sleek, sophisticated design, tailored to enhance the way you carry your essentials. Featuring a new middle zipper for quick access, it's an impeccable choice for anyone needing their essentials at their fingertips.

Be it gadgets, documents, or personal essentials, navigate busy city streets or even attend business meetings with this masterpiece that fits right into professional settings while offering the casual ease required for sightseeing.

Why it's great for travel

The Ace Messenger Bag shines in travel scenarios where the organisation is key. Its streamlined, more formal silhouette with organised compartments also makes it ideal for various occasions.

8. Lolleytrolley’s RFID Blocking Duffle Bag

Source: Sift & Pick

There is no denying that security is a top priority when you’re travelling, especially with all the digital devices that we bring along on our trips nowadays.

And Lolleytrolley’s RFID Blocking Duffle Bag is one of the best options for those who want an extra level of assurance on their explorations. Why? Because it has embedded top-tier security into every stitch

Equipped with RFID-blocking technology, it safeguards your passports, credit cards, and other personal information against electronic pick-pocketing, offering peace of mind wherever your travels take you.

Why it's great for travel

Besides its security features, the bag offers ample space and several compartments, making packing and organisation a breeze. Its sturdy construction ensures it can handle the rigours of travel.

9. DAWN FACTORY’s Half Moon Bag

Source: Sift & Pick

For the style-savvy traveller, the Half Moon Bag by DAWN FACTORY marries minimalist design with peak functionality, making it a must-have accessory. 

With its distinctively unique half-moon shape, this bag is more than just a mere solution to carry stuff—it’s a style statement that adds flair to every step. And with an adjustable strap, wear it in a variety of different ways to enhance comfort and accessibility. Carry it as a handbag or crossbody—you’ll look effortlessly chic either way.

Why it's great for travel

Compact yet spacious enough to hold essentials, it's ideal for those who prefer to travel light without sacrificing style. 


  • Colour options: Black, Sepia, Ivory

10. DEER’s Small Canvas Casual Backpack

Source: Sift & Pick

Ready for a stylish day out? Meet DEER’s Small Canvas Casual Backpack, your new go-to for everything from spontaneous day trips to casual excursions. 

Made from durable canvas, this backpack is designed to withstand the wear and tear of countless travels while keeping your belongings secure without skipping a beat in style.

The gently curved lines soften its silhouette, making it a more casually feminine alternative to traditionally bulky travel backpacks. But don’t underestimate it—multiple inner pockets up its functionality, making it a perfect option for #onebag travels or a day trip away from your accommodations.

Why it's great for travel

Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry for long periods, and the multiple pockets help keep things organised and accessible.


  • Colour options: Blue Nights, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Dark Gray, Brown and Wine


Each of these bags from Sift & Pick not only offers practical solutions to common travel problems but also adds a touch of style to your travel ensemble. 

Whether you’re on the hunt for a women’s travel purse, unisex crossbody accessory, or large-sized rucksack, check out Sift & Pick to explore even more under-the-radar brands that’ll bring the best combination of design and functionality to your travel gear collection!


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