When it comes to experiencing Taiwan and its rich history, there is much more than the usual tourist spots in Taipei. Indulge in an immersive experience of Taiwanese culture, nature, and recreation when you visit these eye-opening sights! 

You’ll love exploring the charming streets of New Taipei City, diving into the natural beauty of Hualien, and uncovering hidden treasures throughout this eclectic island! Discover Taiwan beyond Taipei when you visit these lesser-known wonders that are waiting to be explored.

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1. Travel through the past along Sanxia Old Street in New Taipei City

new taipei city new taipei city

Discover the timeless charm of Sanxia Old Street in New Taipei City, where history comes alive amid intricate architecture. Don't miss the Museum of World Religions nearby, adding a spiritual dimension to your cultural exploration.

If you’d like to soak in the rich history of Taiwan, visit Sanxia Old Street in New Taipei City, which lies just outside the hustle and bustle of Taipei.

Sanxia’s name refers to the three rivers that converge here, and this street’s intricate architecture recalls the economic importance of this former commercial centre. Along this 200 metre stretch of beautifully conserved streets, you can admire ancient wooden plaques, red brick walls, baroque archways, and other handmade elements that were commissioned by the neighbourhood’s former wealthy residents.

You can take your pick from the array of antiques, souvenirs, and traditional snacks sold here when you take in the rich history of this quarter, which was a popular commercial street in the Qing Dynasty. Do not miss Sanxia Qingshui Zushi Temple, which is one of the most beautiful temples in Northern Taiwan.

If you’d like to dive deeper into the culture of the region, check out the Museum of World Religions nearby, which was built by a Burmese Buddhist monk, and Yingge Old Street, which has a famous pottery market that purveys everything from ceramic art to handmade teaware.

Where to stay: TRYP by Wyndham New Taipei Linkou

If you’re thinking of spending a few days in New Taipei City, consider spending the night in TRYP by Wyndham New Taipei Linkou, which features a vibrant and colourful design with a wide range of amenities. Tuck into local and international cuisine in its in-house restaurants or enjoy a workout in its well-equipped gym.

wyndham hotel in new taipei city wyndham hotel in new taipei city

Enrich your stay at TRYP By Wyndham New Taipei Linkou, where luxury meets eclectic charm, near the iconic Longshan Temple.

Nature lovers can access Dahu Park, Shifen Waterfall and Yangmingshan National Park easily from Wyndham New Taipei Linkou. The Socks Museum and historic Longshan Temple too are located near this hotel.

It’s a short drive from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Taipei Songshan Airport, and is situated near popular shopping destinations like Global Mall Linkou A9, Mitsui Outlet Park Linkou, and the Banqiao Fuzhong Shopping District.

Sanxia Old Street is a 30-minute drive from TRYP by Wyndham New Taipei Linkou, via National Freeway 1, or you can take a bus from Banqiao or Xinpu station in New Taipei City.

inside of wyndham hotel in new taipei city inside of wyndham hotel in new taipei city

The rooms are modern looking and newly furnished as it was officially opened in October 2023.

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2. Abundant nature and adventure await at Sun Moon Lake

sun moon lake taiwan sun moon lake taiwan

Sun Moon Lake is one of the most popular attractions in Taiwan, offering unparalleled landscape views.

Sun Moon Lake is a beautiful alpine lake in Taiwan’s Nantou County. Its name derives from its shape—one part resembles a crescent moon, and the other is shaped like a round sun. This majestic lake is surrounded by scenic forests and beautiful mountain vistas. Avid trekkers can take their pick from the many trails around Sun Moon Lake, such as the Tutingzai Trail and Maolan Mountain Trail.

If you’d like to enjoy an aerial view of the area, take a cable car from Sun Moon Lake Ropeway, which ascends from the lakeshore up the mountain range. You might also like to visit the area’s landmarks like the nine-storey-tall Ci’en Pagoda, which was built by Chiang Kai-Shek in 1971 in memory of his mother, and the lake’s many piers.

You can also book a tour through the Sun Moon Lake route to meet the local indigenous tribes of Taiwan, like the Thao tribe of Sun Moon Lake, and the Bunun tribe by Zhuoshui River, Taiwan’s longest river.

Where to stay: Wyndham Sun Moon Lake

If you’re looking for convenient and luxurious accommodation around Sun Moon Lake, look no further than Wyndham Sun Moon Lake, which sports aboriginal Thao design elements within the hotel, and has private hot spring pools, a well-equipped fitness centre, a swimming pool, and a sky garden where you can catch the sunset with magnificent views.

wyndham hotel near sun moon lake wyndham hotel near sun moon lake

Live in luxury at Wyndham Sun Moon Lake.

This chic property surprises guests with stunning lake and mountain views. From its windows and balconies, you can enjoy a clear view of the iconic ropeway and Wenwu Temple, which comprises two gorgeous ancient temples that Taiwan is renowned for.

Indulge in Cantonese or Western cuisine in Wyndham Sun Moon Lake’s restaurants, pamper yourself in its in-house spa, and have a ball of a time in its karaoke room! The easiest way to get to Sun Moon Lake from Taipei is to drive or take a bus. 

inside of wyndham hotel near sun moon lake inside of wyndham hotel near sun moon lake

Wyndham Sun Moon Lake boasts rooms with unblocked views at its balconies and private hot spring pools for guests to unwind and relax during the stay.

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3. Go off the beaten path at Hualien

Taiwan’s largest county, Hualien is a picturesque coastal city located on the east coast of Taiwan. 

Outdoor adventurers will love Hualien’s lush forests and azure waters. Avid adventurers can take their pick from the many hiking and biking trails that surround Hualien. Cycle through the Tunnel of Nine Turns, hike the Changchun Temple Trail, paddle down the Xiuguluan River, and stroll through the Wuhe tea plantation. Chill out and catch some sun on Qixingtan Beach. This pebble-covered beach is popular among picnickers because it stares out into the vast Pacific Ocean. 

And if you are still not sure about the many things you can do in Hualien, you can even go on a road trip and discover the heart of Amis culture in Fengbin Township, a UNESCO-listed heritage site in Hualien County. You can also learn about indigenous tribes of Hualien, like the Amis and the Atayal, by visiting the museums, attending cultural performances, and participating in guided tours and activities. Embraced by lush mountains and the vast Pacific, this scenic gem blends tradition with evolving tourism, offering captivating landscapes and cultural experiences.

Where to stay: Ramada Encore by Wyndham Hualien

Soaking in the immense natural beauty of Hualien takes several days, so consider booking yourself a room in the Ramada Encore by Wyndham Hualien, which is a centrally located property that is only eight kilometres from Hualien Airport and offers free shuttle services to and fro Hualien Train Station.

place to stay when you travel to taiwan place to stay when you travel to taiwan

Feel the cultural heartbeat right from your door at Ramada Encore by Wyndham Hualien.

Situated near Dongdamen Night Market, the largest night market in the east of Taiwan, this hotel is a stone’s throw away from cultural attractions like Shen’an Temple, A Mei Wenhua Village, Hualien Railway Culture Park and Hualien Cultural & Creative Industries Park.

Family fun awaits at the popular Farglory Ocean Park, which is an amusement park themed on aquatic life. For those who prefer to be close to nature, escape into nature at Liyu Lake, Pine Garden, Qixingtan Beach and Nanbin Park, which are all located near Ramada Encore by Wyndham Hualien.

If you’d like to visit Hualien from Taipei, an express train can get you to Hualien in two hours. Alternatively, you can hop on a domestic flight and travel from Taipei Songshan Airport to Hualien in just 50 minutes.

inside of wyndham hotel at hualien inside of wyndham hotel at hualien

Ramada Encore by Wyndham Hualien is a 4-star hotel with everything you need for a comfortable and welcoming stay.

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4. Explore Changhua County’s captivating attractions

Now, what are some of the best places to visit in Taiwan that showcase its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty?

Along western Taiwan, Changhua County abounds with natural beauty. One of the highlights is Bagua Mountain, which has hiking trails of varying difficulty that reward hikers with panoramic views of Changhua. 

This mountain is famous for the Baguashan Giant Buddha Statue, which is one of the largest Buddha statues in Taiwan. Visiting Changhua is worth the trip. Visit Lukang Township when you’re there, which is a historic town with ancient, carefully preserved architecture, and has a beautiful old temple called the Lukang Mazu Temple.

You might have also heard of Rainbow Village, which takes its name from the vibrant murals painted by the late Huang Yung-fu, a resident who was passionate about using art to prevent the local government from demolishing his home. 

Bring a souvenir home from the Taiwan Glass Gallery, which showcases a wide variety of beautiful glass artwork and even invites you to try your hand at creating glass art. Take a stroll through Tianwei Highway Garden, which is a famous flower garden that abounds with an array of flora and colours.

Changhua is also home to the Changhua Roundhouse, which was built during the Japanese Occupation and is one of Taiwan’s few remaining roundhouses. One of Taiwan’s oldest temples is the Longshan Temple, which was completed in 1740 during the Qing Dynasty. Changhua’s Sanqingyuan Temple and Changhua Sea-Shell Temple are also worth a visit.

Do not pass on Changhua, which is two hours away from Taipei—whether you travel by car or train. Alternatively, you can fly to Taichung Airport, which is half an hour away by car.

5. Immerse yourself in Keelung’s seafaring culture

This city at the northern tip of Taiwan has a rich maritime history. Keelung Harbour offers a panoramic view of the ocean and mountains. Ferries from this harbour invite you to discover the geological formations of nearby islands like Heping Island and Wangyou Valley.

There’s also Bisha Fishing Port, where you can observe the Keelung fishermen go about their daily activities on their kaleidoscopic fishing boats, and enjoy their fresh catch afterwards. Keelung Maritime Plaza shines the spotlight on Keelung’s maritime heritage, which displays exhibits and artefacts from this port city’s storied past.

Take a pic atop Zhongzheng Park, which is a popular picnic destination that looks over the city. If you’re game for a climb, explore Qianshan, which is a fortress built in the Qing Dynasty. There is also Dawulun Fort nearby, which was built by the Spanish in the 17th century and later reinforced by the Dutch and Chinese.

Visitors to Keelung also should not pass on Keelung’s Fairy Cave Temple, Buddha’s Hand Cave, the region’s famous 25-metre-tall Guanyin statue, and the famous Zhengbin Port Color Houses.

The best part? Keelung is only a half-hour drive from Taipei.


We hope you’ll love these eclectic must-see destinations! If you can’t get enough of the great outdoors, here are several reasons why you should see the flora and fauna of gorgeous Taiwan on a bicycle. And if you’re travelling with little ones in tow, here are several kid-friendly destinations across Taiwan that travellers of all ages will love.

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Best Time to Visit
Spring, spanning from March to May, emerges as an opportune period for Taiwan exploration, boasting gentle temperatures and the mesmerising flourish of cherry blossoms. This timeframe stands out as the pinnacle of tourist influx. Meanwhile, late summer through early autumn, from August to October, also marks a sought-after peak season characterised by balmy weather and little rainfall. 

Exploring urban regions in Taiwan becomes effortless with a plethora of transportation choices such as taxis (or Uber), buses, the mass rapid transit system "MRT," and the nationwide bicycle-sharing platform "YouBike." When delving into rural landscapes, intercity travels, or mountainous escapades, a diverse range of public and private transport alternatives beckons.

While travelling around Taiwan, transactions are conducted with the New Taiwanese Dollar. You'll find ATMs conveniently situated in 7-Elevens along your journey, but it's wise to carry some local currency before setting out to visit the many places in your itinerary.