Planning a family vacation during the school holidays? Why not consider the exciting cities of Medan, Lombok or Surabaya in Indonesia?  They offer a range of fun-filled adventures for families with children of all ages. These destinations are just a stone’s throw from Singapore, so you won’t have to worry about your kids getting restless on a long flight.

1. Enjoy the local offerings of Medan

A dish of saksang, spicy pork stewed in coconut milk, spices and pork blood A dish of saksang, spicy pork stewed in coconut milk, spices and pork blood

Tantalise your tastebuds with the fiery saksang, or pork curry, of the Batak people. Non-spicy options are available for younger kids too

Go on an authentic epicurean discovery

The foodies in your family will truly appreciate the chance to #eatlocal in Medan. The cuisine of the indigenous Batak people of north Sumatra is widely recognised as one of the better preserved local cuisines.

The fiery fare often uses andaliman, also known as Batak pepper to the locals, to spice up its dishes. If you have a taste for spicy food, it’s worth sampling iconic Batak dishes such as arsik, which is carp marinated in Batak pepper, ginger flower and chilli. Also try tasak telu, which is chicken cooked three ways – where the chicken is boiled, cooked with spices and ground corn kernels, then with chopped vegetables and spiced coconut. You can also try saksang, which is spicy pork stewed in coconut milk, spices and pork blood. For your young ones, there are non-spicy options such as grilled pork or fried noodles, guaranteed to whet their appetites!


Get up close to one of Indonesia’s tallest waterfall

Bird’s eye view of the 120m tall Sipiso Piso waterfall Bird’s eye view of the 120m tall Sipiso Piso waterfall

Give yourself - and the kids - about 30 to 45 minutes to scale the staircase to the majestic Sipiso Piso waterfall at a leisurely pace

Enjoy the cool mist generated by one of the tallest waterfalls in Indonesia, Sipiso Piso, as you take in the view and snap envy-inducing photographs. Literally meaning “like a knife”, the waterfall is 120m tall.

Take the stairs from the north side of Lake Toba to get to the foot of this waterfall. Do ensure that your child is up for this physical challenge or you might end up doing some heavy lifting.

While there, you can also go for a swim in a plunge pool or hop on a ferry to get a closer look at the waterfall, which are suitable activities for families with younger children.

Getting there:

Fly direct from Changi Airport to Medan with Jetstar, SilkAir, Garuda Indonesia. Find amazing airfare deals and book your tickets now!

Enjoy the cool mist generated by one of the tallest waterfalls in Indonesia, Sipiso Piso, as you take in the view and snap envy-inducing photographs

2. Enjoy the aquatic life in Lombok

The pink Tangsi Beach in Lombok The pink Tangsi Beach in Lombok

Remember to slather on sunscreen to protect the family for an afternoon at the beach

Watch the sunset on a pink beach

Instagram fanatics will love taking family photos on the beautiful Tangsi Beach. The sand here is pink in colour, caused by microscopic organisms that have a reddish-pink shell. When they die, they get washed up on the shore, where they blend in with the sand and corals to form pink sand, giving the place the moniker of Pink Beach. Go in the early evening as the rays of the setting sun really enhance the pink glow of the sand.

Bring a frisbee or a beach ball to enjoy a fun game of catch or build sandcastles with your kids. This beach also makes for an idyllic picnic spot as you watch the sun set over the horizon.

Indulge in water activities galore

A woman snorkelling over corals at the Gili Islands A woman snorkelling over corals at the Gili Islands

Strap a life vest on young ones for added peace of mind when you go snorkelling

The Gili Islands are an ideal place for families who love water and watersports. Activities include diving for adults and older teens, while the young ones can enjoy a snorkelling trip. You could even swim with turtles or join other activities such as boating and fishing.

Younger children will also enjoy a ride on a glass-bottom boat, where they can catch glimpses of the aquatic life, making this an educational yet entertaining adventure for them.

Getting there:

SilkAir flies direct to Lombok from Changi Airport 4 times weekly. Book your tickets here.

3. Discover the culture and history of Surabaya

Fishing boats at Kalimas Harbor Fishing boats at Kalimas Harbor

The traditional fishing boats and fishermen at Kalimas Harbor offer a glimpse of life from yesteryears

Street view of Surabaya Street view of Surabaya

The bustling city of Surabaya holds hidden treasures that allow your family to discover Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage

Learn about Indonesian history and art

Bustling Surabaya, Indonesia's second largest city, is centuries old and has always been an important port. Take your kids on a walking history lesson with a visit to the Kalimas Harbor, where you can still see traditional fishermen and old-fashioned schooners. You can also tour the interior of the nearby Monkasel submarine monument, and meet retired sailors with plenty of entertaining stories to share.

For insight into Indonesia's rich performing arts culture, visit the historic Balai Pemuda building, a beautifully restored Baroque building that now hosts traditional Javanese performances like wayang puppet shows, as well as concerts and exhibitions.


Experience family fun at educational parks

With a cooler climate than Surabaya, the hilltop colonial town of Batu is a popular getaway to escape the summer heat, and offers a wide variety of fun activities for children of all ages. It is about a two hour drive from Surabaya city - you can rent a car or hop into a taxi.

One of the key attractions in Batu is the Jawa Timur Parks 1 and 2, which house a zoo, science centre and museum among other things, making it worth a visit for people of different age groups. Museum Satwa (or Museum of Wildlife), located within Park 2, features realistic replicas of dinosaur fossils and dioramas of preserved animals from all corners of the globe. There are also fruit plantations in the outskirts of Batu where kids can try their hand at picking their own apples and oranges!

Getting there:

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Discover Indonesia at Changi Airport

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