Travelling out of Singapore can be exciting—not only are our passports accepted for travel to most countries, we have a multitude of flight options at Changi Airport for you to properly plan your itinerary with.

However, certain airlines in Singapore can prove to be challenging to book when it’s peak holiday season. It’s understandable, and airlines do all they can to service wanderlust-hungry Singaporeans. We’re here to show you that some of the most popular destinations around the world can be reached beyond the usual full-service and budget airline choices.

1. Bali – Batik Air, KLM

Being in Singapore has its perks, but one of it—at least for those eager to travel—is its close proximity to Bali, one of the most popular beach getaways for both Singaporeans and international travellers.

Having both family-friendly resorts and beachside revelry for partygoers, not to mention its jaw-dropping natural scenery, Bali is the number one destination for many international travellers for a reason. 

For a direct flight to Bali from Singapore, you can choose Batik Air, and Indonesian full-service carrier. Its planes stay true to its name—you can spot them on the tarmac with intricate batik designs on their exteriors. Besides Bali, Batik Air also offers affordable flights to other Indonesian cities like Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, Makassar and Yogyakarta.

If you’re considering another airline, KLM has got your back. As one of the most reputed full-service airlines in the world, you’ll get to enjoy its benefits while paying lesser—its flights from Amsterdam to Bali include a pit stop in Singapore.

2. Taipei – STARLUX Airlines

STARLUX Airlines is a relatively new Taiwanese airline that commenced operations in 2020. In the short time since it started operations, STARLUX has already received accolades for the design of its cabin, its excellent services and luxurious in-flight experience.

There are many reasons to travel to Taipei—its sprawling metropolitan city already has countless options for shopping and eating, but its surrounding greenery will have you wanting a backpack escape into nature—and, as such, it remains popular with Singaporeans.

If you’re planning ahead for a Taipei getaway, consider STARLUX. They are also a full-service airline, so you wouldn’t need to worry too much about shopping—unlike most budget airlines—as baggage allowance will already be catered for.

If you'd like to indulge, STARLUX offers First Class travel options, making them the only airline to offer this service to travellers headed to Taipei. 

3. Jakarta – Citilink, TransNusa

Besides Bali, tourists opt for Jakarta for its rich culture, breathtaking skyscrapers, and, of course, food. Lots of food. 

You’ll be happy to know that, with Jakarta being a mere stone’s throw away from Singapore, there're plenty of flight options that will come in handy—whether you’re booking a last-minute flight, or you’re hoping to stay strictly within budget.

While flights to Jakarta are relatively affordable, Citilink and TransNusa are two options that you can consider alongside the usual airline options, like Scoot or AirAsia. If you’re unfamiliar, Citilink is a low-cost carrier and subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia, Indonesia’s national flag carrier. TransNusa is a new low-cost carrier that started operating in Changi Airport just last November. For more flexibility, you can choose from various add-ons to make your flight more comfortable - it's FLEXI-PRO package includes a 30kg baggage allowance, food and drinks and even priority check-in and boarding. 

Both are reputed to have excellent customer service, affordable prices, spacious cabins, and comfortable seats—although we must give a leg up to Citilink for its affordable food menu (that you can peruse and book in advance). Dishes are as low as IDR55.000 (S$4.70)!

4. Kuala Lumpur – Ethiopian Airlines, Firefly

Flights aren’t the only way to get to Kuala Lumpur, but it sure is the fastest.

Now, because of how accessible it is to get there from Singapore, you won’t find yourself lacking in options. However, we’re here to tell you about an unlikely airline you can consider: Ethiopian Airlines.

Yes, certainly not the most expected, but the airline service regularly offers flights from Ethiopia to Kuala Lumpur, with a stopover in Singapore. It’s also very affordable, although it’s less about the price and more about the cool experience being on an Ethiopian Airlines flight. Like some of the airlines featured in this list, Ethiopian Airlines offers baggage allowance as part of your ticket, so you can shop till you drop. 

For a unique flight experience—that will also come at a remarkably affordable price - Firefly offers trips on a turboprop plane (the old-timey ones with propellers atop its wings) at Selatar Airport between Singapore and Subang Airport, a mere 30 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur city centre. 

Turboprop planes are rare to come by, let alone on this side of the world, so it’ll make a nice one to tick off your bucket list.

5. Bangkok – Gulf Air

Of course, what is ‘travel’ to Singaporeans without at least one trip to Bangkok in a year? 

Being the popular destination it is, you can find more available flights to Bangkok at Changi Airport than there are Singha singlet-wearing Singaporeans.

Pretty much every budget airline offers a flight to Bangkok, although the competitiveness means you’ll find prices jumping up and down, depending on your budget and travel dates. If you’re torn between the usual suspects, let us introduce you to Gulf Air, which offers flights to Bangkok from Singapore via a connecting flight that comes from Bahrain. Since the airline is a full-service carrier, this will help immensely with your countless purchases you’ll get from Bangkok’s night markets.

6. Busan – Jeju Air

Skip the usual Seoul stopover and discover the vibrant coastal city of Busan. Fly directly with Jeju Air, a budget-friendly airline known for its bright orange planes, and get ready to immerse yourself in Korean beach culture. Busan boasts stunning coastlines like Haeundae Beach, perfect for sunbathing and water sports. Explore the Jagalchi Market, a haven for fresh seafood, or delve into the city's rich history at the Gamcheon Culture Village, a whimsical neighbourhood adorned with colourful houses.

Flight tickets can start from as low as S$260, so you know that your dream South Korea trip isn’t out of reach. This will allow you to explore Busan in its serene coastal glory, along with planning a bigger South Korea itinerary that can take you to other cities like Incheon, Daegu, and, yes, Seoul. 

If you still prefer shopping and dining in Seoul, there’s also the option of T’way Air, a low-cost carrier that is currently offering Singaporean travellers free checked luggage up to 30kg. 

7. Tokyo – ZIPAIR, Air Japan

Booking flights to Tokyo from Singapore can be tricky—not only is the destination highly in demand by Singaporeans, its prices are deeply influenced by the seasons. 

If you go in the summer, prices are generally more affordable. Towards the end of the year, prices go up unless you book very early (think booking in January for an October trip). However, this shouldn’t stop you from planning your dream vacation to Tokyo, not when there’s ZIPAIR, a relatively new budget airline by Japan Airlines which launched at the end of 2020.

Like most budget flights, it’s a simple, fuss-free experience. They also offer a rarity: free onboard wifi! However, with unrivalled Japanese hospitality, comfortable seats, and supremely clean plane interiors, ZIPAIR has stood out in recent years amongst the highly-competitive field of budget airlines. It’s also the only low-cost carrier that offers full flat beds in its business class, and baggage allowance per luggage is 30kg—a generous amount compared to most budget airlines.

Also, from 26 April onwards, you’ll have another budget-friendly option to travel to Tokyo: Air Japan, the low-cost carrier option offered by Japanese travel giant ANA.

8. Macau – Air Macau

Macau offers an array of experiences that extend far beyond the bright lights of its casinos. History buffs will be enthralled by the grandeur of the Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pay a visit to Senado Square, a pedestrianised zone lined with European-influenced architecture and vibrant shops, or explore the pastel-coloured streets of Taipa Village, a former Portuguese colony where colonial charm lingers around every corner.

And it’s been more affordable than ever to fly to China’s Las Vegas. That’s due to its own flagship carrier Air Macau, which offers very affordable prices for a full service carrier, bringing great value to passengers.

After exploring the dazzling casinos, historic sites, and delicious Macanese cuisine, choose from a variety of onward destinations within China on Air Macau's extensive network! Immerse yourself in the bustling metropolis of Shanghai, delve into the historical significance of Xi'an, or be captivated by the natural beauty of Guilin.

9. Shanghai – Juneyao Airlines, Spring Airlines

China’s biggest city has been an enduring tourist attraction for both Singaporeans and travellers from around the globe. 

Apart from SIA and China Eastern, which are top of mind for this destination, there are two other airlines connecting Singapore to this city throbbing with life 24/7—Juneyao Airlines, a full-service carrier, and Spring Airlines, a low-cost carrier, offering passengers widened choices.

While Shanghai may not have as many budget airline options to fly from Singapore - Spring Airlines is a good budget-friendly option if you’re more cost-conscious. For those who prioritise affordability with some creature comforts, Juneyao Airlines is an alternative full-service carrier that offers travellers checked baggage allowance and meals in its modern Airbus fleet, all at a reasonable price.

Whether it’s the no-frills service of Spring Airlines, or the relative luxury of Juneyao Airlines, you now have more options for your next Shanghai adventure.

10. Melbourne – Emirates, Turkish Airlines

Melbourne is a city chock-full of original arts and pure vibrancy. It’s been easier than ever to travel there with budget flights. However, you can also look to spend less when booking a flight to Melbourne via Emirates.

The popular full-service airline tends to charge according to their first-rate service—but what’s not widely known is that their flights to Melbourne can be taken from Singapore at a relatively affordable price. Emirates connects Dubai to Melbourne with a stop-over in Singapore, allowing travellers from Singapore the chance to leverage this for a good price.

Prices are still higher than the usual low-cost flights at about S$800 for a return trip. But you’ll be paying for economy class comfort and service (free food!). When it comes to a seven-hour trip to Melbourne, sometimes paying more for less pain is the way to go. With Emirates, you’ll squeeze every dollar to make it worth it.

Similarly, Turkish Airlines flies from Istanbul to Melbourne, with a stopover in Singapore. Plus, selecting a Turkish Airlines flight to Melbourne reaps its own reward—you’ll be able to accumulate miles with every trip and redeem them via Turkish Airlines’ Miles & Smiles programme.


We hope we’ve given you enough options that allow you to make the right choice for your budget and comfort. Whether you crave luxury amenities, prioritise value, or simply seek a new adventure with a different carrier, Changi Airport offers a variety of airlines to take you wherever your wanderlust desires. Good luck and safe travels!


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