Just a few months ago, travelling was out of the question for most of us as it came with a mandatory 14-day stay home notice (SHN) that proved not only troublesome and costly, but also nearly impossible since most of us have only 14 days of annual leave per year. All that changed on 19 August 2021, when Singapore unveiled it’s first-ever Vaccinated Travel Lane arrangement with Germany, allowing (returning) travellers to bypass all that with a relatively fuss-free COVID-19 test upon arrival. Subsequently, other popular destinations like Australia, Korea and UK followed suit, officially triggering all our pent-up wanderlust that we buried deep within our hearts for almost the past two years.  

Before you switch your tabs and book your tickets to Disneyland pronto, remember that COVID-19 changed quite a few things in Singapore and around the world. For example, check out this article which highlights important travel options and restrictions that every traveller should be aware of before hopping onboard a flight to Germany. Or if you’re intending to head to Canada, we have more tips for you here.

What has changed?

A man using WiFi hot spot in a café A man using WiFi hot spot in a café

Hot spots for WiFi may no longer be so widely available. Photo credit: Maliha Mannan / Unsplash

All things considered, living in the digital age means that we’re all so reliant on mobile connectivity and being able to stay in touch with our loved ones via our mobile phones still ranks as one of the most important considerations when travelling.

While there used to be free WiFi at every café or tourist spot, it is fair to expect that COVID-19 has taken its toll on some of these small businesses and with social distancing requirements in place, connectivity is not as ubiquitous as it used to be. Keeping up to date with the evolving situation and even revisions for opening hours of attractions are all necessary so that you can adapt your itinerary on the go.

All these mean that, more so than before, having steadfast mobile connectivity is not only crucially important but also, relying on publicly available hot spots for WiFi has become a much less viable alternative. So how do you ensure that you stay connected no matter what? Read on to find out our top three overseas mobile data recommendations based on traveller types and our thoughts for each of them!

If you’re travelling in larger groups of 2-6 people, ChangiWiFi is the way to go

A group of travellers on a trip A group of travellers on a trip

Travelling in a group? A portable WiFi router is the most cost-effective option. Photo credit: Helena Lopes / Unsplash

Travelling in groups certainly has its privileges apart from extra buddies looking out for each other. For one, renting a portable ChangiWiFi router allows for up to 6 devices to be connected at the same time with unlimited data without compromising on download speeds, making it the most cost-efficient way to stay connected when travelling with family and friends. Not only that, because different telcos may have their stronghold regions in larger countries, the ChangiWiFi device smartly teeters between telcos to tap on the network with the best connectivity no matter where you go!

There’s also 24/7 customer assistance via a hotline or WhatsApp messaging so you know that help is only a phone call or text away. It’s also quite straight forward to use and boasts unlimited data. Although data speeds will be throttled down after the daily quota of 500MB has been reached as per German telcos’ Fair Usage Policy (FUP), you can still google your way around the country – just no more HD video streaming until the cycle refreshes at midnight. While it is recommended to charge up your pocket WiFi every night so that you’d have enough juice to last the next day, I’ve come to realise that if your group isn’t that big and everybody’s a light user, a full charge could last up to 3 days!

You get a promo code, we get a promo code, everybody gets a promo code!

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Get your ChangiWiFi router from Changi Recommends with the following promo codes, valid from 30 Nov 2021 to 31 Mar 2022.

South Korea

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Australia / India / Sri Lanka / Cambodia

Prices are going as low as S$7.30 per day. Use Code <VTL7>


Price as low as S$7.57 per day with first day waiver, and a minimum booking of 7 days. Use Code <VTLFOC1>


Price as low as S$7.57 per day with first day waiver, and a minimum booking of 7 days. Use Code <VTLFOC1>

Middle East / Fiji / Maldives

Price as low as S$11.30 per day with first day waiver, and a minimum booking of 7 days. Use Code <VTL11>

Travelling solo or in smaller groups? Get a local SIM card

A solo traveller in a mountainous area A solo traveller in a mountainous area

A local SIM card with data roaming is the most convenient option for solo travellers or travellers in a smaller group. Photo credit: Holly Mandarich / Unsplash

Probably the most traditional way to get your overseas data roaming connectivity, SIM cards bring about a fair mix of pros and cons depending on your needs. If you’re conscious of your spending, not travelling with a bunch of folks and/or going on a long trip, SIM cards would be best alternative since you pay a fixed price for the selected data package rather than based on variables like per pax or trip duration.

SIM cards are also relatively convenient since popping it in before the trip means you won’t have to carry around or charge an extra device. Here’s a pro-tip: switch out your SIM card before departing Singapore. Don’t do it on the plane or when you touch down at the airport – those are the likeliest ways to lose your original SIM card! What I normally do is to drop by the Changi Recommends counter before my flight to purchase an overseas SIM card, and the staff will help set everything up for me. It usually takes no more than 5 minutes, and when I’ve touched down at my destination, I simply turn my phone on and I’m good to go!

Price: Starts from a low price of only S$3.50 for Malaysia. Get your local SIM card from Changi Recommends.

Traveling for business? Telco roaming is your best bet

A business traveller in a vehicle A business traveller in a vehicle

While not exactly cheap, telco roaming is a popular option among business travellers. Photo credit: mentatdgt / Pexels

Telco roaming is outrightly the most convenient and fool-proof of the three options, but it comes with one major drawback – it can be costly. Usually priced at a premium rate regardless of whether it is charged per GB or per day, I’d only recommend this option if you’re not the one paying for it i.e., business trips. Sure, you won’t need to carry around a portable WiFi device or worry about losing your original SIM card, but a few funny videos every day to keep you entertained on a weeklong trip will easily result in a hefty bill from your telco. Worth it or not, the decision is ultimately down to each individual and their wallets, but I’m definitely saving that extra money for now until the prices come down (hopefully) in the near future.

Price: Data roaming rates differs per telco, so check in with your preferred telco for the best rates.


All in all, WiFi eggs should be the preferred choice for most travellers with it being affordable and straightforward to use. Reserving your ChangiWiFi is also as easy as ordering your dinner online (input your trip details over at the Changi Recommends website and you’re good to go!), and collecting/returning your device is extremely convenient via multiple Changi Recommends counters available across all Changi Airport terminals.

Now that your data roaming needs are settled, all that’s left is to pack your bags and start planning your itinerary! Check out our stories on top places to visit in Munich and top tourist attractions in Frankfurt for inspirations!


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