What better way to unwind than a completely stress-free vacation? That means not having to fret over pesky things like keeping track of your overseas spending to the dime. 

Foreign transaction fees, which can go up to an additional 3.5%, can be a headache. Making sure of the exact amount you’re getting charged is a troublesome process. Calculating hefty bank and payment gateway charges and converting between fluctuating exchange rates is something you don’t want to think about. 

So, set your mind at ease and turn on vacation mode with the Trust card, the perfect travel companion for your next holiday. 

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1. Save money with great exchange rates and zero foreign transaction fees — spend it on you

You’re standing in front of a store in Paris. It’s the European trip you’ve planned since travel resumed. The bag you’ve always wanted sits in the storefront beckoning you. Yet, you’re thinking twice about splurging.

After all, most banks charge a 2.5% to 3.5% fee when you use a credit card overseas. Put all those thoughts in your mind and you’re one step from walking away from the store empty-handed. 

Travel-related expenses are also seemingly pricier compared to pre-pandemic times due to inflation. With travel inflation in the mix and exchange rates that don’t do you favour, your credit card bill on overseas spend could potentially be supersized. 

With a Trust card, you won’t have to think that hard about overseas purchases. This perfect travel companion has no foreign transaction fees when spending overseas. Nada, zilch. No markups and no 1% Visa fee. It doesn’t stop there. You get exchange rates near what you see on Google too. This means you’ll get to buy what you want knowing you won’t get a surprise upsized bill in your next statement. Just like how a true vacation should be.

Trust offers exchange rates that are near to what you see on Google. Its foreign exchange rate is provided by Visa as-is, without markups or transaction fees. Rates featured are the daily average rates for the month of April 2023.

Pro-tip: Charge your expenses in the currency of the country you’re in (instead of Singapore dollars) to avoid further markups charged by merchants which can go as high as 5%.

2. Confusing multi-currency wallets, begone!

Having to top up your travel e-wallets with different currencies can be a mindless hassle. Why would you want to increase your pre-travel checklist unnecessarily? Not forgetting that you may face the inconvenience of having leftover currencies after returning home from that satisfying wanderlust. Well, that’s money left on the table, not to mention the earlier loss from all that converting!

When exchanging currencies for your holiday via your multi-currency wallets or at a physical money changer, you may end up with leftover currencies be it digitally or in notes and coins.

If you are a traveller who is used to going to the money changer to exchange foreign currencies before your vacation, you will likely relate to the problem of having leftover foreign currency in coins and notes – and this could really be a headache.

Maximise the money you’ve painstakingly saved for a vacation with the Trust card. With the card, you can literally use your card as is and not have to worry about managing leftover money in your wallet! Not a cent wasted. And with the Trust credit card, enjoy up to 

 45 days of interest-free credit, instead of having your money come directly out of your e-wallet.

3. Wander worry-free with easy-to-apply travel insurance

If you didn’t already know, travel insurance is important. It protects you from the risks that come with travelling. Worried about that missing luggage or risks accompanied with going on your next outdoor adventure overseas? Choosing the right travel insurance for you should be hassle-free. Save yourself from spending time comparing the many travel insurance offers online, and look no further!

Get an instant quote for your travel insurance needs and you can purchase plans conveniently on the Trust App.

With Travel Insurance available on the Trust App – a product underwritten and issued by Income – you can check out the various plans and get the coverage you need conveniently and instantly.

Limited time only – from now till 15 July 2024, you can get additional 5% off standard per-trip Travel Insurance* plans, on top of Income’s existing discounts! Simply use promo code TRUSTFIVE when you purchase via the Trust App. 😉 Talk about getting affordable travel insurance! This option is available for Trust credit card members on the Trust app. The best part? Each application takes less than two minutes!

4. Protect yourself with airtight safety features

A safe vacation also means a stress-free getaway. The last thing you want on a vacation is for your card to fall into the hands of a stranger. That can quickly turn your vacation into a living nightmare. 

The Trust card has your back with safety features specifically designed to keep avid travellers safe and secure. It’s not uncommon that your card may be lost amidst all the excitement of an Eat, Pray, Live Laugh Love journey. Fret not!

You can lock your card conveniently and even toggle your Trust card for overseas use instantly on the Trust App.

Even if you’ve unfortunately left your travel companion behind somewhere, Trust allows you to block the card instantly via its app. The beauty lies in its convenience. From the comfort of your smartphone, control your card permissions via the app such as activating for overseas use only when you’re travelling. A peaceful vacation is only a tap away! 

And with every transaction you make on your Trust card, you will receive a push notification via the Trust App so that you will be notified. If something is amiss, you will be able to notice it immediately, especially if you didn’t make a transaction yourself!

5. Don’t sweat over repayment dates

When you do get home and the rose-tinted sway of a relaxing getaway disappears, there’s nothing worse than having to worry about accidentally defaulting on your overseas spending.

You can select your own card repayment date when you sign up to synchronise with other bills you’ve got to pay or your preferred time of the month to pay.

Trust is the first in Singapore that allows you to choose your repayment date when applying for the card. That means aligning it with your other bills you’ve got to pay, better financial planning, and a worry-free return home. 

Remember that using a credit card means you get your loot first, and you can take care of your bill repayment only when your statement is due – likely when you’re already back in the comfort of your own home.


Borders have reopened and travellers are flocking to various destinations in this post-pandemic era. So, if you’re going on your next vacation soon, take the Trust card along, and experience all the conveniences that come with it. 

Did we also mention? From all those overseas transactions, you continue to earn Linkpoints which can be used to offset your expenses back home or redeemed at a variety of Link Partners such as Krisflyer, Cathay Pacific and more. 

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This story is written in partnership with Trust Bank.


Deposit Insurance Scheme: Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors are insured by SDIC, for up to S$100,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law.

*Underwritten and issued by Income. Protected up to specified limits by SDIC.

^For new Trust customers only. S$10 FairPrice Group E-Voucher will be issued upon successful sign up with referral code “CAGTRUST”. For credit card customers, receive an additional S$10 FairPrice Group E-Voucher upon first credit card spend. Get up to S$60 in FairPrice Group E-Vouchers when you successfully refer your first 3 friends to Trust. Promotion is valid till 15 July 2024.

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