Searching for ideas on where you can bring your kids to next? If you are a parent, you are probably always on the lookout for fun places with entertaining (and better yet, free) activities to bring your kids. Leave all the electronic devices behind for a day, and let your kids experience a whale of a time at Changi Airport!

Here are six reasons why Changi Airport is a kid’s wonderland.

1. Kids can be their true free-spirited selves

In land-scarce Singapore, where in squeezing with the weekend crowd at the mall is the norm for many parents, Changi Airport is one of the few places where you can let go of that little hand and let your child roam free with no inhibitions.

With generous open spaces and a secure environment, both parent and child can enjoy the freedom that you crave. Let the kids burn off that pent-up energy by running from one end of the terminal to another (do watch out for baggage trolleys though!) or simply hop on a Skytrain, and see the sheer joy on their faces.

2. There is always something exciting happening during the hols

Changi Airport loves children! And it shows this by organising special events for kids every time the school break rolls around. With a different theme each time, your kids can look forward to something new every holiday. For instance, there have been two events held during the school breaks in 2016, including the Dino rides at the ‘Fun with Dinosaur' event, and quad bike rides at the ‘G’day Australia’ event.

This Christmas, Changi Airport will see the arrival of the irresistible Pikachu and its adorable friends! Kids can celebrate this festive season with their favourite Pokémon through an array of events such as the Pikachu Parade and the exploration of the Poké Trail. You might also just find yourself grooving along with your new Poké-pals at the Pokémon Z-Moves activity booth!

To get a heads up on upcoming activities throughout the year, subscribe to Changi’s email newsletter or check out Changi Airport’s website for the latest events.

Changi Airport loves children! And it shows this by organising special events for kids every time the school break rolls around.

3. Have a great time playing in air-conditioned comfort

A picture of a young girl at one of the playgrounds at Changi Airport

Play spaces abound at Changi Airport

One of the tallest indoor slides in Singapore, The Slide at Terminal 3, Level 1, is sure to get your kids squealing in delight as they whizz down the 12-metre-tall (or four-storey high) slide!  A mini version of the slide suitable for younger children is also available at Basement 1.

There are also playgrounds within the public areas of the airport, including one at the Terminal 1 Viewing Gallery and one at Terminal 3, Basement 2. If a themed playground is something that your kids will be thrilled about, there is a Mr Bean-themed playground at Terminal 3, where they can enjoy playing on the carousel, slide, or engage in some doodling and colouring fun!

Kids can truly play to their hearts’ content while parents relax and enjoy a cuppa or read a book in the vicinity.

4. The best place for little aviation enthusiasts to plane-spot

A picture of a young boy looking out of the glass panes at Changi Airport’s Viewing Gallery

You don’t need to fly to indulge in some plane-spotting

There is no better place than the airport for flight enthusiasts (young and old) to plane-spot. Have fun identifying the different airlines from their tailfins and marvel at the sleek lines of the airplanes at the Viewing Gallery, which offer a floor-to-ceiling view of the terminal’s aircraft parking bays.

You can also enjoy an educational experience with your child while watching the hustle and bustle that takes place during a flight’s turnaround. This includes watching the planes docking at the parking bay, as well as observing how baggage and in-flight catering are loaded onboard.

For more enriching fun, visit the Changi Aviation Gallery at Terminal 3, Level 4. The area, which also offers a view of the aircraft parking bays at Terminal 3, houses an interesting exhibit, the ‘50 Fun Facts about Changi Airport’, where your kids can learn insightful nuggets about aviation and airport operations.

5. Go on an interesting art trail across terminals

Apart from planes and playgrounds, Changi’s terminals are full of interesting art pieces. Embark on an art trail to discover the various travel-inspired art pieces around the terminals and spark your kids’ imagination through this journey of exploration.

If you are at Terminal 3, you will notice the Daisy, a prominent red propeller that resembles the daisy flower. With a built-in sensor, this interactive sculpture moves in response to the presence and movement of travellers within its immediate environment.

Alternatively, you can dedicate some time in front of the captivating Kinetic Rain – a must-see installation at the Terminal 1 Departure Hall. This unique kinetic sculpture, made up of 1,216 bronze droplets, morphs into 16 different flight-related forms such as an airplane and even a hot air balloon – try to spot them all!

6. Wrap up your fun day with a special treat for your child

A young girl standing outside the Fish & Co outlet at Changi Airport

A fun day out is sure to leave the kids hungry

After an exciting day of calorie-burning play time, it’s time to fill your growing child’s rumbling tummy. For special kid’s menus, choose from 18 dining establishments, such as Fish & Co, Pastamania and Swensen’s, across the terminals.

With so many family friendly options offering different types of cuisines, you will be spoilt for choice. Complete the day with a sweet treat from Milk & Honey, or bring home shape-crafted lollipops and chocolates from Sophisca or Cocoa & Co as souvenirs, and the day will be simply perfect!

Better yet if you’re going on that much awaited family holiday, be sure to check in early for more family-friendly fun.