With close to 100 retail stores in Changi Airport’s transit area, did you know that there’s a range of complimentary services and experiences available for you?

Here are 3 unique types of retail services you may want to check out on your next visit to Changi Airport!

1. Customise gifts for your loved ones… or yourself

A bottle of Johnnie Walker getting engraved

Get a bottle engraved with a personal message

Turn the bottle into something that’s now “limited edition”

Bottle engraving in progress

DFS – Johnnie Walker bottle engraving

Apart from the good deals on liquor, did you know that a bottle of Johnnie Walker purchased entitles you to a complimentary engraving service? Turn the bottle into a memento; long after the whiskey has been enjoyed.

Location: DFS Wines and Spirits Duplex, Terminal 2

Watch getting engraved

Customise your watch with words

Fossil – Watch engraving

Fossil provides a complimentary engraving service with your purchase. Whether it’s a name, a simple message to your loved one, or even a significant date to remember, turn the watch into something special.

Location: Fossil, Level 2 (Near F Gates), Terminal 2

Customised bag flap

Bag flaps for any occasion

Furla – Customisable bag flaps

Looking for a gift for a special lady but unsure of what to get? Head down to Furla. There’s a vast variety of customizable bag flaps to choose from Furla’s classic Metropolis Collection with designs suitable for any occasion.

Location: Furla, Level 2 (Central), Terminal 1

2. Pamper yourself before flying

Indulge in a holistic whiskey journey, or beauty care experience to keep yourself relaxed and recharged.

Dalmore’s Scent Table

Smell the richness of various whiskeys

Whiskey tasting experience

Have a sample from a wide array of whiskeys available

DFS – Dalmore Scent Table, Whiskey Tasting & Remy Martin’s VR Experience

If you’re a whiskey connoisseur, The Dalmore Boutique is a stop not to be missed. Featuring a scent table, customers get to experience and smell the richness of the different whiskeys available.

Down at the Whiskey House, there’s a wide range of 179 single malts, 68 blended Scotch whiskies, 39 American whiskeys and, of course, Japanese fare like Hibiki and Yamazaki, to name a few. Get a complimentary whiskey tasting experience based on your flavour profile by approaching one of the friendly staff.

Whiskey and technology combine at the Virtual Reality (VR) cellar tour at The Remy Boutique where you can learn how the Remy Martin Cellar No. 28 was made.

Location: DFS Wines and Spirits Duplex, Terminal 2

Skin analyzing service

Learn more about your skin

Customer getting skin analyzed

Find out what’s best for your skin

The Shilla Duty Free – Beauty Care

Learn more about your skin at the Dior or SK-II counters. Dior offers the Dior Skin Analyzer service, and SK-II provides the Magic Ring Skincare Consultation. Both services also provide recommendations on the most suitable products for your skin.

If you’re looking for some indulgence, go for the La Prairie Art of Perfection Platinum Forever Treatment when you make any La Prairie purchase. If your boarding time is within the next hour, SK-II’s express service and Dior’s free of charge flash makeover take only 15 minutes.

Location: Shilla Beauty Loft, Terminal 3

3. Be entertained before you board

For travellers who are looking for entertainment, especially families with kids, you can engage in these interesting activities.

Virtual Reality Ride

Go on a virtual journey, before your journey to your next destination.

Samsung – 4D Virtual Reality (VR) Rides

With a Samsung Gear VR set, you can ride one of the rollercoasters from Six Flags in California, speedboats down a vast river or soar through galaxies in a battleship for a thrilling and surreal experience. This VR experience is free of charge and only suitable for those 13 and above.

Location: Samsung, Level 2 (Central), Terminal 3

So Chocolate’s photo booth

Create sweet, lasting memories here

So Chocolate – Selfie Photo Taking

While picking up your chocolate souvenirs, make sweet memories by heading over to the fun photo booth, where you can snap some selfies and customize your photo with digital candied goodness.

Location: So Chocolate, Level 2 (Central), Terminal 2

Ensure you check-in early to have ample time to explore what Changi has for you. Discover other early-bird advantages and experience the best of Changi the next time you fly.