Have you ever felt that rush of happiness when your plane lands at Changi Airport, and you hear the familiar words "And to all Singaporeans & Residents of Singapore, a warm welcome Home”? Your first stop after grabbing your luggage could very well be at Ya Kun Kaya Toast, to have that familiar taste of home.

Changi Airport is a place where countless passengers depart for magical adventures abroad, but at the same time, it is also where emotional reunions take place between loved ones.

In a short film titled 家·Coming Home, we witness emotional moments through Uncle Lim, a limousine driver who serves passengers at the airport, and who misses his daughter Regina dearly. 

Changi has also specially worked with a Singaporean pop duo, The Freshman 插班生, to put the emotions of homecoming into an original composition for this video. Watch the video on YouTube and to view the full lyrics of the song!