If you’re flying in or out of Singapore over the holiday season and don’t have time to shop for that Christmas party, don’t fret. There’s always something you can pick up en route. Check out these 16 gift ideas the next time you’re at Changi Airport.

For him: Cool finds for the guys in your life

A flatlay of a vintage cup and saucer set, a book, a jerry can and a speaker

1. Vintage Kopi Cup and Saucer Set; 2. What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School; 3. NS Jerry Can Bottle; 4. SP50 Portable Tube Speaker

1.      For fans of the old school: Nostalgia lovers will appreciate gifts that hark back to the good ol’ days. Reminisce the old days with a retro kopi (coffee) cup set, once commonplace at old kopitiams (coffee shops) in Singapore. (Straits Settlement, iShopChangi, $15.90)

2.      For high performers: Workaholics will love gifts that help them excel at work, so a best-selling book on negotiation and emotional intelligence should do the trick. (iShopChangi, $19.90)

3.    For quirky types: Does your buddy have a sense of humour? Tongue-in-cheek gifts, such as a water bottle that looks, feels and works like an army jerrycan, are guaranteed to put a smile on his face! (Souvenirs from Singapore, iShopChangi, $12.06)

4.    For music buffs: Everyone needs a little melody in their lives, so who wouldn’t be pleased with a sleek speaker you can take anywhere? Perfect for blasting tunes for the year end parties. (McGear, iShopChangi, $15.90)

For her: Add a little pizzazz to the ladies’ daily routine

A flatlay of an eyeshadow palette, a nail polish, a lip balm and a bag

1. ColorStay Not Just Nudes™ # Romantic Nudes; 2. O.P.I Glitzerland; 3. Macaron Lip Balm Strawberry; 4. Loqi Seed Bag

1.    For minimalists: Lovers of natural-looking beauty will welcome a fresh, nude eye shadow palette stocked with shades that are classic but never boring. (Revlon, iShopChangi exclusive, $20)

2.    For glitter addicts: Those who adore sparkly things will fancy a polish that dresses up their nails. Try an easy-wearing yet glamorous champagne-inspired shimmer that goes seamlessly from day to night. (O.P.I., iShopChangi exclusive, $15)

3.    For lip balm junkies: The one staple in most women’s beauty regimes is a trusty lip balm that fends off dryness and adds colour. Plus, when it’s all trussed up like a dainty macaron, isn’t that a sweet bonus? (It’s Skin, iShopChangi, $7)

4.    For bagaholics: Give your BFF (bag fanatic friend!) a multitasking accessory that’s roomy for her shopping hauls, lightweight for easy packing and pretty enough to take along for high tea. (The Planet Traveller, T3 Level 3 Public Area, $13.90)

For the jet-setter: Treats every traveller will love on their next journey

A flatlay of waterproof smartphone case / digital camera pouch, neck pillow, facial spritz and packing cube

1. Waterproof Smartphone / Digital Camera Pouch; 2. Little Honey Neck Pillow; 3. UV Perfect Aqua Essence City Mist; 4. Eagle Creek Pack-It Half Tube Cube

1.    For taking photos with a splash: Aspiring photographers need reliable accessories that both carry and protect their gear while they’re out and about. A waterproof case would make a great gift for their smartphone or digital camera. (Flight 001, T2 Level 2 Public Area, $12)

2.    For long-haul flights: Make your travel buddy’s cross-continental airplane rides a little smoother with practical gifts such as a comfy neck pillow – ideal for catching some blissful shut-eye. (The Planet Traveller, T3 Level 3 Public Area, $11.90)

3.    For freshening up on-the-go: A hydrating facial spritz is a must-have on travels. This skin-saver perks up one’s complexion on those long flights. Frazzled look, begone! (L'oréal Paris, iShopChangi, $19.40)

4.    For packing in a snap: A packing cube that fits in more stuff in less space? Talk about putting quick and easy organisation at one’s fingertips. (The Planet Traveller, T3 Level 3 Public Area, $18.90)

For kids: Big surprises to keep little ones – and their parents – happy

A flatlay of a book, a soft toy, a rattle toy and a nanoblock toy

1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Christmas 123; 2. Prickle the Hedgehog; 3. Oops Easy-Sound Mr Wu; 4. Nanoblock Golden Retriever

1.    For young bookworms: Kids who love to read will be delighted by books with beautiful artwork.  In this festive book, count from 1 to 10 with the very hungry caterpillar. (Times Travel/Relay, All Terminals, Public Areas and Transit, $12.30)

2.    For budding fashionistas: Naughty or nice, kids with an eye for fashion will love this adorable soft toy dressed in winter wear. (Avenue Kids, T2 Level 2 Public Area and Transit, $19.90)

3.    For teeny bubs: Treat babies to toys that are educational and fun. Their parents will thank you for this cute and colourful wooden rattle that’s visually and physically stimulating! (Avenue Kids, T2 Level 2 Public Area and Transit, $12.90)

4.    For animal lovers: Kids obsessed with animals will have a ton of fun with presents that fire up their passion and creative juices alike, such as building a toy shaped like their favourite critter. (Nanoblock, iShopChangi, $13.90)

Of course it’s sometimes hard to know what your friends would like. In that case, why not let them pick their own gifts? Simply present them with a Changi Gift Card, so they can choose what they like.

After all, Christmas is a time for cheer and happiness. Don’t worry too much about what to get; it’s the thought that counts. Santa would be pleased!

Note: Price and product availability are accurate at time of publication and may be subject to change.