Beyond the love story of how Bob falls in love with Tracy, there’s more to discover in The Changi Trolley film than just the airport’s romantic spots! The film is embedded with nuggets of interesting facts that even our greatest fans and followers may not know. To make it more meaningful for viewers, we have included some insights into Changi Airport as an added treat. Read on for 5 interesting facts hidden in the film that you might have missed! 

Watch The Changi Trolley video below, if you have yet to follow the love story of Bob and Tracy.

The Changi Trolley

Two halves make a whole heart


Have you noticed how the designs on the back of our Changi trolleys piece together to form a heart shape? In preparation for the filming of The Changi Trolley, the advertisement panels on the trolleys used in the video were re-designed specially to signify the love blossoming between the two leads - Bob and Tracy.

Pursue your dreams, as dreams do come true


We know you were captivated by Bob and Tracy’s cute faces on the trolleys, but did you also notice the two different taglines on their front boards?  For Bob, it reads “Pursue your dreams”; and for Tracy, seemingly in response to Bob’s tagline, “Dreams do come true”. The respective taglines for Bob and Tracy not only establish their characters, but also match and hint at the outcome of Bob’s pursuit.

First ever red trolley!


Tracy is painted red specially for this short film, which makes her the first ever red trolley in the history of Changi Airport. In Changi Airport, all trolleys only come in blue. Bob and Tracy serve different functions in the airport. In reality, Bob is a ‘land-side’ trolley that is only used in the public area. With a braking function and bulkier frame, it is designed to carry heavier luggages at the arrival and departure halls. Meanwhile, Tracy is an ‘air-side’ trolley for use only in the transit area and is more petite in size compared to Bob. It allows passengers to move swiftly through shopping areas and to the boarding gates.

#ImagineChangi - another short film by Changi Airport
- was screened in the movie theatre scene


Did you sense the tinge of sadness from Bob when he was in the movie theatre? He was left feeling empty and lonely while watching a film featuring a romantic couple. If you are one of Changi Airport’s devoted fans, you probably would have recognised that the snippet shown on screen was from #ImagineChangi. It is a short film produced by Changi Airport last year, which shows how a modern-day love story unfolds at the airport. Enjoy the short film again to see how love fills the air at Changi, with many romantic encounters like Bob and Tracy’s.

Imagine Changi

Happy family of trolleys


If you had stayed till the end of the video, you would have noticed a little surprise in store for you! Apart from Bob and Tracy, the video also features a baby stroller, which is used in the airport for passengers traveling with young children. What better ending could there be than Bob and Tracy starting a trolley family?

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