Transiting in Changi Airport is an adventure in its own for travellers of all kinds. Apart from what you can find on the directory, there’s a myriad of other activities to discover in the airport’s transit areas.  From complimentary services like flash makeovers and tastings, to unique gift customisation services, these memorable experiences will take your Changi experience up a notch.

1. Freshen up at the Shilla Beauty Loft

Lady getting her eyeshadow done by a professional makeup artist at the Dior Counter

Your one-stop shop to looking radiant for your holiday or after a long-haul flight!

Not many travellers think about dolling up for a flight, but for those who want to look good for that picture-perfect holiday, or seek a pampering pick-me-up following a long flight, the Shilla Beauty Loft has you covered. The very first of its kind in an airport worldwide, you can go for a complimentary flash makeup session that’ll take you from drab to fab, a complimentary skincare consultation, or a fragrance consultation led by trained fragrance specialists at the Dior Beauty House. Make an appointment for these services by emailing

Location: Shilla Beauty Loft (Dior Counter), Terminal 3, Transit, Level 2 Departure Transit Hall (near Central Piazza), 6am – 1am

2. Complimentary cocktails at Long Bar by Raffles

A bartender shaking a cocktail for a customer

A free cocktail awaits at Long Bar by Raffles. Do you like yours shaken or stirred?

If you haven’t managed to make a trip to Raffles Hotel in Singapore, you still have a chance to try the renowned Singapore Sling at Long Bar by Raffles at DFS Wines and Spirits Duplex before you leave. This heritage gin-based cocktail has its origins traced to before 1915, created by a Hainanese bartender working at the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel. Unlike the bottled version, you’ll get to taste the perfect tipple prepared using the original recipe. Visit from 3pm - 11pm to have yours shaken up by our professional bartender, and try it for yourself! There are more tipples here to tickle your fancy, so why not order your usual while you’re here? Your first cocktail is on the house, so it’s the perfect chance to kick back before your flight.

Location: DFS Wines and Spirits DuplexTerminal 3, Transit, Level 2 Departure Transit Hall (near Central Piazza)

3. Indulge in tea and sweet treats at TWG

Man reaching out for a tea canister from a large high wall lined with tins

Fun fact: there are a total of 1300 teas cans on display!

Man pouring tea into a teacup, placed alongside plates of macaroons and chocolates

Pair your chosen tea with a sweet treat – will it be macaroons or chocolates?

Add some whimsy to your day with a visit to the beautiful TWG Tea Boutique at Terminal 4 where the perfect tea break awaits. Marvel at the charming interiors, pick up a souvenir or two, and of course, have an exclusive tea tasting experience to sample their wide selection of exotic teas. Each cup of tea is brewed to a perfect temperature, paired with an exquisite selection of macaroons and chocolates for a midday perk-me-up.

Location: Terminal 4, Transit, Level 2 Departure Transit Hall, 6am – 1am (Tea tasting from 11am - 1pm)

4. Sample rare brews at Black Barista

Freshly brewed coffee being poured into a paper cup

Grab a sample (or two!) of unique coffees, freshly brewed by in-store baristas

Coffee addicts, take note. Some of the most highly sought after beans and brews can be found right here in Changi Airport at Black: Barista Coffee World – the first of its kind worldwide. Stop by the wonderland for discerning coffee lovers, and sample all their different caffeine infusions from rare Geisha beans to Jamaican Blue Mountain. Shop for premium coffee accessories like a siphon or French Press while you’re at it, too.

Location: Terminal 2, Transit, Level 2 Departure Transit Hall (Central), 6am – 1am

5. Bottle engraving by Johnnie Walker

A bottle of Johnnie Walker engraved with a message

Don’t leave without engraving your Johnnie Walker bottle, for a bespoke gift unlike any other

Pick up a classic bottle of Johnnie Walker at DFS Wines and Spirits Duplex at Terminal 2, and have it engraved with a personal message of your choice! With this stylish embellishment to a timeless bottle, you can let your loved ones know you were thinking of them on your travels. The service is complimentary with any Johnnie Walker purchase – leave it in the hands of our in-house specialists, who’ll transform your bottle into a special memento.

Location: DFS Wines and Spirits Duplex, Terminal 2, Transit, Level 2, Departure Transit Hall, near Central Piazza (Complimentary engraving from 12pm - 8pm)


Now that you’re privy to these unique experiences, you can plan to check in early at Changi Airport before your next visit. With enough time on your hands, we recommend trying out all of these activities – you won’t be able to experience them anywhere else, that’s for sure.