Singapore is a foodie’s paradise, and it all starts the moment you set foot in Changi Airport. True to Singaporeans’ insatiable love for food, there’s an array of local and international cuisines in the transit areas to satisfy all hungry travellers. Here's a breakdown for you so the next time you’re here at Changi, you’ll know exactly where to find both local and international versions of what you’re craving for. Here we go!

Kick-start your day with an international breakfast staple

A smoked salmon sandwich from PAUL A smoked salmon sandwich from PAUL

Grab an authentic French brekkie with sandwiches stuffed with smoked salmon, tomatoes and lettuce from PAUL.

A stack of traditional kaya butter toast from Ya Kun A stack of traditional kaya butter toast from Ya Kun

That satisfying crunch of crispy toast and sweet kaya from Ya Kun is our definition of the perfect local breakfast!

Nothing beats good ol’ bread for breakfast. For authentic French breads, baked goods, pastries and sandwiches, head straight to PAUL to get your carb fix and a good cuppa joe. But if traditional flavours are what you’re craving for, then Ya Kun Kaya Toast with their char-grilled toast and homemade kaya, is the place to be.

PAUL (T1 Departure Transit), Ya Kun Kaya Toast (T1 & T2 Departure Transit)

Spilling the beans on top renditions of a fragrant cuppa

Cup of Hudsons’ coffee with foam art Cup of Hudsons’ coffee with foam art

Hudsons’ fresh brew is topped with a familiar foam art. Where have we seen that symbol before? (Hint: look at the cup!)

A traditional breakfast set from Kedai Killiney Kopi A traditional breakfast set from Kedai Killiney Kopi

The whole gang’s here – eggs, bread and kopi! Are you team kopi-o or team kopi?

Will it be a freshly brewed cappuccino, or an aromatic kopi-o? Get your caffeine fix at Hudsons Coffee, an Australian chain known for 100% premium Arabica bean coffee concoctions. Or, have your kopi with a side of soft-boiled eggs and toast at the ever nostalgic Kedai Killiney Kopi. This heritage chain had its humble beginnings as a coffee shop along Killiney Road, and is now one of Singapore’s best known kopi spots.

Hudsons Coffee (T3 Departure Transit), Kedai Killiney Kopi (T2 Departure Transit)

The meat-lover’s universal comfort food – chicken

Spicy chicken wings from Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck Spicy chicken wings from Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck

It’s hot wings galore at Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck! We promise that these are worth getting your hands dirty.

Bowl of curry chicken from Curry Times, served with rice Bowl of curry chicken from Curry Times, served with rice

This is what Singaporean comfort food looks like: a steaming hot bowl of chicken curry and potatoes, from Curry Times. Don’t forget the rice!

Satisfy your craving for chicken in two ways: fine dining or old-school. The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck offers a Western twist on Asian fare such as their Spicy Chicken Potstickers and Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings, among other tantalising dishes. If you’re looking for spicy local delights, Curry Times won’t disappoint with their succulent chicken simmered to perfection in a rich curry broth.

Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck (T3 Departure Transit), Curry Times (T3 Departure Transit)

Chow down on the springy goodness of noodles

Bowl of tonkotsu ramen from Ippudo Express Bowl of tonkotsu ramen from Ippudo Express

We’ll never say no to slurping down one of our favourite Japanese fare – tonkotsu ramen from Ippudo Express.

A bowl of laksa at Wang Café, accompanied by an iced kopi A bowl of laksa at Wang Café, accompanied by an iced kopi

Satisfy your chilli craving with some spicy laksa goodness from Wang Café.

Feel like slurping on some noodles? Go Japanese at world-acclaimed ramen emporium Ippudo Express where their signature tonkotsu broth and al dente noodles will leave you smacking your lips in satisfaction. If you’re looking for something local, the rich and spicy laksa at Wang Café will definitely hit the spot. Wash it down with an iced Kopi or Teh and you’re good to go.

Ippudo (T2 Departure Transit), Wang Café (T2 Departure Transit)

Cheers to the good times, and many more to come!

A pint of Tiger Beer A pint of Tiger Beer

Nothing screams local support than a pint of our home-grown Tiger Beer!

A pint of Asahi Super Dry beer A pint of Asahi Super Dry beer

Not a big fan of a bitter aftertaste? You’ll fall in love with Japan’s No. 1 beer, the Asahi Super Dry, available at Harry’s.

Don’t worry if you haven’t had your fill of local beer before leaving – head to Tiger Den to enjoy a pint of ice-cold Tiger Beer served fresh from a custom-built draft beer system, alongside unique bar bites featuring street food around Asia. For a wide variety of non-local beers and cocktails, make yourself comfortable at Harry’s and order up some bar bites – we recommend the Laksa Popcorn Chicken – as well!

Tiger Den (T4 Departure Transit), Harry's (T3 Departure Transit)


So, will it be Asian or Western? Rice or noodles? Whether you’re about to embark on an overseas adventure, yearning for a last fix of local delights, or reminiscing the distinct taste of a past trip abroad, Changi will leave you with tummies filled and hearts full. With a wide range of food and beverage options right here in Changi Airport, the choices are indeed endless.


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