The airport becomes a different place when you are travelling with a young child. A parent’s priorities are different from the solo jet-setter — especially for those with babies or toddlers. Your eyes dart around looking for interesting activity corners or signs directing you to the nearest nursing rooms, while your bags are packed with snacks and toys to keep the kiddos entertained. But fret not mums and dads, Changi Airport’s staff and facilities have you covered from check-in to boarding, so you can travel with your little ones with ease and comfort.

Talk to our Changi Experience Agents for any help you need around the airport

Before you load your personal stroller on the belt at the check-in counter, hold on! You can request to check it in at the boarding gate, which means you can still have it handy in the transit area. Just reach out to any of the officers on duty for assistance in expediting your family’s clearance when you’re going through immigration.

Changi experience agents greeting travellers Changi experience agents greeting travellers

Changi Experience Agents are dressed in bright pink or deep purple blazers, so you’ll spot them quite easily

If you didn’t bring your own stroller, you can ask to borrow one, available on a first-come-first-served basis at any customer service desk. Alternatively, you could simply approach the Changi Experience Agents (likened to roaming information counters), who can help with all things from borrowing a stroller to getting to the nearest nursing room.

Sneak in some playtime before boarding

Toddlers do not have space to roam about in a flight. So, if your kids are old enough to walk, consider bringing them to one of the many play areas in the airport before you board. It’ll be a good way to tire them out so they don’t fidget too much during the flight in the plane!

Playground in Changi Airport Playground in Changi Airport

The play areas are fitted with soft rubber flooring and has no sharp edges so children can play in safety

Changi has a play area in every terminal suitable for children of various ages, and they are all meticulously designed — safe, comfortable and clean. So, rest assured and grab a seat at the many benches surrounding these play areas to keep a watchful eye while your kids run around.

Tip: Sanitation dispensers are peppered around the play areas as well, if you’re looking for a quick clean-up solution after playtime.

terminal 3 indoor playgground kinder play terminal 3 indoor playgground kinder play

Have fun swimming around in the ball pit at PLAY! By Kinderplay.

Another fantastic option is to make your way over to PLAY! By Kinderplay, conveniently located in Terminal 3's Public Area, at Basement 2. This delightful indoor playground, featuring a Cartoon Network theme, is sure to light up your little one's day with excitement! With thrilling slides, ball pits, and foam ball air guns, your kids are in for a world of fun as they explore and conquer the various climbing structures.

zone x terminal 3 changi airport zone x terminal 3 changi airport

Zone X has a large variety of arcade games – from claw machines, to game stations.

For older children, bring them to Zone X! An arcade located in Terminal 3’s Public Area, at Basement 2. Battle it out on Animal Kaiser Evolution 7, or race each other on Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4. If you want to groove to the beat, there are also musical game machines available! Join in on the fun and battle your kids. Have fun together as a family!

Make your parental preparations pre-flight

Prior to your flight, attend to your baby in our spacious Baby Care Rooms — enough to accommodate multiple changing stations and strollers. There are several across all terminals and some even have play facilities and a TV to keep your little ones entertained! Of course, you can also expect amenities like diaper vending machines in case your baby needs a change, and hot water dispensers to disinfect your baby care items or mix milk formula.

Baby care areas in Terminal 1 at Changi Airport Baby care areas in Terminal 1 at Changi Airport

Private nursing areas are also available within these Baby Care Rooms for mothers to breastfeed

If while cleaning up your child, you realise you’ve forgotten or run out of anything from diapers and pacifiers to bottles and snacks, good news: all of Changi’s terminals have a Guardian or Watsons to get these items. There’s also Airport Pharmacy at Terminal 4 with pharmacists available 24/7, if you need any health-related advice for you and your kids.

Grab all your last-minute items to entertain your young ones on the flight

If you are suddenly feeling worried about whether you have brought along enough items to pacify or entertain your children on the flight, don’t worry! Head down to one of the many stores in transit to get what you need.

WH Smith changi airport WH Smith changi airport

WH Smith is a great spot to grab some books for your children to read on the flight!

Make your way to WH Smith, where you can pick up a selection of books to keep both your little ones and yourself entertained during your flight. For those seeking to keep their little travellers occupied, head over to Kaboom or KidzTime, where you'll find an array of toys, games, and educational activity kits. And in case of any travel-induced emergencies, don't hesitate to stop by The Cocoa Trees for some chocolates or treats to soothe and satisfy your kids. The best part? These stores are conveniently located in the transit areas across all terminals, making it a breeze to grab those last-minute essentials before your flight.

Travelling with your child? You can bring an unlimited amount of breastmilk or formula on board

If you’re travelling with a baby or toddler below 24 months of age, you’ll be happy to know that the Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs) requirements do not apply to expressed breast milk and milk formula. A useful tip is to put the milk in a separate smaller bag within your carry-on bag so it’s easy to retrieve for any security inspection. But take note, if your child is not travelling with you, the LAGs requirements will apply, so you will need to store milk in containers not exceeding 100ml.


Travelling with young children doesn’t have to be stressful if you’re well prepared. With several family-friendly amenities and services at Changi Airport, you can make the most of your time on ground to equip you and your child for a comfortable experience on board. Besides, Changi’s spacious and well-equipped facilities (and Changi Experience Agents) are here to help, so use them well and have a smooth and pleasant journey with your little ones!


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