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Children tend to outgrow their clothes almost as quickly as you can buy them. If you find yourself buying kids clothes, toys, shoes in a never-ending cycle, you’re not alone. This is why parents tend to accept hand-me-downs from family and friends, a far more economical and environmentally friendly option. 

That said, parents who have or plan to have more than one child are very likely to buy new ones for the elder child as the items can be passed down to the next – talk about stretching your dollar! And to be honest, who can resist buying when kids’ clothes are so cute and stylish nowadays? To make shopping hassle-free, choose an all-in-one destination like Jewel Changi Airport for all your kids’ growing needs (pun intended!).

We know how restless children can be when it’s time to shop. Luckily, with ample opportunity for play at Jewel, you can leave your children with a trusted adult while you get your shopping done. Squeeze in a weekend of productive shopping and interactive play while you’re here.

1. Kids’ clothes and shoes


baby essentials from mothercare singapore baby essentials from mothercare singapore

Get all your baby essentials in varying colours and patterns from Mothercare.

kids shoes and accessories from mothercare kids shoes and accessories from mothercare

A wide array of kids’ shoes and accessories can be found here.

One of the more popular brands to get children’s items, Mothercare boasts a comprehensive range of products suitable for newborns, toddlers and beyond. What particularly stands out is Mothercare’s extensive range of clothes for both day and night that come in multipacks of 3 to 5, catering to newborn babies up till 36 months! In addition, they also offer a range of affordable and comfortable footwear for your little trooper taking his/her first steps.      


Jewel Changi Airport,#04-235/236 

Cotton On Kids

t-shirts and onesies from cotton on kids t-shirts and onesies from cotton on kids

Deck your little trooper out in these affordable yet stylish t-shirts and onesies.

wide selection of baby clothes at cotton on singapore wide selection of baby clothes at cotton on singapore

Choose from the wide selection of baby clothes offered at Cotton On Kids!

Known for their minimalistic printed tees and swimwear range, Cotton On Kids offers quality baby and kids’ products at affordable prices. If your child is a fan of cartoon characters from Disney or Sanrio, do keep a look out for the many collaborations they have in stores! In addition, Cotton On Kids also offers many accessories such as bags, hair bands and sunglasses to complete the look.  


Cotton On Kids
Jewel Changi Airport, #04-227 

Pro-tip: Jewel Changi Airport also houses QB House Kids for the little ones to get a quick 10-min trim. Find them at #04-210.

Zara Kids

clothes for kids zara kids singapore clothes for kids zara kids singapore

Dress up or down with Zara Kids’ collection of minimalistic and quirky clothes for both baby and toddler.

Jewel Changi Airport is one of the few malls in Singapore where Zara Kids is located. If you are drawn to Zara’s chic style, be sure to check out the kids section. Trust me, it takes a whole lot of restraint to leave the shop empty handed. In a nutshell, Zara Kids is for fashion-forward parents that are looking to dress the children in timeless, versatile and comfortable clothes, perfect for all occasions. 


Jewel Changi Airport, #B1-230/231/232/233/234 


dresses and shirts for kids bloomb singapore dresses and shirts for kids bloomb singapore

Have a special dinner party to head to? Primp your little one in these charming dresses and shirts.

clothes for girls and boys at bloomb singapore clothes for girls and boys at bloomb singapore

Browse the countless choices offered for both girls and boys here at BloomB!

BloomB is the place to head to if you’re looking to dress up your child for a special occasion - be it a birthday party or a wedding reception. From tulle dresses for the girls to tuxedos for the boys, you’re guaranteed to find something suitable from the kidswear collection to dress your little one to the nines without breaking the bank.  


Jewel Changi Airport, #04-243 

Pro tip: Leave your kid with your partner or a trusty adult and let them have a sparkling time at Jewel Canopy Park or ZooMoov while you indulge in some much-needed retail therapy. Win-win!


2. School bags and stationery

Cath Kidston

quirky kids school bags at cath kidston quirky kids school bags at cath kidston

Quirky designs on kids’ school bags at Cath Kidston!

Also known as ‘The Home of Modern Vintage’, Cath Kidston offers a full range of lifestyle products in unique and playful prints. Get your kids all pumped up and ready for (pre)school with school bags and bottles that are absolutely beautiful and ergonomic. The fun-sized bags can fit most of what you need - a few diapers, a water bottle, a milk bottle and a serving or two of milk powder. Pack them all in and inculcate a sense of responsibility in your kids by getting them to carry their belongings around! 


Cath Kidston
Jewel Changi Airport, #B1-284 


novelty pens and stationery typo singapore novelty pens and stationery typo singapore

Make school work fun with these novelty pens from Typo, Singapore.

unique stationery notepad for kids typo unique stationery notepad for kids typo

Notebooks and pads in all sizes, with interesting designs to make a unique stationery set for school!

Typo’s funky, eye-catching stationery needs no introduction. Make learning fun for your kids by letting them select their own stationery that screams their personality! Keep a lookout for their cute novelty pens and notebooks in varying sizes and designs.


Jewel Changi Airport, #B1-292 

3. Educational Toys

The Better Toy Store

educational toy store for kids in singapore educational toy store for kids in singapore

Imaginative play is key to every child’s development in their early years. Get your hands on some interesting toys here!

A Better Toy Store is truly a wonderland on its own. Here, you will find an extensive collection of kids’ toys that are open-ended, allowing your child to learn through imaginative play. The never-ending possibilities also mean that the toys will grow together with your child – talk about investing in toys that will stand the test of time. 

The shelves of miniature animal and dinosaur figurines are bound to be loved by any child. In addition, A Better Toy Store also prides itself in curating toys for kids that are safe for them and the environment, as seen by how most of their selection is made of natural materials like wood or cotton instead of plastic. Paints and finishes are also non-toxic, water-based and sweat and saliva-resistant!  


The Better Toy Store
Jewel Changi Airport, #04-226

Times Junior

kids books and play at times junior kids books and play at times junior

Get busy shopping for interactive books and activities for your kid in Times Junior!

nteractive toys and books for kids singapore nteractive toys and books for kids singapore

Animals, cartoon characters, and wacky designs sure to interest and engage with every kid.

Times Junior carries an impressive selection of books and activities that will stretch your kid’s brain. From Lego, puzzles to mess-free colouring books, you are sure to find something to engage your kid from day to night. Take a break from looking at toys for kids and pick up one or two interactive books to make reading more fun. 


Times Junior
Jewel Changi Airport, #04-220/221 

Ducks & Crafts

arts and crafts for kids singapore arts and crafts for kids singapore

Tap on your kid’s hidden artistic and creative talents by working on an arts and crafts project at Ducks & Crafts.

Ducks & Crafts offers various art and craft products and activities that are perfect for kids and kids-at-heart. Some interesting finds include scratch art, giant coloring posters and modeling sand kits that are great for sensory play. In addition, Ducks & Crafts also offer online craft workshops that allow parent-child bonding. Head out for a weekend of fun with various free activities to engage in with your child after you’ve created an artistic masterpiece!  


Ducks & Crafts
Jewel Changi Airport, #04-212 

4. Play Areas

Changi Experience Studio

interactive play at changi experience studio interactive play at changi experience studio

The fun never stops at Jewel. Immerse yourself and your child’s imagination with the interactive play options abound at Changi Experience Studio.

The beauty about Jewel is that apart from being a shopping haven, it is also a destination for play. Go on a journey of fun and discovery through the exciting virtual world of Changi Airport, and learn more about the aviation industry at Changi Experience Studio. Be intrigued by the interactive games, amazing projection experiences, and first-of-its-kind digital attractions. Having a water bottle on you will be essential - you wouldn’t want your child to be feeling thirsty from all the exploring!


Changi Experience Studio
Jewel Changi Airport, Level 4

Canopy Park

kids play at jewel canopy park kids play at jewel canopy park

Take a break from shopping for the kids and let them have a wander around the magnificent Jewel Canopy Park, where there are ample opportunities for play.

Located at the topmost level of Jewel, Canopy Park is a recreational wonderland for all. From the Discovery Slides to the Manulife Sky Nets - Bouncing and Walking, the park offers an array of exciting attractions that is suitable for toddlers and older kids. Bring a backpack or baby pram so that you don’t have to lug all your purchases around when exploring the Canopy Park with your kids. Forget about toys for a minute when you’re here! Let the kiddos engage in imaginative play at the Foggy Bowls, learn about different animals at the Topiary Walk, and spot flowers of various shapes and colours at the Petal Garden. A great bonding activity for parent and child! 


Jewel Canopy Park
Jewel Changi Airport, Level 5

Being a parent is no mean feat. So why not go easy on yourself at times? From activities in the West to shopping and playing in the East, Singapore is never short on options for your growing toddler. Spending a weekend wandering in Jewel Changi Airport? Get all your baby shopping done and more here. Treat yourself to a little something too - you deserve a quick break!


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