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Changi Airport celebrates our 40th anniversary in 2021 and to say that it’s been a challenging year is an understatement. But, with the airport community’s hard work and dedication, Changi is gearing up for a whole new travel experience when international travel resumes. It’s also been some time since most of you have travelled through Changi, and we are here to remind you about things you’ve missed about the airport. In this two-part story, we’ve put together 40 things you’ve come to love and miss about Changi Airport. Enjoy!

1. The first Butterfly Garden in an airport

beautiful butterfly garden in changi airport singapore beautiful butterfly garden in changi airport singapore

Witness the fluttering of beautiful butterflies in Changi Airport’s Butterfly Garden!

Ahh... the famed Butterfly Garden. Hidden in a discreet corner of Terminal 3’s transit area, the Butterfly Garden is the world’s first in an airport. In its full glory, you will see more than 1,000 butterflies comprising 30 to 40 species native to Southeast Asia. Apart from butterflies, the garden features blooming flowers, lush greenery, and even a 6-metre-tall grotto waterfall. It is also where you can witness the butterfly metamorphosis. Even though many gardens in Changi are closed due to the pandemic, you can still experience them from home through our virtual garden tours.

2. Nature-inspired terminals

nature inspired terminals at changi airport singapore nature inspired terminals at changi airport singapore

Feast your sights upon the lush and lofty greenery around the various terminals.

Singapore is well known for being a City in a Garden with a network of parks, gardens, and nature reserves. Step into Changi Airport and you’ll see that the City in a Garden concept is deeply rooted in the way the terminals were designed.

When Terminal 1 was upgraded in 2012, the refurbished design featured a “Tropical City'' concept with more landscapes and notably, the new Arrival Garden. This 460m² garden emulates a dragonfly habitat with specially curated flora collection and a feature pool that showcases ripples and patterns as if dragonflies were dancing on them. Terminal 2 sports a modern look with the clever use of lush greenery and glass to introduce more lighting into the terminal. Terminal 3 features a unique roof architecture which allows soft natural light into the Departure Hall while keeping out the tropical heat. Terminal 4, Changi’s newest terminal is infused with plants and shrubs, accentuated by environmentally friendly features and breath-taking artworks such as Petalclouds.

3. Toilets that are just plane amazing

airside views from toilets in changi airport singapore airside views from toilets in changi airport singapore

Catch planes lifting off while you’re in the toilets in Changi Airport!

You’ll be surprised how many compliments we get about the design of our toilets. I suppose it’s not often that you can answer the call of nature while admiring the extraordinary view of the airside. Other toilets feature powder rooms for the ladies to touch up their appearance before their flights, a floral wall made with fresh, real flowers such as roses, gerberas and hydrangeas – perfect for the ‘gram. There’s even a Peranakan-themed toilet in Terminal 4! We previously rounded up five of the most unique toilets in Changi, you can read more about it here.

4. The first rooftop swimming pool in an airport

rooftop swimming pool in changi airport singapore rooftop swimming pool in changi airport singapore

Squeeze in some time for a swim - yes, the vacation truly never ends!

Hands up if you miss taking a dip in the pool while waiting for your flight! If you didn’t already know, the rooftop swimming pool located within Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel is the first swimming pool in an airport and you can pay to use the pool even though you’re not a hotel guest. Apart from the pool, it also features a jacuzzi, poolside bar and shower facilities. While we are unable to serve most of you now, come join us at the pool for a splashing good time when restrictions ease!

5. High ceiling designs at the Arrival Immigration Halls

high ceilings arrival hall changi airport singapore high ceilings arrival hall changi airport singapore

Peep the high ceiling designs in our Arrival Immigration Halls!

Taking a flight may cause you to feel a little claustrophobic – well, you’re literally being boxed up in a metal tube for the entire flight duration so who could blame you? That is why the high ceiling at the Arrival Immigration Halls in Changi helps to convey the feeling of loftiness and space which can be very liberating especially after a long flight.

6. Unique carpet designs in each terminal

Travel through Changi Airport often enough and you’ll notice that the carpet designs are different in each terminal! Play a game of ‘Guess which terminal is this?’ with friends who travel often by showing them the different carpet designs. They may be able to guess them correctly because subconsciously, the distinctive carpet designs in each terminal have been etched in their minds. Apart from beautifying the airport, the cushy carpets make the terminals more comfortable. Plus, it absorbs sound, enhancing your Changi Experience!

7. Movie theatres with free movie screenings

in house movie theatre at changi airport singapore in house movie theatre at changi airport singapore

Feeling bored? Catch a free movie at Changi Airport’s in-house movie theatres.

Some time has passed since we’ve all been on an overseas holiday. Many memories of a holiday in Singapore begin at Changi Airport. From checking in, exploring the airport’s free facilities, to finally waiting for the boarding call at the boarding gate. For those with a little more time between their flights, the movie theatres at Changi are their favourite spot. What could be a better way to while the time away than watching the latest blockbusters for free?

8. Skytrains that make travelling between terminals oh-so-convenient

skytrain transport changi airport singapore skytrain transport changi airport singapore

Efficient, effective, and elegant - our Skytrains are an experience on their own.

Changi Airport is 1,300 hectares – equivalent to 1,800 football fields. Yes, you read that right. As an airport this size, you can be sure that our priority is passengers’ comfort and convenience. If you’ve visited Changi, chances are you would have taken the skytrains to move between the terminals. With it, travel time is shortened by half compared to walking – especially useful if you’re rushing for your flight because every minute counts!

9. Travelators for your tired legs

travelators in changi airport singapore travelators in changi airport singapore

Get to your destination much faster with our travelators.

Even if you opt to walk around the airport instead of taking the skytrains, the travellators peppered around the transit area are a huge relief for your aching legs. There are two tribes of people - those who rest their feet on these moving walkways and simply let it take them to where they need to go, or those who walk on travellators to get to their destination faster. Which tribe do you belong to?

10. Free Wi-Fi and charging points

free wifi and charging points in changi airport singapore free wifi and charging points in changi airport singapore

Sit back and relax with our convenient charging points peppered around the airport!

According to research, a person spends approximately 161 minutes a day online on a mobile device is. Changi Airport’s free airport-wide Wi-Fi service and 550 free internet kiosks across the terminals allow our passengers to stay connected with their loved ones or to catch up on some work. Running out of juice? With over 1,600 free-to-use USB ports and universal power sockets around the airport, you can be sure that all your devices will never be low on power! Save your power banks for when you’re on the go.

11. The mesmerising Kinetic Rain

There are many art installations in Changi, but one of the favourites in Terminal 1 has got to be Kinetic Rain. Located at the Departure Hall, you wouldn’t miss the 9.8m by 4m sculpture made up of 1,216 bronze droplets moving in perfect harmony. Watch closely and you’ll find that the sculpture transforms elegantly into multiple shapes – 16 in fact, ranging from an aeroplane, a hot air balloon, to even a dragon! Travellers around the world stop by the Kinetic Rain to be mesmerised by its deliberate, fluid movements. Some have even told us that it calms and relaxes them! Watch the Kinetic Rain in motion below, a treat for you, no matter where you are.

12. Instant Feedback system for a better Changi Experience

If you’ve wondered how Changi keeps our toilets spick and span, we have the Instant Feedback System (IFS) to thank. The system improves staff productivity and raises Changi’s service standards by sending an immediate alert to the cleaning crew for swift action, if needed! The IFS empowers visitors to give real-time feedback and, in the process, calibrates Changi Airport’s service barometer. So, the next time you spot something amiss, remember to let us know via the IFS. Or, if you’re happy with the experience, commend our staff by giving them an ‘Excellent’ rating!

13. The knowledgeable Changi Experience Ambassadors

Information counters are a norm at airports. But at Changi, our unrelenting pursuit of excellent service kicks things up a notch. Apart from information counters peppered around the airport, we have our Changi Experience Ambassadors - roving customer service agents to help passengers and visitors in need. From directions to flight information, these ambassadors help in the best way they can. Some of them even speak multiple languages so they can converse with passengers in their home language to help them feel at ease. The next time you see any of them around the airport, say ‘hi’ and really, ask them anything regarding the airport – they’ll likely know the answer!

14. Free luggage trolleys

Luggage trolleys are important to travellers, especially those with multiple bags. In some airports, these trolleys can be used at a fee but at Changi, these trolleys are free-to-use! Travellers do not have to fumble for spare change to use the trolleys and they are available at various spots around the airport – from departure kerbside to the arrival hall. These trolleys are always well stocked up, neatly arranged and ready to help you with your luggage. Watch the story of Bob, your friendly Changi Trolley as he goes on his adventure to be reunited with Tracy, the trolley of his dreams.

15. Free baby strollers and wheelchairs for those in need

Changi Airport strives to be an inclusive airport, providing baby strollers and wheelchairs free-of-charge to those who need them. These amenities are available at many locations throughout the airport, including the information counters. For parents, the baby strollers come in handy when you’re walking between the terminals – you get to your destination faster without having to worry about your child(ren)’s comfort! For both the baby strollers and wheelchairs, they can be reserved 24 hours in advance to ensure that you’ll get the help you need when you’re at Changi.

16. Viewing galleries with one of the most amazing views of the tarmac

plane spotting at changi airport singapore plane spotting at changi airport singapore

Unwind with some plane spotting activity at Changi Airport’s viewing gallery.

The viewing galleries at Changi are a popular spot for those of you who need some down time. The tall windows give an unrestricted view of the airside where you can observe aircraft and Changi’s ground operations on the tarmac. For many, the viewing galleries are more than just a place for plane spotting. We’ve seen students using the big, quiet space to study for their exams, couples spending some much-needed alone time for heart-to-heart talks, children marvelling at the huge aircraft parked right in front of them and more. This is a place where dreams are made and promises pledged.

17. Plants and greenery in almost every corner of the airport

plants and greenery at changi airport singapore plants and greenery at changi airport singapore

Luscious flora and fauna in every corner of the airport, pleasing to your eyes and a great shot for the ‘gram.

Step into Changi and you’ll soon realise that plants and greenery can be found in almost every corner of the airport - for a good reason! In a fast-paced environment such as an airport, nature has a soothing effect for those who might feel stressed out by the pace of travel.  This is why landscaping is a huge part of Changi’s infrastructure planning. In fact, there are more than 600,000 plants across Changi Airport and Jewel! If you’ve never visited any of Changi’s gardens, you need to visit them at least once. While it’s still some time before you can do so, read more about some of the fascinating facts you never knew of Changi’s gardens here in the meantime!

18. Changi’s very own 3-hectare nursery

Speaking of plants and greenery, most of the plant species that you see at Changi are grown in-house in a 3-hectare nursery. At the Changi nursery, plants such as sunflowers, mast trees and climbers are germinated and acclimated to growing indoors. They are then transported to the terminals and maintained by a team of 10 horticulturists and over 150 gardeners! Take a look behind-the-scenes on how our team of horticulturists keep the greenery at Changi lush and Insta-worthy! Get the winning shot for a new profile picture with your trusty tripod.

19. Duty-free shopping with one of the best prices in town

duty free shopping at changi airport singapore duty free shopping at changi airport singapore

Indulge in some retail therapy at Changi Airport, all at duty-free prices!

Ahh... the joy of retail therapy... One of the privileges of travelling is definitely duty-free shopping. From skincare and fragrance from Shilla Duty Free, to wine and spirits from Lotte, you will probably remember the rush of going from aisle to aisle looking for your favourite brands and buying them at prices much cheaper than in town. You may not be able to shop physically in transit now and iShopChangi knows that. Non-travellers can now benefit from a tax-absorbed shopping experience on iShopChangi’s ‘Non-traveller’ product category that offers over 5,000 items, with free local delivery in Singapore!

20. Endless F&B options that will satiate any cravings

At Changi, you’ll never go hungry. With a wide variety of local and international cuisines, whatever cravings you may have, we will satisfy it. From international favourites such as Shake Shack and Burger & Lobster, to local delicacies from Heavenly Wang and Curry Times, you can spend a full day at Changi without feeling like you’re out of F&B options. With Changi Eats delivery service, you can enjoy all the good food we offer delivered to you!



Phew! Thank you for staying with us till the end (of part 1). Is what you love about Changi Airport not in this list? Check out part 2 of the story for more things you’ve come to love about the airport! 


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