Whether you are departing, arriving, or transiting through the airport, the startling realisation that you have somehow left something at the airport or onboard a plane, is one that may throw you into a flurry of emotions. Among the more than 30,000 lost and found reports filed at Changi Airport in 2022, the most common items were neck pillows, mobile phones, wallets, umbrellas and wireless earpieces!

If you find yourself in this distressing situation (don’t let it ruin your holiday mood just yet!), try to calm down and follow these simple steps.

Where do I start?

To begin the process of reuniting with your lost belongings, start by retracing your steps and considering where and when you last saw your item. This will determine who you should be approaching for help and the next steps to take.

If you think you may have misplaced your item somewhere within the airport terminals, approach a Changi Experience Agent (Changi Airport’s roving customer service officers) or visit the Information Counter where a virtual receptionist will assist you in making a Lost and Found report.

Changi Airport information counter Changi Airport information counter

If you're still in the airport, our friendly Changi Experience Agents or virtual assistant can help you.

In the event that you have already left the airport, you can still file a Lost and Found report on the iChangi App via our virtual assistant MAX. You can access MAX from the iChangi App or Facebook Messenger. Alternatively, you can also file a report on the Changi Airport website.

To speed up the recovery process, be as detailed as possible in your report. Include all relevant details that will help our Lost and Found team locate your item quickly. Here is some essential information you should mention:

  • Where and when did you last see your item?
  • Are there any valuables within your missing items?
  • Are there any unique details about your item?
    • Colour
    • Any unique design or baggage tag
    • Brand
    • Shape
    • Size
  • Provide a photo of your item if you have one.
Lost & Found team at Changi Airport Lost & Found team at Changi Airport

The Lost and Found team at Changi Airport working hard to reunite travellers' lost items.

The Lost and Found team will endeavour to search for your lost item and will inform you regarding the status of the search. Allow three to five working days for this.

If your item has been identified successfully, the email will state which information counter to collect your item from and the date and time.

If you are collecting the item on behalf of someone else, you will need to provide a copy of the authorisation letter (found in the email) and the owner’s identification card to prove the recipient’s ownership of the item.

If your stay in Singapore has ended and you are unable to return to Changi Airport anytime soon, you can request for the item to be delivered to you. You will have to provide details such as your mailing address and preferred courier service so that the Lost and Found team can facilitate the process of delivering your item back to you. Do take note that any necessary postage fees will need to be borne by you. You may also choose to provide the contact information of someone who is currently residing in Singapore to collect the item on your behalf.

If you have exceeded your baggage allowance or would like to discard bulky items, please look for our information counters for our staff to assist you, free of charge.

What happens if I left my belongings on the plane, or my luggage don’t appear on the conveyor belt?

SATS counter Changi Airport SATS counter Changi Airport

If you lost your item onboard a flight, check in with the airline or the ground handling agent servicing your airline.

In this instance, please proceed to the Lost and Found counter at the Baggage Claim Area for assistance. You can also contact the ground handling agent representing the airline you travelled with. Click here to find out which ground handling agent services your airline. For example, if your item was left on a Singapore Airlines aircraft that arrived in Singapore, submit a search request with SATS Lost & Found. If you were travelling out of Singapore, contact the local Singapore Airlines Lost & Found Office of the destination you have arrived in.

How long do I have to claim my items?

Lost and found items Changi Airport Lost and found items Changi Airport

The Changi Airport Lost and Found team handled more than 30,000 reports in 2022.

From neck pillows, luggage, Airpods, mobile phones, to umbrellas, a whopping 7,000 Lost and Found reports were filed just in December 2022 alone! This means that our storage rooms fill up relatively quickly.

Thus, items are only kept for 30 days from when they were handed over to the Lost and Found department. After the 30-day period, non-personal items such as umbrellas, clothing, and books will be donated to the Singapore Red Cross. Items containing personal information, passports and documents will be incinerated, due to personal data and privacy laws.

If you are curious about how our Lost and Found team work tirelessly everyday to return your lost belongings to you, watch this video here:

Prevention is better than cure – some useful tips

Changi Airport Terminal 3 transit Changi Airport Terminal 3 transit

Stay alert and keep an eye on your belongings while on holiday, or follow these additional tips!

  • Use our latest baggage tracking feature

Try our latest baggage tracking feature that is currently available on the iChangi app! Simply scan your baggage tag using the in-built QR code scanner on the app, and receive live updates on the location of your baggage.

  • Use trackers for important items

If you are checking in more important items, for instance items of sentimental value, you may want to consider investing in a bluetooth tracker so that in the unfortunate event that you lose your belongings, you have a way to track the item down.

  • If travelling in a group, constantly remind one another to check your belongings

Investing a quick 10 seconds to check your belongings periodically will save you the hassle of searching for your lost items later.

  • Take a photo of your baggage

In the event that it is lost, the photo will be a useful reference for the teams helping to locate your bag.


It’s always better to be safe than sorry, But if you do lose your belongings while on holiday, refer to this handy guide!


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