If you’re looking for a gift or just want to try some sweet desserts in Singapore, you can’t go wrong with chocolates. Here are 13 chocolate shops in Singapore to check out, from Japanese, French and local brands. 

It’s not a stretch to say, there’s nothing quite like chocolate. Used in any form - from cocoa drinks to delectable truffles - some even see it as a form of comforting modern day panacea, where a not-so-great day can be made better with the treat. This might be the reason why there’s no shortage of chocolatiers or shops selling chocolate desserts in Singapore.

Whether presented as a glossy bar of chocolate or a box of gold-dusted dark truffles, there’s also few other gifts that are as universally appreciated. And with today’s talents such as Janice Wong Chocolates - helmed by Chef Janice Wong who is often known as Singapore’s queen of desserts - turning the dessert into art, they make an impressive visual impact as well. 

No matter the occasion - whether you’re looking for the best chocolate cake in Singapore for a celebratory event or want to grab a quick artisanal bar on the go - you’ll want to check out these shops specialised in serving up a wide range of sweet offerings.

1. Awfully Chocolate

When Awfully Chocolate made its debut in 1998, there was nothing quite like it. OGs will remember walking into a white, minimalist store in Katong, with no cake display and only one item on the menu - a six-inch decadent chocolate cake.

The bold move worked, and it helped that the gooey cake was ridiculously decadent. In fact, many thought it was the best chocolate cake in Singapore during its time. Today, Awfully Chocolate is a local magnate of chocolate, serving truffles, cookies, bars, ice-cream and raw, natural ingredients - all featuring that same, clean aesthetic.

They are also known for innovative chocolate creations, like the mooncake-shaped truffles for the Mid-Autumn Festival and chocolate cigars for Father’s Day. This might be why this chocolate shop in Singapore now boasts 10 outlets, and multiple more in three cities in China.

For those wanting to sample their creations in a cafe setting, visit their flagship in Katong, or try Sinpopo for bakes inspired by local flavours, like cempedak (a tropical fruit similar to jackfruit), pandan and more.

More information on locations and timings can be found on the Awfully Chocolate website.

2. The Dark Gallery

Who doesn’t love a piece of dark chocolate? That perfect balance between sweet, earthy and bitter in chocolate desserts and snacks is something The Dark Gallery has devoted itself to since 2017. Another Singaporean start-up, the brand considers themselves “a glossary of dark indulgences”, and specialises in chocolates and desserts made with premium cocoa beans. 

Each of their four outlets - located at central locations in Funan, Millenia Walk, Great World City and Ngee Ann City - are also cafes, so one can easily enjoy their delicious cakes and pralines when visiting.

Even the drinks are highly indulgent, featuring chocolate drinks made from Valrhona, intense affogatos, and even a frozen chocolate cube latte. Also highly recommended are their single origin chocolate ice creams, ranging from a 64 per cent dark madagascar variety to a heady 88 Sur del Lago from Venezuela.

More information on locations and timings can be found on the The Dark Gallery website.

3. Janice Wong

With her striking pieces of chocolate work, this Singaporean pastry chef needs no introduction.

Janice Wong first made waves with the delightful 2am:dessertbar at Holland Village in 2007, where her plated desserts left quite the impression. She later pushed the boundaries of ‘chocolate art’ by literally painting with chocolate and creating edible art, and one can see this legacy today in her packaging and offerings, including her colourful bonbons. If you wish, try creating your own masterpieces with her Janice Wong chocolate crayons. Need a little guidance? Then check out the bean-to-bar “painting” classes.

There’s really no stopping this lady’s enthusiasm. She recently launched a bean-to-bar concept shop with Janice Wong Pure Imagination, and looks towards creating Singapore’s first origin cocoa bean by planting cocoa trees locally.

Janice boasts four locations in Singapore, including the original dessert bar, as well as one in the famous Selfridges in London.

More information on locations and timings can be found on the Janice Wong website.

4. Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

Born in France, made in Singapore - that is the flair that Laurent Bernard Chocolatier brings to the local scene since 2006. Promising traditional recipes and the finest ingredients, fans have enjoyed their creations, all scrutinised under the eyes of its French founder.

To Laurent, the cacao beans he uses “are the result of a long tradition, (and) a connection between the tree and the planters”. With such a perspective, it’s small wonder that the chocolatier also places an emphasis on environmental sustainability to preserve and build the source farming communities.

Taste the difference with his pralines, or choose from a wide selection of rich chocolate cakes, featuring the cacao in all its forms from flakes to fudge to mousse. Laurent Bernard Chocolatier has a convenient walk-in kiosk at Hitachi Tower, Raffles Place, but for a sit-down affair, head over to their cafe at Robertson Quay for a sweet afternoon out in SIngapore.

More information on locations and timings can be found on the Laurent Bernard Chocolatier website.

5. Anjalichocolat

Expect only freshly-made chocolates at Anjalichocolat - another boutique chocolate shop in Singapore. Started in 2014 and founded by former banker Anjali Gupta, the Dempsey Hill kitchens produce a selection of luxury chocolates from lollipops to tasting squares.

Trained in the UK and Turkey with beginnings at the now-defunct PasarBella at The Grandstand, Gupta has made a name of creating desserts with alluring flavours. Most notable is her “From Singapore Lah” collection, which features flavours like Kaya Toast Pandan, Chinese 5 Spice, Mango Pudding, Singapore Sling, Gula Melaka and Teh Tarik.

With her finesse, workshops also quickly became a thing. Participants can learn about the art of chocolate-making, including tips and secrets into successful tempering, moulding, and decorating. Otherwise, visit her retail shop at Tanglin Mall to pick up some choice sweets.

More information on locations and timings can be found on the Anjalichocolat website.

6. The Cocoa Trees

There’s something to be said for the comforting sugar rush from brands like Kinder Bueno, Hershey or Nutella. For that and more, head over to The Cocoa Trees.

A chocolate retail chain that offers a wide selection of international chocolate brands and confectionery, The Cocoa Trees has 22 shops all across Singapore - including 13 in Changi Airport alone. This means you’re never too far from a quick chocolate fix, and one at any budget at that.

The best thing about The Cocoa Trees is that they have a reward system which one can sign up for free, which includes a complimentary $10 voucher on the member’s birthday. Add that to their frequent sale events, and you’re set to settle a year of chocolate cravings at a discount.

The Cocoa Trees can be found at all four terminals of Changi Airport. More information on locations and timings can be found on the The Cocoa Trees website.

7. Chocolate Origin

With their clean aesthetics and single mission to bring decadent chocolate to the masses, Chocolate Origin is a great option for those looking to buy one of the best chocolate cakes in Singapore. Started locally in 2011, the brand is best known for their rich and moist chocolate cakes and lava cakes, all made from premium Belgium chocolate.

Those looking for chocolate treats more than their signature cakes, check out their other offerings, including boxes of cubed chocolate truffles, rich chocolate tarts, and icy gelato pints - perfect for bringing home.

Their most recent collaboration cookie with Japanese brand, Cacaocat was warmly received, and of their 10 locations around Singapore, some of them now offer chocolates from the brand as well, bursting with gooey flavoured insides.

Find them at Jewel Changi Airport and multiple locations across Singapore. For more information, check the Chocolate Origin and Cacaocat websites.

8. Fossa Chocolate

This local craft chocolate maker is well-known among chocolate lovers for its single-origin chocolates and refreshing flavour range, kept unadulterated with a strict bean-to-bar process. While orange, strawberry and green tea are all well and good, why not tantalise your taste buds with some versions in Ginseng Chrysanthemum or Golden Kumquat instead?

With their push towards regional collaborations, one can travel the world of flavours with Spicy Mala and Hokkaido Kinako, as well as local classics found in Nanyang Kopi and even Satay Sauce. Look out too for their small-batch and limited releases, featuring Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky, or Bee Pollen.

This inventiveness and their commitment to sustainability using ethically-sourced cacao, is why Fossa has consistently won awards since its launch and can be found in over a hundred stockists around the world. There’s no going back after you’ve sampled a piece of their bewildering - but always delicious - creations.

Gift by Changi Airport at Jewel Changi Airport offers more than just travel products; you can also find sweet treats from Fossa Chocolate here. More information on other stockists and timings can be found on the Fossa Chocolate website.

9. Royce' Chocolate

Their clean, pure forms were a hit when they arrived in Singapore, and their simplicity is what appeals to most Royce’ Chocolate lovers. 

The Japanese powerhouse began in 1983 in Hokkaido, and uses dairy products from Hokkaido for their delectable silky taste. When the first Royce’ Chocolate in Singapore opened in 2001, the high-quality chocolates were an instant hit with locals.

The best way to be introduced to this brand is through their exceptional, clean-tasting Nama Chocolate - little rich rectangles of chocolate truffles, featuring milky white options to the darkest of dark with the Ghana Bitter.

Another popular item is their Potatochip Chocolate. This unlikely pairing of a classic potato snack covered in chocolate is an incredible flavour burst, so try not to eat too much in one sitting - if you can.

More information on locations and timings can be found on the Royce' Chocolate website.

10. Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie

Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie is another local brand which specialises in bean-to-bar creations. Started in 2020, the founder - who was formerly from real estate and finance - began the business after his father’s investment in a chocolate factory stirred his interest. Lucky news for us, because we now get to enjoy all the choice bonbons and bars this young business has been creating - and they are quite delicious.

Feel like a kid in a candy shop at their retail shop in Dempsey Hill, or perhaps take up the offer for brunch at the adjoining cafe. And it’s never too early to have some tipple, especially when it’s cacao wine you are having.

Contemporary and sophisticated, Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie also maintains a strong focus on producing handmade chocolates using sustainably-sourced Asian cacao. This is in line with their goals to stay community-driven and always be part of conversations in the region.

More information on locations and timings can be found on the Mr. Bucket Chocolaterie website.


Every chocolate enthusiast knows - and loves - GODIVA. The famous Belgian chocolate brand has a long-standing reputation for producing premium chocolates using traditional techniques and high-quality ingredients, dating as far back as 1926.

The name comes from the legend of the titular lady riding through the town on horseback, naked, in protest of her husband’s taxation on tenants. This plucky individual has become muse to many artists, and the founder of GODIVA paid homage with an entire luxury chocolate empire.

You can’t go wrong with a gift from this chocolate shop in Singapore. Items are beautifully presented in lavish gift boxes - especially with their seasonal offerings - and make an undeniable impression. Or perhaps indulge yourself and choose a customised selection truffle or praline boxes with crowd favourite flavours. And to cool off anytime, an order of their soft serve, laden with textures from the shavings to the waffle cone, is easily one of the best desserts in Singapore.

More information on locations and timings can be found on the GODIVA website. There’s one GODIVA boutique located right in Jewel Changi Airport (#02-207) so check it out when you’re in Changi Airport and bring home some sweet and decadent treats as food souvenirs.

12. Laderach

We’ve seen chocolates from France and Belgium, so how about some from Switzerland? Laderach is a Swiss chocolatier known for its high-quality chocolate creations, and most will have seen their striking displays of chocolate bars with assorted ingredients and textures.

Dubbed FrischSchoggi (fresh chocolate), the avant-garde displays of chocolate shards convey a powerful sense of raw appeal, and bears the message of their ethos in using organically-sourced beans. The brand even has vegan options.

And did you know: The founder was credited in 1970 for inventing a refined and efficient system of making quality thin-walled truffles, to which the family-owned business still owns patents to?

Bite down on any of the meticulous creations from Laderach at Jewel Changi Airport and taste what the fuss is all about.

Laderach is available at Jewel Changi Airport, and more information on other locations and timings can be found on the Laderach website.

13. Hershey's Chocolate World

Fun, vibrant and accessible, Hershey's Chocolate World is that place where one goes to feel young again. Many childhoods have been marked by chocolate creations from Hershey’s, from the peanut-butter goodness of Reese’s to the spongy goodness of S’mores.

This famous American brand began in Pennsylvania, USA, in the 1880’s, and is veritably the country’s icon when it comes to chocolate. While the initial offerings were bars, the company soon saw immense growth with another iconic product - Hershey's Kisses - in 1907. Dubbing itself the “Home of Chocolate”, the Hershey’s Chocolate World Attraction in Pennsylvania is also celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2023.

So why not explore the fun thematic stores and rediscover the newest forms of Hershey's offerings, and perhaps some exclusive merchandise as well. Without a doubt, any chocolate selection cannot be without this chocolate shop in Singapore.

More information on locations and timings can be found on the Hershey's Chocolate World website.

No sweet tooth will go away disappointed with these chocolate expert makers. Pick up a truffle or two or pack home a cake or ice-cream pint to indulge at any time.

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