Love it or hate it, durians (aka the king of fruits) is one of the many iconic things that make Singapore unique. Every year, locals flock to stalls all across the island to get their fix, while tourists make their way here to see what the fuss is about. 

While durian season is typically between June to September, there is a second season towards the end of the year. And with the current supply glut, that means you can get  your fill of some creamy and bittersweet durians for cheap! If you’re having a hard time deciding on where you should go though, we’ve sifted through some of the most well-loved places for you to taste some delicious yet cheap durians in Singapore.


1. Combat Durian


Nestled in Rangoon Road lies Combat Durian—a popular stall with a long standing history of more than 50 years. Combat Durian is known to offer only top-notch quality fruits, precisely because the owner is highly selective of what he brings in for his customers.

Expect queues and a long wait at times, as there are limited seats at this no-frills shop space. That said, durians can be reserved for a fuss-free self collection; all you’ll need to do is place your orders via WhatsApp in advance.  

Picking the right durian can be intimidating for newbies. After all, there are a total of 12 types of durians available. With this many, it can be hard to decide on what is best-suited to your palate. The Mao Shan Wang durian, arguably the most popular, sports a creamy taste. The D13, on the other hand, is more fragrant and sweet. The Golden Phoenix, however, is a lot more sharp and bitter, with an acquired taste.

Whichever the case, durian prices typically fluctuate depending on the demand and supply. This can also vary according to origin. For instance, the Mao Shan Wang from Pahang can typically fetch a higher price than those exported from Johor. Due to the presence of highlands in Pahang, durians grown in this region are usually of better quality and are thus highly sought after. 

As much as possible, Combat Durian accommodates its customers’ preference. Prefer your durians sweet or bitter? Let them know while ordering and they'll likely work on bringing the best ones for you. 

Do check out Combat Durian’sFacebook page for any price updates, or drop them a message for any other enquiries.


Address: 206 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218452
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday—12:00pm to 8:00pm


2. Durian 36


Picture this: It’s 2:00am and your friends fancy a durian party for supper. Crazy as that sounds, that’s not all that impossible. After all, Durian 36 operates 24/7. Looking to indulge in some custard-like bestsellers like Mao Shan Wang, D24 or Black Thorn durians? Durian 36’s got you covered with their different breeds of durian in Singapore.

One of its fan favourites is D13—a durian deemed as the “kampung” breed that originated from Johor, Malaysia. This is a great choice for those who prefer their durians slightly sweeter and less pungent. A fan of bitter durians instead? The XO Durian would be right up your alley. Unlike the others, this particular breed sports a pale yellow flesh. Just one bite and it’ll leave you with intense bitter flavours and a lingering aftertaste. 

Durian 36 is known to offer durians at reasonable prices, though it can vary depending on size and demand. Mao Shan Wang durians can go for S$22/kg, while XO durians cost S$18/kg. For more enquiries, do get in touch with Durian 36 before heading down. 

Best of all, they’re not only available along Geylang Road, but offer online deliveries too. And besides durian, you can also order other fruits like mangosteen, lychee, logan, mango and strawberry on its online store. Mangosteen is known to counter the “heatiness”associated with durian! Prefer a drink instead? Consider drinking tea to combat the “heatiness”.

Address: 608 Geylang Road, Singapore 389547
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday— 24 hours


3. Durian Delivery


Too lazy to beat the snaking queue and hot weather? That’s completely understandable. Like its name suggests, Durian Delivery is an alternative option that’ll bring those delicious fresh goods right to your doorstep. You’ll get to choose from a variety of durians—Mao Shan Wang (S$23/kg), Pahang (S$25/kg), and even season-limited King Red Prawn (S$14/kg) through its online store.

Put your mind to rest when it comes to any bad or unripe seeds too, as the shop offers a replacement guarantee if you do happen to find any after dehusking. What’s best is that there is no minimum order required. It’s perfect for one of those days when you’re having those late-night cravings but have no one to pig out with. Aside from durians, they also offer baked goods like Snowy D24 Mochis (S$40 per box). Islandwide delivery is charged at S$9.70, though it is free-of-charge for orders above S$100. 

Find out more about Durian Delivery’s prices and deliveries here.


Address:5 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399685
Operating hours:Monday to Sunday— 10:00am to 11:00pm

4. Ah Seng Durian


The story of Ah Seng (the man behind the establishment) began from his parents’ makeshift provision shop in the 80s. Back then, it was solely about fulfilling neighbours’ requests, but it soon propelled Ah Seng’s interest in learning more about durian breeds and their different characteristics. Today, Ah Seng Durian is still known for bringing in aromatic and fleshy durians—largely due to the fact that they only import the best from Malaysia. 

In fact, visits to suppliers and durian plantations are made personally by Ah Seng himself. 

Like most of the other durian stalls in Singapore, prices vary depending on the season. Mao Shan Wang sells for S$19/kg, while Gang Hai durians can cost S$9/kg. For the best experience though, Ah Seng Durian encourages customers to make reservations through a phone call or message. Whichever you prefer, you’ll get to choose between eating at the market or packing them home. 

Though most stalls offer to pick your durian, here are some things to take note of if you’re purchasing them directly at the stall. First, listen closely for any sign of movement when the experts shake the durian. If something is moving inside, that indicates that the fruit has dried out. Next, you’ll want to look at the stem. Apparently, really fresh durians will have a stem end that’s still moist and light in colour. For the perfect ripeness, look for green spikes with brown tips.

Ah Seng Durian currently operates across two outlets. But you can order your durian in advance and book your desired time slot for self-collection. For more information, visit Ah Seng Durian’s website.


5. 99 Old Trees


Conveniently located in the central area of Singapore, 99 Old Trees is a stall with durians freshly picked in the lands of Bentong and Raub in Pahang. They’re not just harvested from any tree, but oldest ones that have helped grown durians with a more rich, complex and bitter flavour.

The shop sports a sleek industrial design, with both a 20-seater indoor dining area and an alfresco option. You’ll get to pick from a wide variety of durians with different flavour profiles when they are in season —Black Gold Mao Shang Wang (S$73), Johor XO (S$42) or the S17 (S$49). Only Mao Shan Wang is available at its store now. 

Apart from its range of spiky fruits, 99 Old Trees offers homemade durian desserts that are prepared by in-house pastry chefs too. Their Sticky Bowl (S$5.50), is made from 100% pure D24 Durian pulp—presenting a light, smooth, creamy texture that will leave you wanting more. There’s also the Stinky Roll (S$6.50)—a swiss roll sponge cake that’s filled with fresh Mao Shan Wang flesh and custard cream. 

Delivery is available too, if you prefer making your orders on 99 Old Trees’ website

Address: 1 Teo Hong Road, Singapore 088321
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday—12:00pm to 9:00pm


6. Ah Hung D24 Sultan Durian


Being a small roadside outlet, the ambience of this shop makes for the genuine durian experience. There’s no fancy air-conditioned seating; reminiscent of the good ol’ days just like how our parents used to enjoy durians in their youth. Moreover, it is conveniently located along the bustling streets of Sims Avenue, just a few minutes away from Aljunied MRT. 

Evident in its name, D24 durians are a favourite at Ah Hung’s. Many have praised the owners for the brand’s reliability, and it has amassed quite a reputation among durian lovers in Singapore for serving quality products. If you haven’t heard, D24 is also known to have a less overwhelming flavour when compared to the other durian varieties. In other words, they’re usually favoured by those who are first introduced to durians. 

Durian prices vary depending on stock count and season, but they’re generally priced at about S$14/kg. New to the king of fruits and need to ease into the experience? This might just be a good first choice. 

Address: 109 Sims Ave, #107, Singapore 387433
Operating hours: Monday to Sunday—10:00am to 11:00pm


Feast on delicious yet cheap durians in Singapore


And there you have it—some of the best well-loved stores in Singapore offering some creamy durian goodness. Nothing beats the feeling of opening a fresh pulp with friends or family. Even if you’re not a huge fan, going on a durian tasting tour or trying durian desserts could be a memorable and fruitful adventure. We hope this list has helped provide you with a couple of ideas on where to get started!



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