Singapore has long been a hotspot for live music concerts. We’ve seen popstars, American rock bands, and everyone in between from the music industry leave their mark here, each show drawing massive crowds across the sunny island.  

Thanks to the ease of access via Changi Airport, the city is often a vital stop for concert tours around Asia. This is no different in 2024. In the upcoming year, in fact, you’ll expect to find live shows from big international acts like Taylor Swift, Mayday, Ed Sheeran — with special guest Calum Scott —, Coldplay and more.

The list of upcoming concerts in Singapore is a long one (and easily tracked on platforms like this Telegram channel). If you’ve scored a concert ticket to one of the gigs, we’ve gathered something more essential—a compilation of tips you’d need to get the most out of your concert experience.

1. Dress comfortably

dressing for upcoming concerts dressing for upcoming concerts

Whether your concert will be held at Singapore Indoor Stadium, Capitol Theatre, or the Singapore Expo Hall, prioritise comfort over style when dressing for the upcoming event. However, don't forget to inject an element of fun with a pop of colour of an accessory.

It is fun dressing up for concerts; that bit is hard to deny. Camp outside a concert venue, and you’ll likely spot fans donned in vibrant styles and colours (especially if the artiste has a fixed colour theme going on—think BTS Army all decked out in purple). 

While it is fun to dress up and look your best for photos, certain outfits may leave you feeling too hot and sweaty, especially when you’re queuing for seats or when you’re in the mosh pit. Pick your battle: Look great or stay comfortable. We’d say to find that perfect sweet balance for the optimal experience though. Oversized tees, flared jeans, and, most importantly—a pair of reliable footwear that is not going to give you sore blisters by the end of the night.

You’re going to be standing up (or dancing) for long periods, so only carry what you really need. Otherwise, bring a small tote bag to aid in the ease of movement. Since concerts typically last hours, we recommend bringing a portable charger too, just in case your phone runs out of juice.

For an added element of fun, consider adding a pop of colour or accessory that could represent the band or singer. Think along the lines of pink for Blackpink, for example, or anything bunny-related for New Jeans.

2. Fuel your stomach beforehand

feast before entering the concert hall feast before entering the concert hall

Head to the concert with a full tummy to last the entire night!

Let’s put it this way: Concerts, for the most part, require long periods of waiting. You’ll be queuing for merchandise, queueing before the show starts, and even while exiting the venue at the end. Due to the long hours, it is best to get a proper meal before the gig starts. 

Fuel yourself with a satisfactory filling meal as you’ll need all the energy you can get to stay hyped up during the entire set. Thankfully, there are malls right around the corner of Singapore Indoor Stadium and the Singapore National Stadium. You can easily get your fill from the different dining options available at Kallang Wave Mall and Kallang Leisure Park

Heading to your concert at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre, for instance? Consider indulging in a satisfying meal at one of Marina Bay Sands Singapore's many dining spots.

It is not uncommon for fans to start feeling faint due to the lack of energy (and too much excitement). While there may oftentimes be food stalls set up at the venue, the truth is prices are severely jacked up. Moreover, you’ll likely have to queue for a long time, considering the number of people present. 

Besides indulging in a meal, remember to throw a pack of sweets or mints in your bag just in case you need an extra energy boost in between. While outside food and beverages are generally not allowed, some concerts may allow a chocolate or energy bar or two, just remember to check the concert T&Cs.

3. Make sure you have backup tickets

concert tickets to enter concert hall concert tickets to enter concert hall

Always be safe than sorry — ensure you have a backup concert ticket.

Most concert tickets are electronic these days—that is, they come in the form of a barcode or QR code. That being said, it does not hurt to play safe. Some fans prefer to take a screenshot after they’re done making the purchase online, while others take it up a notch by printing a physical copy. 

You never want to go through the horror of paying for tickets, surviving the massive queue, only to be refused entry at the very last moment. As older folks like to say, technology is not always foolproof. If your phone starts acting up (as it always does in most crucial situations) or if it is hard to get an internet connection, at least there is still a hard copy to facilitate your entry.

4. Arrive early

arrive early at concert primary venue arrive early at concert primary venue

It's good to arrive early so that you can set aside time to familiarise yourself with the concert venue, go to the washroom and peruse the wide range of available merchandise.

Nobody likes distractions caused by latecomers—whether it is a movie screening, music festival or a live concert. Ask any seasoned concert goer and they will probably say that there are tonnes of perks if you choose to arrive early.

If you’re early, simply get in line or even take some time to browse through available merchandise before any of the items start selling out. 

Not only that. This means more time to settle any unforeseen emergencies—yes, including washroom needs. If your ticket grants general admission, it is best to get there at least a couple of hours prior to doors opening, especially if you have a standing ticket. This way, you can save yourself the heartbreak of having to watch the show from the back of the hall. Cut that time down to half if it’s allocated seating.

5. Let loose & live in the moment

things to do in a concert in singapore things to do in a concert in singapore

As one of the most fun indoor activities one could partake in, be present in the moment and thoroughly enjoy the concert experience.

It is said that musicians like Coldplay, the famed British rock band, and Taylor Swift are artists you must see live at least once in your life. This also goes without saying, but you’re paying money to experience the artist in person. Not the music videos you’ve been fervently watching through a screen, but here, in the flesh. 

Do not be too self-conscious about how you look. Bop to the tunes, sway your body or light tap to the beats. Whatever it is, sing your heart out and enjoy performances to the fullest. If more join in, that only amps up the overall atmosphere.

Unless you’re a diehard fan though, it is almost impossible to know every song from any artist at heart. That is completely fine, and there is really no shame in that. You do not have to know every song on the setlist, that is for sure. But it is only fair to be familiar with at least some of them. Plus, if you’re able to sing along with the crowd, that only makes the experience a lot more fun.

If photography is permitted at whichever concert you’re going to, it does not hurt to take a shot or two for memory's sake. The best camera is the one you have with you, so just use your phone to capture the moment. Do not bother bringing DSLRs or other bulky cameras — they will just weigh you down in the middle of the crowd. 

Still, do not get too caught up in trying to take pictures throughout the concert. When trying to record every second of the concert, you might even be missing out on some key moments (even eye contact and interactions). Leave the high-definition concert photos to the professionals and live in the moment instead. 

If not, simply turn to social media after the show ends. There will be loads of videos for you to browse through and relive the concert.

6. Stay till the stage lights come back on

live performances singapore live performances singapore

Some artists may return to stage for an encore so wait till the lights come back on.

This next tip is a rather underrated one—and that is to stay till the lights come on.

For one, it is out of basic respect and courtesy to the performing artist. But it is also to ensure that the live performances have really come to an end. Oftentimes, artists may choose to come back on stage for an encore after their ‘last song’. It is a predictable tease, but one that we all love at the end of the day. 

Of course, this is also for your safety. Most concert venues are too large and dark to manoeuvre. Simply be patient and sit tight till the venue is properly lit up.

7. Research on transportation options for a smooth exit

mrt-near-singapore-indoor-stadium mrt-near-singapore-indoor-stadium

Plan your transportation back home in advance to find the best option post-concert.

Speaking of concerts coming to an end, here is one crucial tip to ensure that you’ll be leaving on a good note: have a smooth exit strategy. With thousands of people packed in a venue, it will take time to get out. By this point, people are fatigued. You too, are likely running on an adrenaline high that may come crashing at any moment. 

Whichever it is, remain calm and avoid pushing others. Keep your eye out on the nearest point of exit and follow the flow of movement. When it comes to which transport to hop on after the show, that is a tricky one. Some people prefer to drive, but we’d say public transportation is your best bet (yes, despite the crowd). Plus, private hire vehicle fares would likely be soaring because of the concentrated crowd. Worst of all—you might even get stuck in a jam while trying to leave the venue.

Here is a suggestion: Hop on the train at Stadium MRT as that might be the most hassle-free way out. If you’re up for a short walk, Mountbatten MRT station is approximately 600 metres away from the Singapore Sports Hub. 

Getting out of the car park is an absolute pain when there are so many other vehicles making a beeline for the exit. So, for those planning to drive, parking at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and Sports Hub is not exactly the best idea. However, you can consider alternative options like at Paya Lebar Square and KINEX, or HDB estates by Mountbatten for more affordable parking rates.


People say that indoor activities like concerts are a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you must partake in, and it is easy to understand why. The excitement and memories created at live shows make them a fun and essential part of anyone's list of things to do. Miss one, and who knows when is the next time your favourite artist returns? 

The next time you are running out of ideas of things to do, keep track of what is happening in any of our many performance venues —Singapore’s National Stadium perhaps, or even Fort Canning should there be a music festival. But no matter the show, be sure to keep some of these handy tips in mind!


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