Noticed something new about our app? We are now Changi App, dropping the “i” from iChangi to make it all about you. Click here to download or update your app to the latest version, so that you can enjoy an experience that we have specially designed for you. To get you oriented on our new app, here are the key revamps we have made to your favourite features! 

1. Search and save flights easily prior to your trip

2. Skip the queues, and book attractions or activities ahead of time with our pre-booking feature

3. Spend and earn Changi Rewards points seamlessly on the app

4. Set up Changi Pay easily to unlock exclusive dining and shopping vouchers

5. Locate essential carpark information conveniently

Read on to find out more on how the Changi App can enrich your experience at Singapore Changi Airport and Jewel Changi Airport (Jewel)!

1. Search and save flights easily for real-time updates

get updates on your flights on the changi app get updates on your flights on the changi app

Travel with ease with your flight and travel information at your fingertips – all available on the Changi App.

Want to get real-time updates for your own flight or that of your loved ones? Simply search for the flight by either scanning the boarding pass, or through the search function via Fly>Search Flight number, airline, city. Click on the ‘plus’ button to save your flight, and you’re good to go!

Pro tip: You can even save your upcoming flights that you have booked, so that you don’t miss any updates. Simply click on the ‘Fly’ tab, select between ‘Departure’ or ‘Arrival’ and click on the calendar icon to select your departure/arrival date. Try it here

The saved flight will now appear on the ‘Fly’ tab, just be sure to enable notifications in your device settings to receive the latest flight notifications and alerts from us! You will be informed of the opening and closing of your boarding gate via push notifications, making sure that you will never miss important flight updates again with this feature. 

That’s not all! If you’re worried about your baggage, fret not! There’s a handy baggage tracker function located in the top navigation bar of Explore>Track Baggage. Scan or key in your Bag Tag Number to view its status throughout the trip! For departing flights from Changi Airport, you will be able to track your bags from check-in up till the point your bags are loaded into the aircraft. For arriving flights at Changi Airport, the tracking starts the time you check-in for your flight at the departing airport up till the point when the baggage is being delivered on the baggage claim belt at Changi Airport. 

The ‘Fly’ tab also includes quick links to useful and convenient services like Currency Exchange, Travel Insurance, booking a WiFi Router, purchasing e-sims and Airline Info to help you prepare for your trip!

2. Pre-book amenities, attractions, and events

pre-book attractions like changi experience studio on the changi app pre-book attractions like changi experience studio on the changi app

Explore a wide range of activities and book passes at Changi Experience Studio and more in advance on the Changi App.

Book a digital adventure for your family at Changi Experience Studio, reserve bicycle lockers at the Changi Airport Connector, and sign up for a relaxation and wellness workshop at Changi Airport – you could do all of these on the Changi App. 

Skip the queue and book your favourite activities instantly by tapping on the ‘Book, Redeem & Play’ button at the top of the ‘Explore’ page for quick access and available time slots!

3. Scan and earn Changi Rewards points to redeem attractive rewards

changi rewards ecard changi rewards ecard

Scan your Changi Rewards eCard to earn points and redeem perks on the go with the Changi App.

Unlock exclusive membership privileges and earn Changi Rewards points when you spend at Changi Airport or Jewel Changi Airport! 

Enjoy a rewarding shopping and dining experience with us by scanning your Changi Rewards e-Card at the point of purchase to earn more Changi Rewards points, which can be eventually converted into perks that you can enjoy. Some of these perks include Changi Rewards e-Vouchers and complimentary parking at Changi Airport. Keep track of your earned points and perks at Explore>Rewards Card>Rewards Catalogue, or the ‘Account’ tab!

Pro-tip: You can use your Changi Rewards e-Card at Jewel to enjoy Jewel Double Rewards – this means earning both Changi Rewards points and CapitaStar STAR$ at one go! Go to ‘Account’, click on the settings (gear icon) at the top, click on ‘memberships’ and key in your CapitaStar Membership number! Now, you can automatically enjoy CR points and CapitaStar rebates when you present your e-card at the point of purchase!

4. Pay with Changi Pay using the Changi App for a more seamless transaction

changi pay, changi airport’s digital payment wallet changi pay, changi airport’s digital payment wallet

Enjoy seamless payment with Changi Airport’s digital payment wallet, Changi Pay.

Forgot to bring your wallet out? We’ve got you covered. Earning Changi Rewards points goes hand-in-hand with Changi Pay - Changi Airport’s digital wallet, which enables the seamless earning of Changi Rewards points (and CapitaStar STAR$ for transactions at Jewel) with a single scan.

Plus, enjoy up to S$60 worth of weekly deals from brands, and exclusive vouchers (which can be stacked)! New vouchers are released weekly (fastest fingers only!), with deals to be used across your favourite shopping and dining outlets!

Pro-tip: Spendings made using Changi Pay are categorised under ‘online spends’ on your credit card. You can instantly convert your dining and retail spending into ‘online spending’ - good-to-know if you want cash rebates on your credit cards!

5. Have a stress-free parking experience parking information at your fingertips

get real-time parking information on the changi app get real-time parking information on the changi app

‘Parking info’ on the Changi App has valuable information that will help you to secure a parking lot at the airport!

Have your car parked at Changi Airport? The ‘Enjoy Parking Promos’ section in the ‘Explore’ tab lets you access CarPass, where you can redeem complimentary parking from ongoing parking promotions! Simply key in your vehicle’s licence plate number and IU number from your qualifying receipt to redeem parking eCoupons!

redeem complimentary parking at changi airport on the changi app redeem complimentary parking at changi airport on the changi app

Redeem complimentary parking at Changi Airport or Jewel from ongoing parking promotions on the Changi App

Looking for available parking spaces at the airport, or need to find your car in the car park? Let’s help you with that. Simply head to Fly>Airport to obtain up-to-date parking information such as available spaces and your vehicle location right here on the Changi App!

Elevating Your Experience with the Changi App!

enhance every step of your journey through changi airport and jewel with the changi app enhance every step of your journey through changi airport and jewel with the changi app

The new Changi App is your passport to hassle-free travels and exclusive rewards!

Embrace a new wave of convenience, entertainment, and rewards with the refreshed Changi App, your one-stop solution to all your travel needs. From real-time flight updates to seamless pre-booking of attractions, and from swift payments to rewarding shopping experiences, the Changi App enhances every step of your journey through Changi Airport and Jewel Changi Airport. It’s not just an app; it’s your travel companion, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable experience at your fingertips. So, delve into the myriad of features and perks and make the most out of every moment!

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