We know layovers can be tiring, and all you want is a good rest before your connecting flight. Every terminal in Changi Airport has plenty of snooze spots for power naps and even falling into a deep slumber. Here, we’ve hand-picked the cosy ones within the transit area that are completely free and so comfortable, you won’t even have to count sheep to fall asleep — just remember to set an alarm (without waking your neighbour in slumber, please) so you don’t miss your flight!

Power up with a power nap at these spots

Head to these spots if you’re in need of a power nap. As they’re located near the windows, it's likely you won’t end up falling into too deep a sleep! 

1. Terminal 2, Level 2

Terminal 2 Central Lounge Terminal 2 Central Lounge

Once you’re up, you can easily grab a snack at nearby eateries

This area has multiple well-cushioned reclining chairs, some with charging ports so you can recharge yourself and your devices at the same time! You also get a clear view of the airport runway with soft diffused lighting that’s not too glaring.

Location: T2, Level 2, Departure Lounge (Near Tunglok Tea House)

2. Terminal 4, Level 2

Stylish sofa at Terminal 4 Stylish sofa at Terminal 4

This ergonomic sofa fits up to four people, so you can sleep side-by-side with your travel buddies

Get some rest at these stylish, swirly chairs as the curves in the design are just right for contours of the body. Don’t worry about being noticed while you nap because you’ll be resting in style!

Location: T4, Level 2, Departure Transit (Near Coffee Bean)

Rejuvenate with longer naps so you’re recharged for more shopping

Long layovers mean plenty of time for shopping and dining at the airport, but with so many things to see and do, why not relax your eyes and feet before getting ready for round two? These spots are tucked away from the main bustling areas, giving you the privacy you need to take a breather for longer naps.

1. Terminal 1, Snooze Lounge

Terminal 1 Snooze Lounge Terminal 1 Snooze Lounge

The soothing music at this lounge will make you feel calm and relaxed

The T1 Snooze Lounge has a variety of chairs that make this a perfect spot to relax and doze off. This spot offers a view of the Sculptural Tree Garden, providing the right amount of greenery to help you rest your eyes. It’s also near the pay-per-use swimming pool if you’d like a little stretch before you nap.

Location: T1, Snooze Lounge, Level 3, Transit East, Transit Hall (Near Cosmetics and Perfumes by Shilla)

2. Terminal 2, Sanctuary Lounge

Terminal 2 Sanctuary Lounge Terminal 2 Sanctuary Lounge

Go ahead and charge your devices with the charging ports next to the seats

The Sanctuary is an open area with just enough fauna and flora to shield you from the glaring daylight that comes through the windows — so you can still see the runway while lying down comfortably. Close to the boarding gates of T2, you won’t have to rush to board your plane.

Location: T2, Sanctuary Lounge, Level 2, Transit North Pier, Transit Hall (Opposite Gate E5)

3. Terminal 3, Level 3

Terminal 3 Mezzanine Lounge Terminal 3 Mezzanine Lounge

Head to this secluded spot for a satisfying snooze after a hearty meal at the nearby Singapore Food Street

Located at Level 3, above the main resting area, there are only a couple of seats here but it’s a great place to get some privacy away from the crowd. The dim light, coupled with its curved headrest and slightly reclined back support, makes it a snug spot for a long nap.

Location: T3, Level 3 Mezzanine, Departure Transit (Near DFS Wine and Spirits)

4. Terminal 4, Level 2

Sofas near the boarding gates at Terminal 4 Sofas near the boarding gates at Terminal 4

While you’re there, catch the Peranakan Love Story at the Heritage Facade

While waiting for your flight at T4, lay down on these sofas hidden away from the shopping area — and closer to your boarding gates. The entire area is filled with a variety of different quirky sofas, so take your pick!

Location: T4, Level 2, Departure Transit (Near Texas Chicken)

Fall into a deep slumber if you’re in for the long haul

Looking to catch up on sleep before your flight? These spots are dim and far from the throngs of travellers, making them the perfect sanctuary for the beauty sleep you need to feel fresh and relaxed before your next flight.

1. Terminal 2, Oasis Lounge

Terminal 2 Oasis Lounge Terminal 2 Oasis Lounge

It’s easy to wind down and doze off with these comfortable reclining chairs

An oasis of calm with 45 full-body reclining chairs that are adequately spaced out, rest assured (pun intended) you’d have plenty of personal space to rest. Even if you’re transiting during the day, take heart that the setting makes for minimal light, so it doesn’t affect your slumber.

Location: T2, Oasis Lounge, Level 2, Transit North Pier, Transit Hall (Opposite Gate E11)

2. Terminal 3, Snooze Lounge

Terminal 3 Snooze Lounge with Nature Terminal 3 Snooze Lounge with Nature

Feel close to nature and at ease with the flora and fauna around

A quiet, dark space with limited chairs, and the rhythmic sound of water flowing from a miniature fountain, will make you feel relaxed at this spot. If you get a whiff of essential oil, it’s because there’s a spa — Be Relax — right behind the lounge, where you can also head to for a massage or manicure after your nap!

Location: T3, Snooze Lounge, Transit North Mezzanine, Transit Hall (Near the Singapore Food Street)

3. Terminal 4, Snooze Lounge

Stylish Snooze Lounge at Terminal 4 Stylish Snooze Lounge at Terminal 4

Smaller seats are also available if you’re travelling with kids

This cool and stylish snooze lounge is secluded from the crowd, where its snug red sofas hold you perfectly as you fall asleep. Reclined chairs are also available within the area.

Location: T4, Snooze Lounge, Level 2M, Departure Transit, Transit Hall (Near Peranakan Gallery)

Now that you’ve got the guide, it’s time to snooze away! The next time you’re in transit, go ahead and take a nap or fall into a deep sleep at these designated spots. They’re comfy and cosy, and will get you fresh and ready for your next flight.

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