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As August beckons, it is time once again to commemorate an iconic day for all Singaporeans - National Day. This year, Singapore turns 55 and we take the occasion to celebrate the country’s unique food culture that binds the nation. We are no stranger to Singapore being a food haven – food can be found a stone’s throw away from wherever you might be. And travelling or not, there’s always a good reason to visit Changi Airport for a satisfying meal or just to pick up a snack. We hope you’ll like some of these food recommendations by our airport community members. Enjoy a taste of Singapore!

Getting to know our airport community

As the world’s most awarded airport, Changi counts on its community of workers from across many different organisations to deliver the best Changi Experience to visitors. Besides their passion for serving passengers, many in our airport community also have a love for food (true-blue Singaporeans!) With so many dining options available in Changi, we spoke to three of them to get an insider view of some of the best local food to be found in Singapore and at the airport.

Shueh Li, Senior Manager, Corporate & Marketing Communications, Changi Airport Group

Shueh Li drives Changi Airport’s brand marketing efforts, which includes leveraging on social and digital platforms to showcase to the world the many exciting offerings that make Changi not just an airport, but an attractive destination.

Nuriana, Auxiliary Police Officer, Certis Aviation Security

Nuriana on the other hand, plays an important role in keeping our airport safe. As an Auxiliary Police Officer, she manages the operations of the armouries to ensure adequate stock and management of controlled items for operational usage daily.

Faris, Airport Command Officer, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)

And Faris is an ICA Officer, whose job entails protecting Singapore’s borders. He performs immigration clearance, which is important for ensuring that external threats are not allowed entry into the country.

While Shueh Li, Nuriana and Faris may have very diverse jobs, there’s one thing that unites them all - their huge love for food. Changi Airport is home to many eateries with international and local cuisines. Working at the airport means that they have a plethora of food options to choose from and for them, meal times are when they get to unwind and dig into their favourite cuisines.

Let’s hear what local dishes they would recommend and be sure not to miss them the next time you’re in Singapore and Changi Airport.

Must-try personal favourites in Changi Airport

Nuriana: “The T1 canteen at Changi is a place I hold dearly in my heart! Since the canteen is open to the public, expect snaking queues during lunch time! As a Singaporean, there’s no better option than a simple food court with a wide variety of affordable food choices available. The Nasi Padang (rice dish with mixed ingredients to choose from) is a dish I recommend as there are many side dishes that you can pick and choose from which will leave you extremely satisfied. The lontong (rice cake in coconut gravy) store is one of my favourite as the way it’s cooked has a signature touch of Mom’s home cooked meal. Digging into the meal always reminds me of the love and warmth of home.”

Faris: Jinjja Chicken is my absolute favourite! It’s a halal-friendly eatery located in Jewel. I love it because of how tender the chicken is. It goes very well with the sauce, and the chicken is really well-marinated. Although I have to walk to Jewel for this, it’s completely worth it! If I have to settle on a restaurant for dinner with my family, it would definitely be Andes by Astons at T1. Their steak is really affordable, and it has a nice ambience to just enjoy conversations with your family.”

A basket of korean fried chicken and fries displayed on a table A basket of korean fried chicken and fries displayed on a table

Jinjja Chicken’s soy-flavoured chicken is a crowd favourite! Photo Credit: Jinjja Chicken

Shueh Li: “Here’s a word of advice from me! Don’t waste your calories and only settle for delicious food! I actually have many personal favourites, but if I really have to choose, here are some places I recommend the next time you visit Changi. If you’re dreaming about your next holiday to Japan, then Yoshimi at the Japan Gourmet Hall SORA at T1 will certainly win your hearts. Some of their must-try dishes are Katsu Sando, Katsu Rice and Omu Rice - they will bring you right back to Japan.

If you have a sweet tooth, have an instant perk-me-up with 108 Matcha Saro located at T3 or Birds of Paradise and JW360 at Jewel.

I would totally recommend you try out their Parfaits, Obanyaki and Warabi Mochi.

Hand holding a cup of matcha ice cream Hand holding a cup of matcha ice cream

Indulge in 108 Matcha LOVE Parfait- heavenly goodness! Photo Credit: 108 Matcha Saro Facebook

There are multiple flavours to choose from at Birds of Paradise, but a word of advice is to get yours in a cone rather than a cup because the cones are freshly made and infused with thyme.

Double scoop of sorbet in a waffle cone Double scoop of sorbet in a waffle cone

Reward yourself with a double scoop gelato from Birds of Paradise, a crowd favourite! Photo Credit:

They serve ice cream too at JW360! Opt for the more interesting flavours such as Soba-cha and Japanese Whiskey. You won’t regret it!

Many bowls of desserts and main dishes displayed on a table Many bowls of desserts and main dishes displayed on a table

Enjoy panoramic views at JW360 whilst tucking into fusion Japanese food! Photo Credit:

My advice to those planning for a date night, or for your family to soak in a good view whilst basking in London vibes, then Burger & Lobster at Jewel is definitely a place you should head to!”

Where to find the most value-for-money food in Singapore

All three unanimously point to the place where every Singaporean will agree is undeniably the best place to enjoy Singapore’s eclectic cuisine at very affordable prices – Hawker Centres.

Hawker Centres are a unique aspect of Singapore’s lifestyle as it reflects the country’s multicultural make-up. Like a food court, they comprise many individual stalls offering different kinds of food – Chinese, Indian, Malay and Western too! Most of these hawker centres are conveniently located in the town centres. But it’s not surprising to find Singaporeans travelling beyond their neighbourhoods just for their favourite hawker food. Here are some of the places highly recommended by our airport staff.

Nuriana: “Changi Village! It is home to a variety of cuisines, and within proximity to Changi Airport too! So, it’s even more convenient for those who live in the East. From Nasi Ayam (fried chicken rice) and Nasi Lemak (fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk) to western food, you’ll be spoilt for choice! I will stick by Dil’B Nasi Briyani though, that’s my favourite! I recommended this dish to many of my colleagues, all of whom had enjoyed thoroughly. There’s a fragrant smell of infused rose water accompanied by fluffy basmati rice that’s topped with well-marinated chicken. While the store offers many other dishes, the Nasi Briyani (Malay mixed rice dish) definitely tops the chart for me and I give it my personal stamp of approval!”

A plate of Nasi Briyani with chicken and chilli sauce on a table A plate of Nasi Briyani with chicken and chilli sauce on a table

This plate of Nasi Briyani is one that you will never regret! Photo Credit:

Faris: “My favourite makan (eating) place is East Coast Lagoon! I would recommend you to start off the day burning off some calories by engaging in leisure activities such as cycling and kite flying around the area before heading to East Coast Lagoon. There are many stores selling local favourites such as satay (meat skewers), chicken wings, barbeque stingray, sambal kangkong (stir fry morning glory with chilli paste) – it makes for the perfect get-together feast for me and my loved ones. To top it off, I recommend grabbing a refreshing cup of sugar cane and then going for a relaxing stroll thereafter! Second to none would be Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak, a store which I will willingly queue for. Though queues can often be seen forming late into the night both at Boon Lay Place and Yung Sheng Road, your effort won’t be wasted though, because you get what you queue for, yes it’s that amazing!”"

A collage of a plate of satay, oyster omelette, soy-glazed chicken, cockles and sambal stingray A collage of a plate of satay, oyster omelette, soy-glazed chicken, cockles and sambal stingray

Enjoy a hearty meal of our delicious local food at East Coast Lagoon! Photo Credit:

Shueh Li: “I really love hawker centres and that would definitely be my pick, but it’s not easy to find good food all under one roof. My personal favourites are Jing Ji Fishball Noodle at Sembawang Hills Food Centre and Bedok Chwee Kueh so evidently, nothing can stop me from travelling from one end of Singapore to the other for good food! I have a lot of personal feelings attached to food and it never fails to cheer me up after a long day.”

A collage of a bowl of fishball noodles, fishball soup and chopsticks holding up Mee Pok A collage of a bowl of fishball noodles, fishball soup and chopsticks holding up Mee Pok

Satisfy your cravings with a bowl of fishball noodles from Jing Ji Fishball Noodle! Photo Credit:

The local food available in Singapore will always be an iconic way of uniting us allowing us to forge closer bonds and memories.Singapore is Home and here at Changi, we will always be waiting for you to dig into your next meal here with your loved ones. Happy National Day Singapore! In this safe place where we feel respected and cared for, let’s unite together as one to emerge stronger and better in this place we can proudly call – Home.


Home with you,


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