As always, be assured that enhanced precautionary measures are in place across our attractions, retail, F&B and service outlets for your health and safety. Don't forget to observe good hygiene measures during your time at Changi. Stay safe!

So what’s there to see and do at Changi Airport, even with nowhere to fly off to? As it turns out, plenty. From whizzing down Singapore’s tallest slide to walking with life-sized dinosaurs, a host of activities await your patronage at Changi. Best of all? They’re all free! 

Here's how to spend a day of fun at Changi Airport:

Live vicariously via Viewing Malls

viewing gallery terminal 1 changi airport viewing gallery terminal 1 changi airport

The viewing gallery might be the only place you can get up close to an aircraft!

We all miss travel, that’s for sure. But things are looking up — you can now enjoy quarantine-free travel between Singapore and Germany under the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL)!  

The next best thing? Watching planes go by at the Viewing Malls of T1 and T3.  It’s where folks can take a seat and simply observe aircraft taking off and landing on the runways. With a  view of Changi Airport’s ground operations on the tarmac, there’s a reason why the Viewing Malls are a hit among aviation enthusiasts, planespotters and kids.

It should be able to tide you over temporarily, or at least let you imagine for a little while that your flight’s ready for boarding soon. 


Location: Level 3 of Terminal 1, Level 4 of Terminal 3

A prehistoric safari along Jurassic Mile

jurassic mile changi airport connector jurassic mile changi airport connector

Don't miss the photogenic Hub & Spoke cafe while you're visiting the Jurassic Mile.

If going on a world tour isn’t enough, you’ll be glad to know that you could always step back in time without a time-travelling machine. Venture bravely into the Jurassic Mile and witness life-sized replicas of giant lizards that used to rule the Earth. 

A fun treat for dino-loving kids, expect to catch a glimpse of 31 colourful prehistoric exhibits in total, including the long-necked Brontosaurus and everyone’s fearsome favourite Tyrannosaurus Rex. They’re not playing around with these towering models either — the tallest dinosaur stands at nearly 5 metres high! The Jurassic Park experience is enhanced by the bevvy of information panels filled with factoids on these majestic creatures. Plenty of photo opportunities abound, of course. 

Afterall, it is Singapore’s largest permanent outdoor display of dinosaurs! While you're here, you can also cycle or jog to East Coast or Marina Bay on the Changi Airport Connector, which has recently bagged several awards including two at the SG Mark 2021 Award for its design. 


Location: Outside Terminal 4. Follow the signs to Jurassic Mile after dropping off at the Terminal 4 Arrival pick up point or carpark 4A.

Silver screen sensations at ST3PS

In case you’re wondering about it, ST3PS is a play on the word “steps” (because it’s a stepped amphitheatre) combined with the fact that it’s located at Terminal 3. Regardless, just know that ST3PS is all about communal (but socially distanced) entertainment!

Head down to Basement 2, find yourself a cosy spot on the platforms, and settle in for hours on end in front of a massive ultra high-definition screen that plays blockbuster movies daily, from day to night. Who says you’d have to splurge for a movie outing with the family? Movies are screened for absolutely free daily. 

If you’re up for it, you could even hold a binge-watching session and spend an entire day there just blitzing through multiple flicks. Be sure to check out the weekly screening schedules to plan your big screen affair at the airport. 


Location: Terminal 3, Basement 2
Opening Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm

The height of delight at The Slide@T3

slide@t3 terminal 3 changi airport slide@t3 terminal 3 changi airport

Here's one for the little ones!

Dare you enter the world’s tallest slide in an airport? Measuring 4 storeys high, you’d be forgiven if you’re a little hesitant to go on a breathtaking ride on The Slide@T3, where you’ll be zooming downwards from Level 1 to Basement 3.

It’s fun for all ages at the speed of six metres per second, as long as you’re between 1.3 to 2 metres in height.

Entering the slide is free of charge — you’ll just have to first sign up for a (free) Changi Rewards membership to redeem for 10 rides. Flash your Changi Rewards e-card at Basement 2’s customer service counter to redeem!


Location: Level 1 or Basement 2 of Terminal 3

Sharpen your photography with wondrous architecture

changi airport mrt station travelator changi airport mrt station travelator

Want to refresh your Instagram feed? Use our guide to find new spots to photograph at.

Photographers both amateur and professional have visited Changi Airport to photograph its  architecture. Here, you’ll find an array of vantage spots — all accessible to the public - where art and symmetry come together. Capture the spirit of industrial beauty along escalators leading to the MRT station, the natural light shining into the departure halls, or the feeling of longing at the viewing galleries. 

Trust us, the fancy photos you’ll be uploading on Instagram will be worth the weird looks at the airport! Here are some tips on where and what to shoot


Location: All around Terminal 1 and Terminal 3

As we look forward to our next trip, maybe the best way to get into that holiday-filled spirit is to get close to the action at Changi Airport! 

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