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We are sad that you’re leaving Singapore, but we understand that you must go home or onto your next adventure! We’ve put together a departure guide on some things to take note of before you get on your flight, and where to grab that last plate of Singapore chicken rice to fulfil your craving!

Did you know that there are lots of attractions and offerings at Changi Airport and Jewel Changi Airport (Jewel) to discover before getting on your flight? If you want that last chance to visit Jewel because you haven’t, and yet need to ensure you have everything sorted out before your departure, this article is what you need! Read on to find out how you should prepare for a smooth and exciting departure experience at Changi Airport, with time still to explore!

Step 1: Reach the airport early with necessary documents

travel documents for departure from changi airport singapore travel documents for departure from changi airport singapore

Preparation of important travel documents for departure from Changi Airport Singapore.

You can never go wrong by reaching the airport early. This will give you some buffer time and make the travel experience more hassle-free, starting with the most important tip we recommend before you make your way here:

Prepare all travel documents and essentials – this could include your passport, vaccination documents, medical and travel insurance proof, and other electronic documents, especially if  you are heading for another country in your itinerary. Do ensure that you have these documents before checking out of your hotel! Travel requirements have constantly been changing because of the pandemic and are different for every country. That is why it’s always a good practice to check for the most up-to-date information on what to prepare for your departure.

If you have forgotten to print out any important hard copy documents, printing services are available for a small fee at the Changi Recommends counters located at the Departure Hall of Terminals 1 and 3. For destinations that require hard copy documents, we recommend placing everything into a folder for easy finding.

Download the iChangi App – this allows you to keep up-to-date with your flight details. Simply save your flight on the app, and it will alert you of any gate changes or flight updates. It also allows you to purchase your duty-free items even before you reach the airport (via iShopChangi) and register for a security screening slot (via ChangiQ, so that you can breeze directly from your shopping to your flight seamlessly), among other things.

Now, you’re all set to check-in!

Step 2: Check in early

early check in lounge jewel changi airport singapore early check in lounge jewel changi airport singapore

Choose to check in early at the Jewel Early Check-in Lounge if you’d like to spend some time around Jewel before your flight.

Check-in early to skip the queues and leave your luggage with us – If you’d like to spend some time exploring Jewel without having to drag your luggage around, head over to the Early Check-in Lounge located at Level 1 of Jewel. You can check in up to 48 hours ahead of your flight (do check with your airline on how early you can check in as the timing differs from airline to airline). This facility opens daily from 1:00pm to 5:00pm, and currently serves Singapore Airlines (to selected destinations – see here for more information), Malaysian Airlines, and Qantas passengers.

For passengers departing on other airlines, you can head to the FAST check-in counters of Terminal 1 and 3 Departure Halls three hours before flight time for self-service check-in. Our helpful airport staff will be ready to assist you. For more information on check-ins, refer to our Step by Step Guide for Check-In Procedure.

If you arrive at Changi Airport more than three hours before your flight time and are unable to check in your luggage early, you may consider baggage storage services available at Terminal 3 and Jewel at Baggage Storage by Smarte Carte.

Get your Goods and Services Tax (GST) refund - you can apply for a tax refund from the Electronic Tourist Refund Scheme (eTRS) kiosks located at Jewel Level 1 or at the Departure Halls of Terminals 1 and 3. Do remember to have on hand your passport, boarding pass, receipts, and purchased items for a smooth refund process.

To skip the queues, you can now also apply for your tax refund through your mobile device by downloading the eTRS mobile applications by Global Blue or Tourego. Simply turn on your location services and connect to the Changi Airport WiFi hotspot when you are near the eTRS kiosks. Follow the instructions shown in the app where you will be prompted to do a passport scan and facial recognition authentication to complete the mobile tax refund process. This convenient service makes claiming tax refund seamless and hassle-free for all departing travellers. 

Pro-tip: Do not pack away your purchases in your check-in luggage. You may be required to present your shopping goods and original invoice/receipt at the Customs Inspection Counter.

Now that we’re all checked-in and have some spare time to explore the airport, it’s time to relax and enjoy the various facilities at Changi Airport! 

Step 3: Explore the attractions at Jewel and Changi Airport transit area

Jewel and transit area changi airport singapore Jewel and transit area changi airport singapore

Visit Jewel and check out the wonders it has in store for you

jewel and transit area changi airport singapore jewel and transit area changi airport singapore

Explore Jewel and the Changi Airport transit area before your flight!

Jewel and Changi Airport offer a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment facilities, so we recommend you set aside at least two hours before your flight to explore these spaces.  

Pro-tip: Jewel is in a building on its own, and not part of the airport transit area. Once you have entered the transit area, you cannot exit to head to Jewel again. We recommend visiting Jewel before clearing the immigration at the terminals.

Jewel Changi Airport

jewel changi airport singapore jewel changi airport singapore

Play, shop, dine, or simply relax all around Jewel Changi Airport.

Have you had the Jewel experience?

At Jewel you can shop, dine, fly, and play. So, experience them all! Come early to experience the attractions within Jewel: from the iconic HSBC Rain Vortex and the Shiseido Forest Valley to Canopy Park on Level 5. Be transported into a virtual world with Changi Experience Studio, immerse yourself in the advanced technology that presents Singapore's rich aviation history and enjoy the interactive games. 

With over 280 stores featuring both international brands such as Uniqlo, Kiehl’s, Hugo, and Burger and Lobster, as well as local brands such as Bee Cheng Hiang, The Smell Lab, and Y21, it’s time for some last-minute shopping and dining before that flight out! 

Did you know? Bee Cheng Hiang was started in 1933 on the streets of Chinatown. Its name 美珍香 (mei zhen xiang) are Chinese characters that mean Appearance, Flavour, and Aroma; a representation of their freshly barbecued meat. 

If you are thinking of purchasing a local-inspired souvenir for your friends or family back home after your international travel, Gift by Changi Airport is the place to get your hands on some exclusively designed gifts or travel products that will allow you to bring a piece of Singapore back with you.

Transit Area (Terminals 1 and 3)

1. Shopping

duty free shopping changi airport singapore duty free shopping changi airport singapore

Do your last-minute duty-free shopping at Changi Airport’s various terminals.

Did some online pre-travel shopping before coming into transit? Foreigners who have made an online tax-free purchase on iShopChangi, can stop by the iShopChangi collection centre to pick up your purchases just before your flight. Head onto iShopChangi’s website to find out the earliest pick-up date and timing! 

All travellers can enjoy tax-free shopping in transit; time to get more bang for your buck! Check out Cosmetics & Perfume by The Shilla Duty Free (Terminals 1 and 3) selection if you want to snag some beauty products and perfumes. Or drop by Lotte (Terminals 1 and 3) for wines and spirits, and Cocoa Trees or TWG Tea for confectionery.

2. Dining

local food changi airport singapore local food changi airport singapore

Enjoy one last taste of Singaporean local food before getting on your flight!

Savour local food for the last time before your departure. There are many different food and beverage outlets across all the terminals, some operating 24 hours! At the Singapore Food Street located at Terminal 3, you’ll be able to taste a wide range of local delights. Or if you have not gotten your coffee fix yet, there are plenty of cafes offering various coffee options. Some of our favourites are Hudsons Coffee and Pret A Manger. Missing our traditional coffee? You can sip on our favourite Kopi (Coffee) and Teh (Tea) at Heavenly Wang.

3. Rest and relax facilities

rest and relax facilities changi airport singapore rest and relax facilities changi airport singapore

Rest and relax at various spots dotted around Changi Airport before your take off

Discover a diverse range of facilities you wouldn’t want to miss within transit that's unique to Changi Airport. 

For our nature lovers, you can stroll around the Cactus Garden (Terminal 1), Koi Pond (Terminal 3), or be surrounded by over 1,000 butterflies at the Butterfly Garden (Terminal 3). It is the perfect place to take in the sights and sounds of the garden city right during transit. 

The Aerotel Bar & Pool at Terminal 1 also allows for a good spot to relax if you want to take a quick dip in the pool or bask in the sun before departing. At an affordable price, you’ll be able to watch the planes take off by the pool! Free-to-use lounges, such as Snooze Lounge (Terminal 1 and 3) are also available for you to take a short breather before boarding your flight.

Lastly, don’t forget to check for your flight’s gate hold room on the flight information board or the iChangi app and arrive at the gate at least 30 minutes before your departure time. Boarding gates are open at least one hour before flight departure. So, do make sure you make your way to the boarding gate on time!

Travel should be stress-free and enjoyable. Remember to reach the airport early with the necessary documents needed for your flight, know your early check-in options, and then relax and enjoy what we have lined up for you at Jewel or in the transit areas.


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