With four terminals and the iconic multi-dimensional lifestyle destination, Jewel Changi Airport, there are plenty of things to do when you visit Changi Airport. But time may not be on your side - especially if you have a flight to catch. 

There’s likely a host of items on your bucket list when travelling through Changi Airport - shopping for duty-free items, exploring new facilities and gardens, checking out promotional offers, dining at your favourite restaurants, and more. Even if you are visiting Changi Airport and Jewel and not travelling, there are just as many exciting things to do, eat and shop at the public areas of the airport.

The dilemma of choosing what to do can sometimes be exasperating. Afterall, who would want to miss out on things? So, here’s our guide on how to fully maximise your time at Changi Airport and Jewel with the Changi App, whether you are travelling, picking up a friend or simply planning a day out! 

1. Reserve your table at popular restaurants to save time

use changi app to make a reservation at changi airport restaurants use changi app to make a reservation at changi airport restaurants

Use the Changi App to make a reservation in advance so that you can avoid waiting!

With over 200 restaurants across Changi Airport and Jewel, you would be spoilt for choice when deciding where to eat. To save time and possibly disappointment if the restaurant is too busy or crowded, you can reserve a table at your restaurant of choice on the Changi App. 

Simply view the full list of restaurants available on the Changi App, select a restaurant that appeals to you and make a reservation!  

*Reservation service is currently available for selected restaurants.

Browse dining deals, restaurants, and make reservations, all on Changi App.

Pro tip: To enjoy greater savings, browse for dining promos on the “Dine” page of the Changi App! Whether you’re looking for a teatime spot to sip on a cup of tea while soaking in the view of the HSBC Rain Vortex in Jewel, or a place to grab something to eat before your flight, simply scroll through the wide variety of restaurants, cafes and quick bites on the “Dine” page within the app. With limited time to spare at the airport, make every meal like your last and find the best place to dine! 

2. Skip the queues and pre-book useful airport facilities and tours and explore Jewel’s popular attractions

use changi app to pre-book facilities, tours and attractions use changi app to pre-book facilities, tours and attractions

Find new activities or easily plan your day's itinerary with the Changi App.

Transiting in Changi Airport with hours to spare? Or looking at how to spend a fun day out with your family and friends? There are places around Changi precinct that’s worth visiting too. Did you know that you can pre-book activities on the Changi App to explore cool and new areas that you normally wouldn’t visit?  

On the top of our list of recommendations is the East Coast Guided BikeTour, which takes you across the Changi Precinct, where you would be able to discover the lesser-known charms of the eastern part of Singapore. 

After all the fun, freshen up with a hot shower at Hub & Spoke.

After which, you can book a shower pass at the Hub & Spoke to take a refreshing bath and freshen up before your flight.  

Among the many Changi attractions, the spectacular views in Jewel are not to be missed! You can catch one of the best views of the much-talked about HSBC Rain Vortex from the Canopy Bridge, one of the highest vantage points in Jewel. While up there, do check out the Canopy Park, where you can immerse yourself in the lush garden filled with greenery and thrilling activities to try out. A key attraction here is the Bouncing Nets, which allows you to bounce high above the ground while getting a unique view that looks all the way down from the highest level of Jewel to its basement.  

Book these activities directly on the app so you can skip the queue and head right to the attractions. Simply scroll to the “Explore Changi” section on the “Explore” tab and search for your activity of choice.

3. Find the best parking spots, calculate your parking fees and redeem parking promos

Convenience is key, especially when you might be rushing from one place to another. At a place like Changi Airport where there are so many different parking locations, it can be a little confusing, given how big it is.

Before your trip to Changi Airport or Jewel, try out this hack which will help you save time and effort looking for where to park.

Under “Airport” > “Parking info” on the “Fly” Tab of Changi App, you will be able to find four useful features. First, you can get real-time updates on parking lot availability in the various car parks across Changi’s four terminals and Changi, enabling you to choose the most ideal parking location. Second, you can calculate parking rates easily based on the amount of time you would be spending at the airport.  

Third, for those of you who find yourself taking a picture of the carpark spot where you parked, for the fear of not being able to find your car later on, the “Find my car” feature will help you to locate your car easily. With this, you don’t have to worry about forgetting where you’ve parked!

Lastly, you can also redeem parking promos and purchase long-term parking eCoupons on the Changi App effortlessly. Simply tap on “Enjoy Parking Promos” on the app and you will be able to check out ongoing free parking promos happening at Changi Airport and Jewel. You can key in your IU information, redeem your complimentary parking directly on the app, and exit the carpark with parking promos applied to your parking fees. If you plan to park your vehicle in the airport while you fly off to your destination, you can also purchase ‘Park & Fly’ parking eCoupons on the Changi App and save up to 70%. Simply redeem the eCoupon on the app before you exit the carpark to activate it.

4. Track your baggage before you arrive so you can shop duty-free with ease

Do some guilt-free duty-shopping before your baggage arrives, and keep track using the Personal Baggage Experience function on the Changi App.

Landing at Changi Airport may signify the end of your trip, but it definitely isn’t the end of your Changi experience. You can still make the most of your last moments at Changi Airport, by squeezing in time to enjoy some last-minute duty-free shopping. 

If you often find yourself worrying about picking up your baggage, finding time to shop at duty-free and wanting to make it home quickly, you can reduce the anxiety with the Personal Baggage Experience on Changi App. Track your baggage on the Changi App, and you will be able to receive real-time updates on your baggage status (available for selected flights only) – whether it has reached the baggage carousel or is still on its way there.  

Now, you’ll have more time to shop to your heart's content, knowing exactly when to saunter over to collect your luggage. 

5. Settle travel essentials like currency exchange and eSIM in advance, so you can explore the airport before your flight

Preparing for a vacation can be quite a task with a long checklist of things to prepare before you depart. How about a single place where you can get all your travel essentials? The Changi App is your one-stop shop. From exchanging of foreign currency to purchasing of SIM cards or eSIM, and travel insurance, we’ve got you covered. With all your travel essentials settled way in advance, now you have more time to enjoy what Changi Airport has to offer.

For Singaporeans travelling to China, you’re in luck because you can now use Changi Pay in China! Changi Pay users can simply top up their Changi Pay digital wallet, and scan Alipay+ QR codes to pay for purchases in China, all done within the Changi App. Plus there are no transaction fees and charges to worry about.  

Navigate your way to all the travel essentials on the “Explore” page of the Changi App and collect your travel essentials at Changi Airport before you fly off! 

In addition to all of the above, don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore all that Changi Airport has to offer – from our lush green spaces at Jewel to under-the-hood areas like movie theatres and swimming pools in transit! To ensure you make the most of your time when you next visit Changi Airport, download the Changi App for a more seamless experience and greater convenience!  


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