Unwind in style with a full suite of amenities, indulge in delicious Singaporean cuisine, and find comfortable spaces to catch up on work. Sounds like the perfect departure or transit experience? The newly renovated SATS Premier Lounge in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 checks all of the right boxes for a great airport lounge experience.

Located in Terminal 3’s Transit area on Level 3, the revamped SATS Premier Lounge offers a warm welcome to passengers the moment you arrive. Friendly staff will greet you at the entrance and usher you into a spacious lounge overlooking the tarmac. Peranakan elements grace the space, including wall and floor tiles with a design inspired by Singapore’s national orchid Vanda Miss Joaquim and the Crimson Sunbird, the unofficial national bird of Singapore.

sats premier lounge main area sats premier lounge main area

The revamped lounge has a main area with a range of seating options - sofas, private pods, and work stations.

sats premier lounge peranakan elements sats premier lounge peranakan elements

Spot Peranakan elements and decorations throughout the lounge.

The lounge caters up to 126 guests, offering a variety of seating options to suit the needs of all travellers. Plush sofas provide a comfortable place to relax, private pods offer a quiet corner for those who prefer to unwind, and comfortable work stations ensure you will be able to catch up on your work before your flight.

sats premier lounge executive space sats premier lounge executive space

The ‘Executive’ space is a new addition to the lounge with dining service and travel-friendly amenities.

For an even more elevated experience, the lounge boasts a new flagship ‘Executive’ space. The premium space offers additional services like plated meals served directly to you, along with welcome drinks and platters. However, access to the executive lounge area is limited to passengers on selected airlines and travel classes. You can find out more about details and eligibility with the SATS Premier Lounge staff.

For travellers seeking an extra dose of relaxation, the lounge offers massage chairs, perfect for kneading away all that pre-flight tension.

sats premier lounge shower spaces sats premier lounge shower spaces

The shower rooms in the lounge are fully equipped with amenities for all guests,

sats premier lounge shower rooms shampoo and body soap sats premier lounge shower rooms shampoo and body soap

Body soap and shampoo provided in the shower rooms are exclusively curated by RUSH Premium.

Guests can freshen up before their flights in the fully equipped toilets and shower rooms. The luxe facilities feature relaxing white tea-scented body soap and shampoo, exclusively curated for SATS Premier Lounge guests by RUSH Premium. Additional amenities such as towels, hairdryers and vanity areas are also available for guest use. For parents travelling with young children, a diaper changing station is conveniently located within the restrooms for added convenience. 

Now, let’s turn to arguably one of the most anticipated aspects of any lounge experience - the gastronomic experience. 

sats premier lounge buffet dining area sats premier lounge buffet dining area

Guests can feast on a variety of cuisines at the lounge before your flight.

The lounge caters to diverse travellers with a full spread of Singaporean and international fare at its buffet area, ensuring there’s something delicious for everyone. For those who prefer a lighter bite, there’s an assortment of breads, pastries and desserts to indulge in, lovingly baked by the SATS kitchen. Coffee lovers should not miss the Lion City Blend coffee crafted exclusively by local roasters Kaffa Kaldi for SATS Premier Lounge.

sats premier lounge laksa sats premier lounge laksa

Pro-tip: Go for the Laksa first, before the queue forms.

sats premier lounge robot pasta maker sats premier lounge robot pasta maker

Perfectly cooked pasta by a robot - give it a try at the lounge!

The absolute highlight is the authentic Singaporean cuisine, crafted from recipes designed by SATS’ award-winning chefs. Think creamy, flavourful and spicy Laksa - a spicy coconut broth with noodles bursting with umami and brimming with fresh prawns, fishcakes and taupok (tofu puffs). 

Craving for even more noodles? You’ve got to try the pasta too, with a unique twist. Robot-prepared pasta dishes. Yes, you read that right. The lounge boasts innovative technology that churns out seriously good pasta dishes - a must-try for foodies. 

Lounge guests can also indulge in authentic Singaporean cuisine from renowned local brands in the coming months. These include dishes from Beach Road Prawn Noodle House, Boon Tong Kee, Killiney, Downstairs by Song Fa, Rumah Makan Minang and Ponggol Nasi Lemak. Each of these brands will feature a signature dish at the lounge for two months of a year, making an entire year of delectable and uniquely Singapore delights for all guests.

sats premier lounge entrance sats premier lounge entrance

Drop by the SATS Premier Lounge the next time you're travelling through Changi Airport Terminal 3 and enjoy the full suite of services. Image credit: SATS

Want to make the most of your pre-flight experience? The SATS Premier Lounge in Terminal 3 offers a haven for eligible travellers departing from Changi Airport. 

Passengers flying First and Business Class on SATS-handled airlines can enjoy the SATS Premier Lounges in Terminals 1, 2 and 3. We recommend checking access information and eligibility directly with your airline. 

Guests with the following lounge memberships or credit cards are also eligible to enjoy the SATS Premier Lounges in Changi Airport: Diners Club, DreamFolks, DragonPass, LoungeKey, Priority Pass, and AMEX KrisFlyer Ascend card holders with valid lounge passes.

Consider arriving early to unwind in the newly-renovated SATS Premier Lounge the next time you are departing from Changi Airport Terminal 3. You can also find out more about airline lounges and pay-per-use lounges in Changi Airport with our comprehensive guide, and indulge in some of the world’s best pre-flight pampering. 

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