While you're out enjoying all that Singapore has to offer, remember to observe good hygiene measures and practice safe distancing. Stay safe!

The pandemic may have dampened some initial travel plans, but that doesn't mean fun with the family has to end. If you're looking for fresh, new activities that will keep little ones entertained for hours, look no further than the district of Changi!

As you'll soon find out, a ton of fun activities for kids are in store — both within and around the vicinity of Changi Airport and Jewel. We’ve gathered a list of fun-filled activities for your family to check out, whether it be for the weekend or the school holidays!

For the adrenaline junkies

1. Canopy Park

Situated on Level 5 of Jewel Changi Airport, this 14,000sqm recreational park is packed with thrilling attractions dedicated to bringing family fun to a whole new level.

Surrounded by luscious foliage and framed by a gorgeous glass canopy, the Canopy Park embodies adrenaline-inducing fun in the form of giant slides, enchanting mazes and bouncing nets. Essentially, it’s an indoor playground for kids and the young-at-heart.

Embark on an adventure at the park, where you’d find a total of nine attractions that ensure you’ll never run out of things to do and play. We’d recommend checking out the Hedge Maze — it is, after all, Singapore’s largest indoor maze. Don’t worry about getting lost since it’s easy to navigate this beautifully designed labyrinth. It’s also packed with splendid surprises at every turn! Work your way through walls of shrubbery and swing gates till you reach a watchtower at its core.

Address: Jewel Changi Airport, Level 5. 78 Airport Blvd, Singapore 819666

Opening hours: Monday - Thursday: 10:00am to 10:00pm, Friday - Sunday, Eve & PH: 10:00am to 11:00pm

2. Changi Experience Studio

changi experience studio at jewel changi experience studio at jewel

Embark on a journey of fun and discovery at the Changi Experience Studio, where kids and adults can experience the magic of technology and more. Source: Nowboarding

Continue your journey of fun and discovery through the exciting virtual world of Changi Airport at the Changi Experience Studio. This eye-opening attraction features interactive exhibits that offer visitors a unique glimpse into the airport's day-to-day operations.

The Amazing Runway, in particular, is a must-visit for all thrill-seeking families — a high-adrenaline challenge in the ultimate test of speed and power. Simply form two teams representing either side, then pit against one another and pedal your way to victory.

If you’re up for more excitement, experience the magic of technology at more interactive exhibits like the garden that sings. Here, you’d get to simulate different roles that can be found at the airport. Essentially, it’s your chance to be an airport security officer, taxi co-ordinator, or trolley handler for a day! Can’t wait to hop on the bandwagon? Find out more about booking and ticket prices here.

Address: Jewel Changi Airport, Level 4. 78 Airport Blvd, Singapore 819666

Opening hours: Opens daily from 11:00am to 8:00pm

3. PLAY! by Kinderplay

Familiar with the popular Cartoon Network series Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10? PLAY! by Kinderplay is an indoor playground inspired by these fictional characters. Located at Terminal 3 of Changi Airport Singapore, the indoor playground is suited for children aged 12 and below.

Vibrant colours and decor featuring iconic characters like Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup adorn the walls of this space. Expect a myriad of fun activities that range from ball pits to floating balloon rooms, tall slides to bouncy “wipe-out” areas adorned with inflatable revolving poles for kids to run around.

Essentially, there’s everything your child would need to be entertained for hours on end. Whoever created this space must have added some Chemical X to the sugar, spice and everything nice.

Address: Changi Airport Terminal 3, #B2-14/15/16/17

Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 11:00am to 9:00pm, Wednesday: 1:00pm to 9:00pm, Friday - Sunday, Eve & PH: 10:30am to 10:00pm. (Take note of the cleaning intervals)

4. Constant Wind Sea Sports Centre

Just a short drive away from Jewel Changi Airport lies the Constant Wind Sea Sports Centre. The centre offers high sea adventures like windsurfing, kayaking and sailing, ideal for both water sports enthusiasts and beginners on the hunt for some high-octane fun. Their basic sailing course is priced at S$420/pax, while the windsurfing course is priced at S$360/pax. Learn more about their other courses here!

Otherwise, simply slather on some sun care, sit back and soak in the soothing sights of calm waters often found only in quiet coastlines. A charming eatery, Belly View Cafe & Restaurant, can also be found right on the boardwalk. This hidden gem is well-suited for parents who prefer to remain clean and dry while watching their kids have a whale of a time. Sit back in an al-fresco setting and admire the amazing view of the sea as you inhale some signature Zi Char dishes like the Fish Head Curry and Assam Fish (S$30 each), or a piping hot plate of Claypot Tofu (starting from S$12).

Address: 11 Changi Coast Walk, Singapore 499740

Opening hours: Opens daily from 9:30am to 5:45pm

For the nature lovers

5. Shiseido Forest Valley

While some might enjoy the exhilaration of heart-pumping activities, others prefer to take it slow. Look no further than the Shiseido Forest Valley, a lush sanctuary located at the core of the world’s best transport hub — it’s the place to be for folks who prefer a tranquil retreat surrounded by greenery.

Take a gentle hike up through the Shiseido Forest Valley, where you’ll bypass rocky falls. Experience the mists and be thoroughly enchanted as you make your way to the topmost level.

Along the west trail, you’ll also get to experience the SENSE Art Installation too. As its name suggests, this wonderland is sure to delight the senses of little ones with its dancing lights and soothing tunes that play in the background. These sensorial additions help enhance the experience of self-discovery as you trudge amidst the idyllic landscape of trees, palms, and 60,000 varieties of shrubs.

Of the many free things to see and do in Jewel Changi Airport, Shiseido Forest Valley is also one of them.

Address: Jewel Changi Airport 78 Airport Blvd, Singapore 819666

Opening hours: Open 24 Hours

6. Changi Beach Park

changi beach park in singapore changi beach park in singapore

One of the eastern beachside parks in Singapore, Changi Beach Park is the perfect spot to relax while your kids have fun with their own activities. Source: Christine Pook

Game for a relaxing day at the beach?

Located in the eastern district of Singapore, Changi Beach Park is known to be one of the oldest beaches in the country. Relatively quiet compared to other beaches, it’s the perfect spot for families looking to spend some quality time, sans the crowd.

Dip your toes in the calm waters, or unwind by having a nice barbeque in the evening with the little ones. Keep a lookout for “The Finger” while you’re there — it’s a giant sculpture that’s believed to have guided ships in the past. Not to mention a great opportunity to whip out your phones and capture snaps to furnish your Instagram feed too!

If you prefer going on longer adventures, consider exploring the Changi Point Coastal Walk. This boardwalk stretches 2.2km along the coastline, offering a magnificent view of the waterfront and picturesque sunrises and sunsets in Singapore. Plus, this is an easy enough route that's suitable for both adults and kids — all you need is a pair of comfortable walking shoes as you soak in the rustic ambience of the place; where fauna and flora co-exist in harmony. 

Address: Nicoll Dr, Singapore 498991

For the artistic

7. Ducks & Crafts

Yearning to unleash your child’s inner Picasso? Arts and crafts are great activities for kids to express their creativity and imagination. A myriad of educational and wholesome activities awaits at Ducks & Crafts, a cosy store located within Jewel Changi Airport.

Here, you’d find anything from window art colouring to sand art. Some bestsellers include a Scratch Art Book (S$16.90) and Keychain Sewing Kit (S$16.90).

Apart from those, do keep a lookout for seasonal custom crafts and weekly hour-long online workshops that will further nurture the kiddos’ appreciation for art. What better way to bond than to partake in various craft activities in each session and learn something new every week? These are targeted at children aged between 5 to 11 and cost S$5 per pax for each session. Learn more about the registration process and various workshops here.

Address: Jewel Changi Airport, #04-212. 78 Airport Blvd, Singapore 819666

Opening hours: Opens daily from 11:00am to 10:00pm

8. Changi Business Park Plane-spotting Hut

outdoor attraction for aviation enthusiasts outdoor attraction for aviation enthusiasts

Have plane spotting as a hobby? Changi Business Park Plane-spotting Hut is the place to be for all aviation enthusiasts. Source: Planespotting

Ever wondered where to go in Singapore for an obstructed view of planes? The Changi Business Park Plane-spotting Hut is an ideal spot for tracking various planes as they take off and land. In short, this is the place for enthusiasts to document the myriad of aircraft models through photography.

Why not grab some snacks and head down with the kids for a chill afternoon activity? Besides getting a clear sight of planes, kids can also get to practice their photo-taking skills or even use their favourite arts & crafts materials to paint the scene before their eyes. Either way, it'll make for a memorable, artsy day out.

Address: Changi Business Park Central 2

For the foodies

9. AC Kafe

Has the whirlwind of indoor and outdoor activities left you and the kids hungry for some delicious pick-me-up? A fantastical world where food meets action figures, AC Kafe is a designer toys-themed cafe dedicated to immersing patrons into the world of talented artists from across the globe.

They serve a tasteful collection of mains and drinks spanning from Gyu (Sliced Beef) Don (S$13.90) to Grilled Norwegian Salmon Toast (S$22.90) and Wild Berries Ice Blend (S$6). They’re visually pleasing too, for all you moms and dads who are on the hunt for insta-worthy dishes.

Marvel at the sight of the world’s largest indoor waterfall as you savour your meals! The cafe boasts an amazing panoramic view that overlooks the incredible attraction that is the HSBC Rain Vortex. Kids should be thrilled at the curated display of art toys by ActionCity as well. All in all, a must-visit for families seeking a unique dining experience.

Address: Jewel Changi Airport, #04-223/4. 78 Airport Blvd, Singapore 819666

Opening hours: Opens daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm 

10. Swensen’s

swensens in singapore changi airport swensens in singapore changi airport

Creative sundaes, desserts and exciting food that will delight the little ones, Swensen’s is the ultimate destination for the foodies. Source: Nowboarding

If you grew up in Singapore, chances are, you've had some fond memories formed at Swensen’s. The household restaurant chain has, after all, been a party staple for families back since the 80s and 90s. Remember the massive Earthquake Sundae that comes with a whopping eight scoops of ice cream? Or the clam chowder in a bread bowl?

Today, Swensen’s continues to bring people together for hearty meals over a wide selection of food, desserts and beverages. Head on down for a slice of nostalgia and to create even more shared memories with the fam!

Address: Changi Airport Terminal 3, #B2-31-32

Opening hours: Opens daily – Mon - Thu: 12:00pm to 8:30pm, Fri - Sun: 12:00pm to 9:00pm

11. The Coastal Settlement

Take a short drive from Changi Airport, and you’ll stumble upon a quaint cafe that’s perfect for your next family outing. Aside from its air-conditioned indoor seating spot, The Coastal Settlement also comes with an alfresco area located outdoors where parents can choose to dine on the patio next to a children’s playground. Feast in ease as you watch the kiddos play to their heart’s content — it’s certainly a win-win for both parents and the little ones.

Besides, The Coastal Settlement is a feast for not only starving tummies but also the eyes. It’s beautifully decorated with all things vintage, from antique toys to old-school memorabilia. You’d also find a wide selection of cafe fares like XO Prawn Aglio Olio (S$26), Kids Cheese Burger (S$16) and even local favourites like TCS Nasi Lemak (S$25). 

Address: 200 Netheravon Rd, Singapore 508529 

Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 10:00am to 11:00pm, Saturday and Sunday: 8:30am to 11:00pm


And there you have it: an ultimate guide of fun activities for kids in and around Singapore Changi Airport. For families looking for some bonding time with kids in the midst of a pandemic (without the hassle of overseas travelling), go forth and have fun within the Changi Precinct! 


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