As a tropical island, Singapore is warm and humid all year round. At the same time, it also enjoys plenty of wind, which is great for various kinds of activities near or on the sea. That is why even though it is not a typical sports choice, you will still find enthusiasts in the city indulging in windsurfing and kitesurfing. 

In Singapore, windsurfers and kitesurfers mainly gather and practise near East Coast Park and Changi Beach. The east not only offers a larger ground to accommodate the sailing boards and other large gear but also comes with better wind conditions. 

Whether you are an expert at all things water sports-related or thinking of trying windsurfing or kitesurfing for the first time, here are four spots in the east of Singapore that you can go to and chase the wind.

For windsurfing

1. Constant Wind Sea Sports Centre

This is an all-in-one sea sports centre that provides training and equipment needed for sailing, windsurfing, and stand-up paddle. It’s nested in a tranquil site along Changi Coast Walk. 

Over here, a basic windsurfing course consists of four three-hour long sessions, at the price of S$420 per person. At the end of which, participants will learn and apply sailing rules, rope and knot techniques, confident manoeuvring on water, and sail independently. 

For experienced windsurfers, Constant Wind also offers a range of one-time ‘Discovery’ outings and intermediate and advanced level windsurfing courses. 

You can also rent equipment from Constant Wind at prices ranging from S$32 per hour for beginners to S$110 for three hours for advanced surfers on weekends. In addition to a sailing school, Constant Wind operates a pro-shop that sells gear and tools, and accessories like sunglasses and watches to cater to the needs of different windsurfers.


11 Changi Coast Walk, Singapore 499740

How to get there:
There is a shuttle bus service departing from Tanah Merah MRT station throughout the day. You may visit its official site for more information. 

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday — 9:30am to 5:45pm

2. Aloha Sea Sports Centre (near Bedok Jetty)

Inheriting the spirit of East Coast Sailing Centre, the former largest surfing club in Singapore, the Aloha Sea Sports Centre finds great meaning in bringing back the passion and vibrancy amongst windsurfing enthusiasts. Today, it remains the go-to place near Bedok Jetty for sea sports lovers. 

Aloha offers a range of windsurfing courses. An introductory class is available for S$200 per person for a two-hour session. It teaches participants how to windsurf in light wind conditions. You’ll need to be at least 16 years old and be able to swim at least 50m with buoyancy aid to enrol in the course. 

Meanwhile, experienced windsurfers can also get themselves certified at Aloha. This certification course (S$280) is four hours long. Participants will be taught the pathway to different types of windsurfing, as well as sea safety and preparations. A theory and a practical test will also have to be taken before a Windsurfing Level 1 Proficiency Card is awarded. 

Besides the sailing school, Aloha also operates a shop and a little beach bar & cafe. Perfect for chilling out after working those muscles.


1212 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449886 

How to get there:  
Bus: Service 196. Alight at Eastern Lagoon II and take a 14-minute walk towards East Coast Park Area E Carpark E2. Aloha is located beside the Lagoon Hawker Centre. 

Operating hours:
Monday to Friday — 10:00am to 6:00pm                               
Saturday to Sunday and Public Holidays — 9:00am to 6:00pm

For kitesurfing

Kitesurfers are required to register themselves with the Kitesurfing Association of Singapore (KAS), an affiliate of the national Singapore Sailing Federation (SSF), before they can take part in this extreme sport.

3. Changi Beach

To take advantage of the strong winds that the monsoon season brings between December to early March, head on over to Changi Beach for some kitesurfing. 

Besides being one of the best outdoor spots to have a date or simply hang out, Changi Beach Park is one of the few designated kitesurfing areas in Singapore, and only KAS members with member tags attached to their harnesses are allowed to kitesurf in the area. The permit to kitesurf also needs to be renewed annually. 

As no one is allowed to kitesurf within 5km of an airport/airbase, a safety officer needs to be present on shore and contactable for the duration of the kitesurfing session. There is also a designated kiting area marked by signages on the beach and markers in the sea to ensure that kiters stay within the boundaries. It is recommended to check with the KAS on the latest status of kitesurfing there.


Changi Coast Rd

How to get there:
Changi Beach Carpark 6 is accessible via Nicoll Drive from the north or Changi Coast Road from the south.

4. Tanah Merah Coast Road

kitesurfing in singapore tanah merah coast road kitesurfing in singapore tanah merah coast road

It was not until the late 90s that kitesurfing became popular in Singapore. As such, there are only so many spots to go kitesurfing, with one of them being located at Tanah Merah Coast Road.

This is probably the most secluded site for kitesurfing in Singapore. The designated area is marked by the buoys in the sea and is located near Changi Naval Base. Hence, do not be surprised if you meet guard patrols in the area who will not hesitate to take action for trespassing.


Tanah Merah Road

How to get there:
If you are coming from East Coast Park, please look out for lamp post 490. You can enter through the road on the right side of the power station.


Looking for options to enjoy the thrilling chase of the wind and sea? For a weekend of fun and excitement, you can absolutely find it in the east! With a cert or two under your belt, your beach outings are going to get more exciting.


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