These are unprecedented times. Before the pandemic, it would be hard to imagine a time when travelling is not encouraged, schools are closed and many people have to work from home. But this is the new norm and for parents, the impact is even more significant with the need to juggle work commitments and parenting, among other roles. To help you entertain the kids during this period, Changi Airport has developed a series of activity books made just for them! So, let the kiddos have a go if you are trying to get some work done or even better, take a break and spend some quality time to bond as a family.

Colouring activities and more for the young kiddos (3-5 years old)

A black and white colouring activity featuring flowers and butterflies from Changi’s Butterfly Garden

How many colours does a butterfly have? As many as your kids would want!

A black and white butterfly perched on a bed of pink flowers

Not sure where to start? Be inspired by the 1,000 butterflies in the Butterfly Garden!

If you have travelled through Changi before with the kids, the airport’s thematic gardens should be a familiar sight. In the activity book, you will find printable colouring sheets featuring some of the most beautiful gardens at Changi, such as the Butterfly Garden, Sunflower Garden and Cactus Garden. There are also fun facts about the gardens, so while the kids are at it, you can help them to develop their knowledge about plants and horticulture. Take this opportunity to hone their motor skills and let them wow you with their creativity! For the slightly older ones, teach them about what they can or cannot bring on board a flight by spotting an unusual item in a piece of suitcase. Perhaps you can learn a thing or two with this activity as well!

Download Activity Book 1 here and Book 2 here.

Puzzles and more while learning about how Changi Airport is run (5-10 years old)

A digital representation of the baggage carousel featured in the activity book

Teach the kids about the airport’s baggage handling process by arranging bags according to the check-in sequence!

A top-down shot of the baggage belt at Terminal 3

Did you know that the average time for a piece of luggage to reach the baggage belt is about 12 minutes?

There’s something for the older kids too with four activities in this category. For kids between five to seven years old, they can try their hand at matching the jobs at Changi to different roles and even design their own suitcase by cutting and folding a piece of suitcase from paper and decorating it with the sticker cut-outs provided! While it is not clear how soon travelling can resume, the kids can still dream about where they would love to travel to next, and ‘pack’ their suitcase with items they would like to bring on the trip. For kids between seven to ten years old, choose from a Changi-themed crossword puzzle to get clued in on interesting things about the aircraft and Changi Airport, or learn more about the baggage handling process by arranging bags according to the check-in sequence. By the end of it, you and the kids will know more about Changi than you ever thought possible!

Download Activity Book 1 here and Book 2 here.

Some crafty fun for the whole family

A Singapore Airlines A380 parked at the parking bay against the sunset

Ever want to build a (paper) plane? Now you can with a simple guide!

It may be some time before you can hear the aircraft engines roar to life as it accelerates on the runway. Until then, perhaps you will need some ideas to satisfy your wanderlust without leaving the house. How about building a plane made from a cereal box? Enjoy this activity as a family, you can help to prepare the materials and let the kids chip in by putting it together and decorating it to make it your own. At the same time, it’s a great opportunity to learn about the different parts of an aircraft and its uses!

Download Activity Book 1 here and Book 2 here.


While times have changed, it shouldn’t dampen your spirits or passion for travel and adventure. Take this opportunity to spend quality time as a family and dream about your travels for when this is over. More activity books will be released in subsequent weeks, so do check back on Changi Airport’s website for more Changi-themed activities for your kids!


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