Changi Airport is renowned for the plethora of shopping and dining offerings across its four terminals, spanning both public and transit areas, as well as in Jewel Changi Airport – an iconic multi-dimensional lifestyle destination. Despite the common perception that indulging in the best that the airport has to offer might drian your wallet, think again. Changi Airport unveils a treasure trove of affordable experiences just waiting for you to explore.

Read on to discover how you can embark on an exciting day of fun at the world’s best airport for under S$20!

1. Experience serenity at Jewel Changi Airport

Find the perfect photo spot around the HSBC Rain Vortex for that Instagram-worthy shot!

Kickstart your day at Jewel, where you can experience nature and wonder all within the airport. Marvel at the stunning HSBC Rain Vortex, the world’s tallest indoor waterfall at 40m high, and soak in the forest vibes with the lush greenery of the Shiseido Forest Valley.

These make for the perfect scenic backdrop for your morning stroll and your #OOTD, all for free! 

Pro-Tip: Catch water cascading down the HSBC Rain Vortex with less crowd in the morning when it starts operating from 11:00am (Monday to Thursday) and 10:00am (Friday to Sunday and Public Holidays).

2. Explore the wonders of Jewel’s Canopy Park

The Petal Garden in the Canopy Park has blooms all year round, delighting visitors from around the world.

After a refreshing morning stroll, indulge in the wonders of the Canopy Park – an urban oasis that offers a blend of nature and recreation high above the Forest Valley. 

Embark on a captivating adventure with thrilling rides down the Discovery Slides, a leisurely walk through the artistic Topiary Walk, and a serene moment in the blooming Petal Garden. It’s not just a walk in the park, but a realm of wonders tailored for your enjoyment.

Find your way through the Hedge Maze and be rewarded with a magnificent view at the viewing tower at the end of the maze.

Continue your adventure by traversing the lush foliage of the Hedge Maze, nestled in the heart of Jewel. Lose yourself in a world of greenery and intrigue as you navigate through the twisting pathways, with surprises greeting you around every corner. Expect to also be rewarded with the panoramic views of the maze’s leafy playscapes once you reach the heart of the maze with a viewing tower.

Tickets to the Hedge Maze start from S$10.70 and include admission to the Canopy Park, which is inclusive of entry to attractions like Discovery Slides, Foggy Bowls, Topiary Walk, and Petal Garden. Other attractions come at a separate charge.

Location: Canopy Park (Jewel L5)

Price of Hedge Maze (With Canopy Park): Prices for Changi App users start from S$10.70 (Adult) | S$8.00 (Child) * (Standard rates start from S$13.90 (Adult) | S$11.90 (Children)

Operating Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm (Monday to Thursday) | 10:00am to 11:00pm (Friday to Sunday, eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday)

Book your tickets to attractions in Jewel, Changi Experience Studio, and more, on the Changi App.

Pro Tip: To skip the queues, pre-book your tickets on the Changi App for a hassle-free and seamless experience. 

Enjoy seamless payment with Changi Pay, which allows you to earn Changi Rewards points with a single click. Rack up enough points and you can redeem them for exciting rewards such as Changi Pay e-Vouchers, free parking and much more for your next visit!

*Preferential rates are only applicable for Changi App users. Standard rates apply for non-users.

3. Feast on affordable lunch fare

As the morning unfolds into a delightful adventure, satisfy your appetite with a budget-friendly lunch within the airport terminals, where an array of local and international delights awaits you. 

Elevate your dining experience with exclusive promos and savings at these restaurants . Indulge in exclusive dining deals with Chope, where you can get to enjoy up to 50% discount off selected offerings at spots like Curry Times, Jollibean and more!

Our top picks: 

Pro Tip: Skip the queues at restaurants and reserve your seats directly on the Changi App with a single click. Reservations are only available for a list of specially curated restaurants and eateries.

4. Explore new digital installations at Terminal 2

Dive into a captivating experience with digital installations at Terminal 2, where nature seamlessly meets modernity.

wonderfall terminal 2 changi airport wonderfall terminal 2 changi airport

Escape the hustle and bustle and find a moment of zen amidst the cascading waters of the Wonderfall.

First, The Wonderfall - a digital waterfall at the Departure Hall - has become a landmark in the terminal. This breathtaking digital waterfall cascades among lush green walls to create a mesmerising and immersive visual experience for its spectators.

flap pix terminal 2 changi airport flap pix terminal 2 changi airport

Strike a pose and watch yourself become part of a unique masterpiece!

Next, discover the reimagined Changi icon – Flap Pix. The iconic flight information display boards that were once used in Terminal 2 are repurposed into an interactive art installation. 

Enjoy a memorable photo opportunity with the installation, where you can generate a personalised silhouette shown on the Flap Pix, simply by taking a photo at the installation - take this chance to snap an aesthetic picture for your social media feed!

kinetic rain terminal 1 changi airport kinetic rain terminal 1 changi airport

Don't miss the captivating Kinetic Rain, this unique art installation is a must-see for anyone.

Lastly, after immersing yourself in the artistic wonders of Terminal 2, make your way to Terminal 1 to witness another captivating spectacle – the Kinetic Rain. Prepare to be awed by an enchanting display, where over a thousand individually controlled ‘raindrops’ gracefully dance in synchronised motion. Take a moment to pause and appreciate the beauty of this harmonious choreography, as the Kinetic Rain drops transform the terminal into a captivating space.

Pro Tip: Head over to the “Latest Happenings” section on Changi App to discover new and exciting things to do in Changi Airport and Jewel, including the latest events, promotions and activities.

5. Catch movies and live performances for free at ST3PS in Terminal 3

st3ps terminal 3 basement 2 changi airport st3ps terminal 3 basement 2 changi airport

Movie buff on a budget? ST3PS in Terminal 3 for your covered with its free movie screenings and live shows.

Enjoy entertainment all day long at ST3PS located at Basement 1 & 2 of Terminal 3 with movie screenings, live football matches screenings and live performances. Open from 10:00am to 10:00pm daily, it provides passengers and visitors with entertainment, activities and performances – perfect if you’re looking for somewhere to take a breather before your flight, or if you want to enjoy some free entertainment.

If you’re feeling energetic, you can participate in free Yoga workouts to invigorate your senses every Thursday and Friday.

Find out more about the schedules for free movies, live entertainment and workout activities here.

Download the Changi App – your best companion in Changi Airport

changi app changi airport changi app changi airport

Level up your Changi Airport experience with the Changi App. From navigating the terminals to finding hidden gems, the Changi App is your one-stop guide for a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Ready to further elevate your Changi experience? For a more seamless and fuss-free experience in your day of adventures, download the all-in-one app Changi App to book ahead and skip the queues. 

Book your activities directly on the app to discover activities, unlock perks and redeem discounted passes. Simply scroll to the “Explore Changi” section on the “Explore” tab and search for your attraction of choice. 

Beat the queues and dine in comfort by making reservations ahead of time on the Changi App now! Simply click on the “Dine & Shop” menu on the navigation bar, select the “Reservations” filter and browse the list of selected restaurants. You can also get to enjoy exclusive Chope deals when you dine at Changi Airport & Jewel, with discounts of up to 50%!


Who said you can’t enjoy Changi Airport on a budget? For just S$20, you can immerse yourself in a day filled with fun and relaxation. From the vibrant digital installations to the enchanting Jewel attractions, Changi Airport can be your affordable playground with your loved ones and family. So, pack your sense of adventure and make the most of this unique day out. Happy exploring!


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