Calling all plant parents, botany lovers and anyone with a soft spot for stunning blooms – floral festival Jewel Blooms is returning to Jewel Changi Airport from today till 11 August.

Imagine stepping into a floral wonderland of towering sunflowers, playful flytraps (don't worry, they don't bite!), and a romantic haven of butterflies fluttering amid delicate blooms. It's a feast for the senses and the perfect Insta-worthy moment. There are also floral-themed activities to cultivate your love for plants, support local businesses, and perhaps even bud a new friendship with a fellow plant enthusiast.  

Here’s how you can have a blooming good time at Jewel!

1. A floral escape for the senses with interactive floral displays (24 May to 11 August)

jewel blooms 2024 foggy bowls jewel changi airport jewel blooms 2024 foggy bowls jewel changi airport

Step into floral fantasy and explore six key floral installations throughout Canopy Park. Image credit: Jewel Changi Airport

Canopy Park is exploding with colour!

Over 15,000 blooms, meticulously chosen to evoke a range of emotions from happiness and peace to love and adventurous discovery, are blossoming for your viewing pleasure. We're talking eye-catching displays that go beyond static beauty.  Expect to see interactive elements that let you engage with the flowers, sweet-smelling surprises that will have you sniffing out the source (in a good way!), and calming melodies that set the mood for an enveloping experience.

jewel blooms 2024 hedge maze jewel changi airport jewel blooms 2024 hedge maze jewel changi airport

These cheery sunflowers will brighten up your day! Image credit: Jewel Changi Airport

Begin your multi-sensory floral trail at Hedge Maze: A Maze of Sunshine. Navigate a sea of over 3,000 cheerful blooms, where their happy faces turn every corner into a joyful surprise. Will you find the exit, or get lost in this sunshine-filled adventure?

Step into a mesmerising kaleidoscope of colours at Mirror Maze: Tranquil Blossoms, draped in a dreamy floral waterfall of 1,000 cascading wisteria blooms.

jewel blooms 2024 topiary walk jewel changi airport jewel blooms 2024 topiary walk jewel changi airport

Go on a little rustic adventure at Topiary Walk and pretend to be on an expedition. Image credit: Jewel Changi Airport

Topiary Walk: Bloomventure is no longer just a walk in the park. Look out for an abandoned jeep that whispers tales of past expeditions and giant animatronic Venus flytraps lurking among the greenery.

jewel blooms 2024 foggy bowls jewel changi airport jewel blooms 2024 foggy bowls jewel changi airport

Love fills the air at Foggy Bowls with dreamy butterflies and lighted flowers. Image credit: Jewel Changi Airport

Prepare to be swept off your feet at Foggy Bowls: Blooming in Love, a scene straight out of a romantic movie. Create unforgettable memories with your special someone against a backdrop of 80 lighted flowers dancing in a gentle mist and moving kinetic butterflies.

jewel blooms 2024 source pool jewel changi airport jewel blooms 2024 source pool jewel changi airport

Find tranquility at the Source Pool with life-like goldfish displays. Image credit: Jewel Changi Airport

Then, dive into a world of serenity at Source Pool: Swimming in Harmony, featuring nine larger-than-life goldfish ‘swimming' among live water plants in a misty pond. The calming sounds of water and the gentle sway of the plants create a peaceful oasis.

While you’re at Jewel, head to Basement 1 Atrium to check out the floral creations on display by young budding florists who took part in the Youth Floral Cup. They will be up from 25 to 29 May.

Location: Jewel, Canopy Park
Opening hours: From 24 May to 11 August. Monday to Thursday - 10:00am to 9:00pm, Friday to Sunday, Eve of Public Holiday and Public Holiday - 10:00am to 10:00pm
Admission prices:

  • Canopy Park - Standard rate: S$11; Singapore Residents: S$9.
  • Bundle Deal 1 (includes access to Canopy Park, Mastercard® Canopy Bridge, Hedge Maze, Mirror Maze and Walking Net) – Adult: S$39; Child: S$29.

Buy your tickets here.

2. See large-scale floral artwork by Japanese artist Megumi Shinozaki

jewel blooms 2024 petal gardenl jewel changi airport jewel blooms 2024 petal gardenl jewel changi airport

Witness a superbloom at Jewel at this special large-scale floral artwork in collaboration with Japanese artist Megumi Shinozaki. Image credit: Jewel Changi Airport

In a special collaboration with renowned contemporary floral artist from Tokyo, Megumi Shinozaki, Petal Garden: Super Blooms by Megumi Shinozaki takes inspirations from the epic superbloom phenomenon. A superbloom is a rare event that occurs in deserts after an unusually rainy season. During a superbloom, wildflowers that have been dormant for years erupt in a massive burst of colour, transforming the barren landscape into a vibrant sea of flowers. Megumi’s inspiration for this artwork is the superbloom from Carrizo Plain, California.

Using hybrid starchis (a type of double-flowering cherry blossom variety) and preserved hydrangeas specially flown in from Japan, Megumi recreates the vibrant, wild beauty of a superbloom in Jewel. The mix of fresh and preserved flowers are arranged on two large structures that resemble mountains, measuring up to 2.8 metres in height.

This is the first time Megumi is displaying her work in Southeast Asia, and this is also the largest installation at Jewel Blooms!

Jewel, Canopy Park, Petal Garden

3. Shop for plants and interesting trinkets at the Jewel Blooms Marketplace (31 May to 9 June)

Forget the sprawling, crowded flea markets – this is a cosy marketplace filled with 13 curated vendors; a treasure trove brimming with hidden gems for your home.

Are you a proud plant parent, or perhaps yearning to start your own urban jungle? Shop for fresh plants and blooms that will brighten your day, and a variety of potted beauties waiting to become your new leafy companions. Plus, you'll find a delightful array of pots and figurines that add a touch of whimsy to your green space.

But this marketplace isn't just about flora. You’ll find adorable hand-crafted crochet products from crochet flowers to cuddly crochet toys and even stylish crochet bags. There are also a variety of handmade accessories like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories, tote bags and pouches, all to elevate your everyday look, and a selection of lifestyle goods.

Whether you're searching for a unique gift or a little something special for yourself, the Jewel Blooms Marketplace has you covered.

Jewel, Basement 1 Atrium
Opening hours: Opens daily from 31 May to 9 June, 10:00am to 10:00pm


4. Swap, share, and connect with fellow plant lovers at Jewel Plant Swap (1 June)

Mark your calendar for the Jewel Plant Swap, taking place on 1 June for 1 day only. It’s a great opportunity expand your plant family and connect with the local green community. Share propagation tips, swap stories about your plants, and maybe even find a new plant bestie!

This event filled up fast last year, and with good reason. With limited slots available, it's best to secure your spot now. Follow the Jewel Plant Swap Facebook page to secure tickets for the event.

Jewel, Level 2 South Gateway Garden

5. School’s out? Sprout some fun at Changi Experience Studio with its holiday camp (1 to 22 June)

changi experience studio june school holiday camp 2024 changi experience studio june school holiday camp 2024

This sold-out overnight holiday camp by Changi Experience Studio is back with a brand-new garden theme!

If you’re a parent, here’s something for you!

Dreading another round of "same-old, same-old" activities this June school holiday?  Look no further than Changi Experience Studio’s Enchanted Night at the Airport camp – it's back and blooming with a brand-new garden theme. It's a chance to reconnect with your little explorers and discover a whole new side to Changi Airport – one that's bursting with greenery and fascinating facts!

floral resin craft workshop changi experience studio floral resin craft workshop changi experience studio

Get crafty and create your very own floral resin masterpiece.

floral resin coasters changi experience studio floral resin coasters changi experience studio

Using flowers and leaves found in the airport, you'll bring home a unique souvenir.

The "Be an Airport Horticulturist" quest transforms you and your kids into a team of junior botanists as you unearth hidden secrets about the lush flora that thrives within the airport. After that, create one-of-a-kind botanical keepsakes – paperweights or coasters adorned with real airport flowers and plants.

But wait, there's more! Get to explore the digital attraction that is Changi Experience Studio, where you’ll find interactive games, fascinating content stations, and immersive shows that'll ignite the imaginations of both young and old. Think cutting-edge technology meets aviation fun.

Then as night falls, retreat into your tents at a whimsical garden (minus the creepy crawlies). As part of the programme, you’re also entitled tickets to Jewel Blooms, where you can create more memories with your little ones.

Camp dates:
Runs every Friday and Saturday from 1 June to 22 June (programme starts at 2:30pm to 8:00am the following day)
Price: S$98 (Adult), S$128 (Child, recommended for 5 years old and above). Also includes Changi Scent Inspired Organic White Tea (per adult) and free parking coupon (per family). Book here.

So, head down to Jewel Changi Airport this June for Jewel Blooms. Get lost in the dazzling floral wonderland, and capture many perfect Instagram-worthy moment with your loved ones! 

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