Do you have a few hours of transit time at Changi Airport and wish to visit Jewel? Or are you thinking of visiting Jewel before your flight? Here’s all you need to know to have a pleasant and stress-free visit to Jewel.

The first thing you need to know is that Jewel is located in the public area of the airport and is connected directly to the Arrival Hall of Terminal 1. It is also conveniently linked to Terminals 2 and 3 by air-conditioned link bridges. To access Jewel from Terminal 4, a free 24-hour airport shuttle bus service plies between Terminal 4 and Terminal 2.

For passengers departing from Singapore:

Explore Jewel before your flight

For Singaporeans who would like to visit Jewel before going on your holiday and for visitors of Singapore on your way to your next destination - there is a suite of airport facilities available at Jewel for early check-in and baggage storage before your departing flight. With check-in procedures and the hassle of lugging your baggage out of the way, you will be able to better enjoy the attractions and more than 280 retail and food-and-beverage outlets in Jewel. Some of the eateries are open 24 hours too!

Early check-in at Jewel

Early check-in facade in Jewel Changi Airport

You will be able to spot the early check-in facilities in Jewel easily, which is conveniently located on Level 1.

Automated FAST check-in kiosks at early check-in facility, Jewel Changi Airport

Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) self-service kiosks available for you to check in your baggage and obtain your boarding passes.

Early check-in at Jewel is available for more than 20 airlines and the service is available from three hours to up to 24 hours before your flight’s departure. The full list of airlines and services offered can be found here.

Baggage storage and GST refund at Jewel

Baggage storage service in Jewel Changi Airport

To ease you off your baggage load while exploring Jewel, you may deposit your bags at Jewel’s baggage storage facility.

Located just beside the early check-in counters on Level 1 of Jewel are the baggage storage and Goods & Services Tax (GST) refund counters, providing you with a one-stop service for  your pre-flight needs. The baggage storage counters are open 24 hours daily, and is a payable service for you to leave your bags and explore Jewel baggage-free. Storage fees start from S$5 for 24-hours.

You may claim your GST refund from the Electronic Tourist Refund Scheme kiosks located at the GST refund counters for an automated process.

GST refund in Jewel Changi Airport

GST refund is now a seamless process with these self-service kiosks available right beside the baggage storage counters.

For transit passengers:

Experience the awe of Jewel when you transit through Changi

For transit passengers with a layover at Changi Airport, if you wish to explore Jewel before your connecting flight, here are some things you should take note of before your visit.

To head to Jewel, there is signage at all terminals that guide you. You may also approach our friendly Changi Experience Agents who will be able to assist you in navigating the way and to provide any information that you may need.

Plan for sufficient time

For an enjoyable and stress-free visit to Jewel during your layover at Changi Airport, we recommend that you have at least five hours in between your flights. As Jewel is located in the public area of the airport, you would have to proceed to immigration clearance to exit the transit area before visiting.

Do cater sufficient time for traveling between the terminals and Jewel, as well as time required for immigration clearance to enter the transit area for your connecting flight, to avoid rushing to your boarding gate.

Make sure you have valid travel documents

As immigration clearance is required for you to exit the transit area to visit Jewel, make sure that you have your valid travel documents, permits and entry visas (if applicable) ready.

Enjoy a splendid view of Jewel from the skytrain that runs between T2 and T3

Skytrain on the track that runs across Jewel Changi Airport

The Skytrain track runs across Jewel, providing passengers with a spectacular view of the Forest Valley and Rain Vortex.

If you have a limited layover time in between your flights, you can still catch a glimpse of Jewel without exiting the transit area. Here’s how: Take the Skytrain that runs between Terminal 3 (Transit Area Station B) and Terminal 2 (Transit Area Station E). The Skytrain passes through Jewel, and you will be able to have a magnificent view of the Forest Valley and Rain Vortex.

Bonus tips!

Bring a bag to store all your shopping loot

Remember to save a cabin or duffel bag with you during your visit, as it will be useful to consolidate all your items from shopping at Jewel. With a single bag, you are likely to have a smoother travel and more hassle-free security screening experience.

Relax in a hotel in Jewel

A guest room in YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport

Stay to enjoy the hospitality and facilities in Asia's first YOTELAIR

If you have a longer layover or are considering a stopover in Singapore, Jewel has its own 130-room YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport hotel. You may book the rooms for a four-hour block and additional two-hour blocks thereafter. With flexible booking hours, it is perfect for you to take a rest before your next flight.

Watch our video on YOTELAIR below, to have a better look at its facilities.

Flight details on your finger tips

Information boards with flight details in Jewel Changi Airport

You can check for your flight information conveniently at these interactive information boards in Jewel Changi Airport

Keep up to date with your boarding details on the interactive information boards all around Jewel, which provide flight information along with the shopping and dining directory. Just scan your boarding pass to see the status of your flight and how to get to the terminal.  Alternatively, you may also check your flight information on our website.