We all know that feeling of spending a few hours at the airport waiting longingly for your flight. But what if we told you that Changi Airport offers more than just your typical airport experience? Start your airport adventure from 3 hours up to 24 hours in advance by using Jewel Changi Airport's Early Check-in facility. Just double-check with your airline to see if they offer this service. 

Now, if you're on the hunt for unique dining and shopping experiences that are exclusive to Changi, keep reading! We've put together a list of all the places you won’t want to miss before your next flight.

1. Dine in a nature-inspired environment

eat at quick bites changi terminal 1 eat at quick bites changi terminal 1

Take your pick from a variety of local dishes offered at Changi Terminal 1’s Quick Bites. If you’re unsure of which store to patronise, get a small bite from all!

Indulge in a delightful culinary experience surrounded by lush greenery at Terminal 1’s Quick Bites area. Whether you're yearning for a plate of mouthwatering Kaya Toast, a bowl of satisfying Wanton Mee, or a steaming hot bowl of Laksa, this place has got you covered with a variety of local food options. Step into Singapore Changi Airport’s latest nature-themed oasis where you'll find yourself dining amidst fig trees, whimsical topiary spheres crafted from air plants, and cascading mosses hanging from the lofty ceiling. The wooden structures overhead makes you feel like you are dining in a gigantic greenhouse, but in air-conditioned comfort.

mango tree kitchen changi airport terminal 1 mango tree kitchen changi airport terminal 1

Mango Tree Kitchen is part of a dual-concept café operating alongside Archipelago Bar, so you can grab a pint of beer to go along with your Pad Thai.

One of the newer stores in this area – Mango Tree Kitchen – serves up delicious Thai cuisine, curbing that tom yum craving that you might be having between your flights! 

Pro-tip: If you need to charge your electronic devices before your flight, take a seat at one of the convenient high tables that come with sockets! 

Location: Quick Bites, Changi Airport Terminal 1 Departure Transit West

2. Visit the world's largest Bacha Coffee store

bacha coffee singapore at changi terminal 3 bacha coffee singapore at changi terminal 3

Being the largest Bacha Coffee store globally, set aside some time so you can browse through all the coffee options that they have to offer!

bacha coffee croissant singapore changi airport terminal 3 bacha coffee croissant singapore changi airport terminal 3

Fuel up before your flight with pastries and croissants from Bacha Coffee at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3!

Head on over to the largest Bacha Coffee outlet in the world, located in the transit area of Terminal 3.  Marvel at the glamorous Moroccan-inspired aesthetics, and at the 11-metre-tall wall studded with coffee canisters of a plethora of origins. There is even hand-painted stained glass on the ceiling!

Apart from grabbing a cup of freshly brewed coffee accompanied by its chantilly cream, don’t leave without one of its famous croissants. Try out the Kaya croissant to get a taste of Singapore before jetting off to your next destination.

It is also a great place to shop for gifts for friends or family. Offering over 200 types of coffee, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out a gift for your loved ones.

Location: Bacha Coffee, Changi Airport Terminal 3 Transit area

3. Get a personalised alcoholic drink served by a robot bartender

robot bartender at changi airport terminal 1 lotte duty free robot bartender at changi airport terminal 1 lotte duty free

Cognac for you? If you are unsure which type of cognac is the one for you, don’t worry! Our robotic bartender will help you figure it out.

If you are a fan of whiskey or anything alcoholic, Changi has got just the thing for you! Venture over to Terminal 1’s Martell Boutique for personalised recommendations and exclusive alcohol tasting experiences galore.

Start your journey at the interactive Martell Untouchable Taste tool and discover the cognac that perfectly matches your unique taste profile. Have a drink on us and prepare to be amazed – you might even discover your next favourite tipple!

martell untouchable taste cognac changi airport terminal 1 lotte duty free martell untouchable taste cognac changi airport terminal 1 lotte duty free

Use the Martell Untouchable Taste tool and get treated to a cognac that is suited to your tastebuds.

By using hand gestures to answer a series of questions, you'll receive personalised tasting recommendations based on your preferred taste nodes and how you are feeling that day! And here's the best part: head over to the bar and see the robotic bartender springing into action, swiftly preparing your selected drink just for you! It's a true blend of innovation and indulgence. Just remember, to enjoy this incredible experience and claim your complimentary drink, make sure you have the Changi App at your fingertips.

Location: Lotte Duty Free, Changi Airport Terminal 1 Departure Transit Central

4. Lounge at the newly revamped Terminal 1 Central Piazza

changi airport terminal 1 new central piazza seats changi airport terminal 1 new central piazza seats

Grab a seat in Changi Airport’s Terminal 1 Central Piazza to recharge yourself before the next leg of your journey. Admire the greenery surrounding you and give yourself a break!

While waiting for your flight, kick back, relax, and soak up the good vibes at the newly revamped Terminal 1 Central Piazza. As you step into this enchanting space, be mesmerised by the stunning display of lights that line across the tall ceiling of the departure hall. Pillars are adorned with lush greenery and the sprawling water feature will transport you to a serene oasis.

changi airport terminal 1 departure transit changi airport terminal 1 departure transit

If you have little ones, or are a big fan of fishes, try and spot the different species of fish that we house in our terminals.

Take a moment to admire the little schools of fishes gracefully swimming in the pond, and if you are lucky, you might even spot Singapore Changi Airport’s Horticulture team feeding the fishes during their feeding time! The garden is dotted with plenty of seats where you can recharge both your body and your devices, thanks to the handy charging sockets available. From here, you can easily spot some of your favourite stores and boutiques, including The Shilla Duty Free, Lotte Duty Free, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, and Tiffany & Co. So, whether you're in the mood for some retail therapy or simply want to find a peaceful corner to unwind, this rejuvenated haven is your go-to spot. 

Location: Changi Airport Terminal 1 Departure Transit, Central Piazza

5. Grab a cup of Joe from a robot barista

robot barista changi airport terminal 2 and 3 robot barista changi airport terminal 2 and 3

Order a cup of coffee via your mobile phone and watch Ella the robot barista in action! There are Ella robots in both Terminals 2 and 3.

Need a quick caffeine fix before your flight? Ella, Singapore's first robot barista is ready to serve you an array of delightful drinks with a touch of artistry! From expertly crafted artisanal coffee to rich and comforting tea and even indulgent chocolate beverages, Ella has got it all covered. And guess what? You can order your favourite drink any time of the day, 24/7, through the convenient Ella App or at the coffee kiosk! 

For those who prefer tea-based delights, Ella can whip up tantalising tea lattes and even adorable babycinos for the little ones. Oh, and here's a Changi Exclusive you wouldn’t want to miss: Ella has a Changi exclusive drink called Pandan Tea Latte, a unique blend that you won't find anywhere else. Plus, from now until the end of 2023, you can enjoy 50% off your first cup of drink from Ella! 

Location: Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure Transit, Near B Gates

6. Pamper yourself at the Shilla Beauty Loft

changi airport terminal 3 shilla duty free beauty loft changi airport terminal 3 shilla duty free beauty loft

While there are Shilla Duty Free stores in all Singapore Changi Airport terminals, the one in Terminal 3 is the only one that houses Shilla Beauty Loft for you to pamper yourself.

If you love duty-free shopping and all things makeup or skincare, Shilla duty free is the perfect place for you. On the first floor, find an extensive mix of skincare and makeup products all in one place, plus travel exclusives and bundle sets from your favourite brands. While the second floor houses the Shilla Beauty Loft. 

Only found in Terminal 3’s Shilla outlet, it features 3 luxury brands – Chanel, Dior Beauty House and Luxury Skincare Bar by La Prairie. The boutiques even offer several exclusive services so you can truly indulge yourself before your flight. Get a signature fragrance consultation at Dior Beauty House to find a perfume scent that you’ll adore or embark on a skin discovery journey through a makeup and skincare consultation at La Prairie. If you are looking to pamper yourself, there are also express facials, hand massages and a pre-flight makeover.

Psst, make sure to use our 5 pro tips for shopping smart to get the most value out of your Changi shopping spree!

Location: Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure Transit, Central Piazza

7. Keep a lookout for Changi 1st Pop-ups

shopping at luxury pop ups in singapore changi airport shopping at luxury pop ups in singapore changi airport

One of the many Changi 1st Pop-ups we have throughout the year. These pop-ups change frequently, so expect to find something new every time you are here!

Changi 1st is your gateway to exclusive launches and flash sales from a variety of global brands. Get your hands on the latest, highly-coveted luxury products ahead of everyone else. The added convenience of getting it right before your flight makes it a whole lot better.

With pop-ups from luxury alcohol brands like Johnnie Walker and The Macallan, to luxury makeup and fragrance brands such as Jo Malone and Prada, you might want to check-in even earlier the next time you are flying from Changi. Be sure to check our Changi 1st webpage before your flight to see what pop-ups are currently happening!


With all these experiences, you are ready to pre-holiday before your holiday in Changi! Don’t forget to tag us @ChangiAirport on socials if you are sharing your experiences!


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