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Here in Singapore, not all of us are blessed with the luxury of having a backyard. While we could always head out to the nearest shopping district to stretch our legs and clock in a couple of steps, Fido isn’t as lucky. 

Thankfully, Singapore is a garden city brimming with greenery and with it, plenty of nature spots and hiking trails. In this article, we compiled a list of dog-friendly hiking trails and dog runs in Singapore you can bring your furry companions to make their day!

1. Jurong Lake Gardens

 dog trail in jurong lake gardens  dog trail in jurong lake gardens

More than a people’s garden, Jurong Lake Gardens is a paradise of greenery for you and furry friends.

One of the newest additions to the list of dog-friendly trails: Jurong Lake Gardens. Ever since the area’s major makeover in 2019, the garden has seen a constant stream of visitors — both four-legged and two-legged — to its spaces.

The country’s largest national garden (spanning a whopping 90ha or more than 128 football fields) will prove to be quite a workout for the two of you, even if it seems as though Fido might never run out of energy. 

Should the furball still have extra energy to burn, there’s a 2,2000sqm grass field dog run within the park where they can roam free, off the leash. Surrounded by hills to explore and tonnes of furry friends, we reckon you’d have a hard time convincing them to leave. 

Getting there:
Both the north and south entrances of Jurong Lake Gardens are accessible via Yuan Ching Road. Turn in at Chinese Gardens Road for the former and Japanese Gardens Road for the latter. The dog park is closer to the South carpark.

2. West Coast Park

It is impossible to mention dog runs and trails without mentioning West Coast Park, home to one of the largest and most popular dog runs in Singapore.

West Coast Park has sheltered tables and benches for pawrents to seek shade while their furballs run free. In addition, the dog run also comes with a dog washing booth, which includes doggy shampoo, tick repellent and a blow dryer! Take it from me — there’s nothing more nightmarish than bringing your pure white dog home in a completely different colour (brown) and dealing with the aftermath.

The rest of the park stretches roughly 5km along the beachfront, perfect for you to take a leisurely jog with your bud whilst enjoying the cool ocean breeze. 

Getting there
: West Coast Park’s Carpark 1 is the closest to the dog park.

3. Coney Island Park

This offshore island is more than just a popular weekend spot for cyclists and fitness enthusiasts, it is also a great place to explore the great outdoors with your furkid.

Although there is no specific dog trail within Coney Island Park, there is a beaten path most people take. But the forest is your oyster, and there are tonnes more hidden behind the thickets, including secret beaches! While those with little Chihuahuas and Maltese might find this trail rather daunting, big dogs like Labradors, German Shepherds and Singapore Specials would definitely love the opportunity to utilise their innate wild wolf instincts and explore the rugged ‘wilderness’. 

Considering the sheer amount of ground you’d be covering, we would recommend bringing your own bicycles or renting one from Jomando Adventure and Recreations, near Coney Island’s west entrance. The bikes come with makeshift doggo carriers at the back in case poochie’s paws get tired. Do not forget to bring towels and a water bottle or two because you’ll need plenty of water for the long nature walk!

Opening hours
: 7:00am to 7:00pm
Getting there: Coney Island is accessible by foot from Punggol Waterway Park. Alternatively, there’s a carpark right at the west entrance.

4. East Coast Park

If you are just starting out on your hiking journey, consider this beginner-friendly hiking spot in Singapore. East Coast Park is a great place to begin thanks to its flat, even paths and cooling seaside breeze. Here, you’ll find many like-minded pawrents jogging with their furkids up the entire length of the beach while others frolic around in the water. The real crowd favourite, though, is over at Parkland Green where you will find a large dog run where doggos can bounce around freely!

Conveniently, there is also a pet washing station next to a nearby washroom. After a day of playing in the sand, the last thing any of us would want is to trek all that sand home. 

Next-door eatery Kebab Station allows dogs to sit with their owners while they dine alfresco if you would like to grab a bite before heading home. Before you leave, do not forget to pick up some treats from Pet Master Mega Store — Singapore’s largest pet lifestyle megastore filled with all the essential pet accessories and supplies.

Getting there
: Carparks can be found almost anywhere along the stretch of East Coast Park, though the one closest to Parkland Green is C1.

5. The Green Corridor

Once a railway line that connected the old Tanjong Pagar station to Kuala Lumpur, the Rail Corridor (also known as the Green Corridor) is a popular hiking trail for both humans and dogs alike with its empty walking trails and leafy foliage. 

This 24km stretch of trekking trail passes through almost the entire length of Singapore, but there are multiple entry and exit points if that sounds too ambitious for you and your furkid. 

Fair warning: this trail is not for the faint-hearted. The dirt path alternates between muddy stretches and dense vegetation, providing tonnes of entertainment to those doggos who’ve long grown bored of manicured HDB paths. Do keep an eye out though, as there are several depressions beneath the vegetation that might just cause Fluffy to stumble. 

Regardless of which section you visit, there will be vast stretches of flora and fauna to capture Fluffy’s attention while you grab some shots of him for the ‘gram on your smartphone

Getting there
: The best parking spots are near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, King Albert Park Mall and Rail Mall.

6. Zhenghua Nature Park

A little known gem in the middle of Bukit Panjang, Zhenghua Nature Park feels like stepping into a forest from one of Enid Blyton’s stories. The park starts off at Segar Road where there is a sand-based playground and an open green for the dogs to run around in. From there, the path veers off straight into the woods. 

Come early enough in the morning (before sunrise) and you’ll be treated to a breathtaking sight of a misty fog-blanketed forest bathed in the sun’s early morning glows.

Since this place is pretty hush-hush, you will not see the massive crowds typical of other hiking trails. This is the perfect option for pawrents whose dogs might feel anxious being around too many people. However, do note that this trekking place in Singapore requires you to leash your pup at all times.

Here you can also spot some unusual fauna you normally would not see in Singapore’s concrete jungle, including the Olive-backed Sunbird and the Flame-backed Woodpecker. If you prefer to walk with friends, the Zhenghua Youth Network organises a group dog-walk every Sunday morning. 

Getting there
: Park at the carpark along Hindhede Drive at the Visitor Center, though it’s recommended to take a cab or pet-friendly hire car instead due to the limited parking spaces. 


If your doggo has been a good boy (we know they have), bringing them on an adventure through the different hiking and trekking places in Singapore instead of the usual neighbourhood park sounds like a great way to reward them. Just remember to bring lots of water, and prep some doggy shoes in case the ground gets too hot or rough for their paws during the nature walk. 

For other hiking trails to explore on your own or with friends, check out our article on the best hidden hiking trails in Singapore! 


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